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CB Vehicle Rental and Leasing CarTrawler Fraudulent practices and charges

CarTrawler review: Fraudulent practices and charges

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Please be aware of my complaint below regarding Firefly Car Rental. Booked by Car Trawler

Although I am aware of this also happening with other rental companies.

And this should be stopped.

Booked through Car Trawler via Easyjet

Firefly Car Rental OCJ3RD


I am writing this formal complaint regarding a Fraudulent transaction of one of Firefly Employees at Alicante Airport.

The vehicle was booked as a Flydrive via Easyjet Website, which liked to Car Trawler who booked it through Firefly, who's is owned by Hertz Global,

so by association, this Fraudulent Transaction affects the reputation of all concerned, and legally responsible by association.

We booked the vehicle and had premium insurance added which clearly states no further insurance is required at the airport.

We went to collect the vehicle and the man behind the counter checked and brought up the firefly contract, he stated you have premium insurance so all is covered but we will

authorise a deposit of 350 euro against the card for its return, we had no problem with this.

He then went on to advise the fuel policy was Full to Full and underlined this, and advised we must refuel the vehicle within 10 kilometers from the airport,

and bring in the receipt for the fuel. Then advised if we did not refuel the company would charge for the fuel and pointed out the top righthand side of the contract stating estimated charges,

and then advised the vehicle was diesel, and wrote Diesel under the Estimated Charges and asked for this to be initialled to confirm we understood the fuel policy.

Then asked us to sign the rental contract, He then handed us the keys and told us where to collect the vehicle. there was no further conversation regarding the vehicle.

We returned the car fully fuelled and provided the receipt for a petrol station within 10kl as advised, the staff on return told us no fees applicable all was in order and the deposit

would be cleared within 10 days, Again nothing was mentioned regarding SCDW as again this would have been DECLINED AND DISPUTED THERE AND THEN.

On my return home and checking my bank account yesterday, You Firefly - charged my card on 10 december 2023 for 196.69 euro BY FIREFLY MADRID !

I have tried emailing firefly but the email is returned, the contact form on the website states page not available, i also copied in Easyjet, Car Trawler, and Hertz being the owner of Firefly.

Firefly cannot be contacted via your website, it states " page not available and the email [protected]@firefly,com is returned as undeliverable.

I have copies of all documents and the petrol receipt and photos of the cars fuel tank in the airport and the petrol station was 3.7kilometers from the airport, its dated as proof.

Easyjet have responded stating Firefly/Hertz are stating this is a charge for the Super Collision Damage Waiver, which is Fraudulent as we were NEVER offered this and would have DECLINED this

had it been mentioned at the airport.

From further investigation it would appear this is a regular Fraudulent practice by Firefly and several reviews people have also never been asked or accepted this charge, which

shows that either the employees are criminals or the company Firefly and Hertz is condoning this criminal practice.

For Easyjet and Car Trawler / Holiday Autos - you by association to Firefly and this is also not just Firefly in Spain, are accepting their fraudulent practice as acceptable,

by continuing to use them and therefore your reputation will also be damaged.

This kind of deception is illegal and should be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

All companies should have forms that do not hide information or have their staff using deception to charge addition fees.

Forms should have Specific sections for this Super Damage Collision Waiver, written in Full not SDCW.

It should be a mandatory requirement to point this out and have a Specific section that states charges are accepted or declined with a full customer signature and company representative signature, not try and use fraudulent practices using Initials given for refuelling policy as an authorisation to

Steal from customers under the pretext of you initialled the charges for SCDW.

Without Prejudice

Mark and Jennifer Donovan


Copies to Easyjet, Car Trawler, Hertz CEO, Hertz Executive, Hertz Customer Service, Firefly

Copy Solicitor

Copy European Car Rental Conciliation Service.


Claimed loss: 196.69 euro

Desired outcome: Refund

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