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S Oct 20, 2019 Review updated:

On 15 August i booked a flight with my family from Amsterdam Airport to Tangier Morocco with Air Arabia (PNR [protected]). Air Arabia offerd me to rent a car, so i did. I paid €174 with a creditcard. The departure was on 18 October.
On 17 October i searched in my mail for the voucher to print. Because this was not the first time for me to rent a car in this way. But i couldnt find the voucher in my mail. I didnt even remember at which company i rented the car. I called Air arabia but they couldnt help me. It was not their problem. Sonibleft to morocco without a voucher. There are just a some rental companys amd i asked each of them "did i rent a car at your company?". Finally i fount my reservation at Budget. But he didnt want to give me the keys of the car because i couldnt provide the voucher. He said "you didnt pay us but you paid cartrawler. Is we cant provide them with the voucher they will not pay us. This was very stressfull because i was with my wive and 3 children and we where fed up with the travel. So i spent some hours at airport trying to call you and air arabia. But without succes. So i had to go to Sixt and rent an other car with double of the price.
I am very disappointed in Air Arabia and car trawler. Why couldnt i find any link on internet to find my voucher? Why do you just send 1 email and thats it? I cant even remember i received an email! This kind of information should be accesable from every place. I was not alone but with my family. There was just 1 company Sixt that had 1 car available for double of the price!!! What if there was nothing available? This is unbelieveble
The amount i paid to Sixt, i couldnt afford it. And would like to receive that back. This is the first time in 15 years i go on vacation with my family, and is it ruined in one day.
I dont know what to do
Name: Samir Azzouz
Birthday: 27-07-1986
Rental date Budget: 18-25 October 2019
Picking point: Tangier Airport/ Morocco


  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    So you didn't keep track of who you rented a car with, and you flew to another country without knowing which company had your car rental, and you didn't have the voucher, and this is someone else's problem?

    Chalk it up as the cost of the lesson, write it down next time.

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