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Wow. This has been just about the worst experience I've ever had with a company. When I call a customer service line for assistance, that's what I look for...assistance and maybe a little understanding of my situation. Not with CarTrawler. Though pleasant enough, the only response I received was "it is not our policy" or "according to our terms and conditions". There was absolutely no attempt on their part to help me.
After discovering I wasn't able to pick up the car rental because of credit card issues (I don't use credit cards, only debit cards), I called and cancelled the rental at 12:20 PM on 4/26. The rental was for 3 PM on 4/28. All he kept saying was that according to the rental agreement, cancellations received less than 48 hours before pickup will be charged what amounts to a 3 day rental...which is convenient for them since mine was a three day rental. My math isn't all that great but it seems I cancelled beyond their required 48 hours. But, according to their "it's not our problem" way of business, it's calculated via THEIR time, not mine.
I'm just very angry that they wouldn't even attempt to find a resolution with me.
In the end, this has been an incredibly bad experience. I will never recommend using this company for any of their services.


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Sep 05, 2017 8:55 pm EDT

Please people, stay away from this company. I rented a car through their "service" and paid 3.000 dollars in advance for 3 months online. I thought I was doing it through dohop had no idea of this company. When I went to Avis to pick up my car the agents tell me the 3rd party that received my payment cartrawler didn't pay them any fee and gave me a fake vouching ticket so they can't let me have the car. The guys at avis hadn't even heard of this company before. I doubt there is any legimate business going on in this site. This is a big scheme. When I call to ask about refund of money I am told in a very bad english that they will take 20 days to investigate if there is reason to refund my money.. HELLO, this is 3.000 dollars I paid for a car that they won't provide and they won't cancel the transaction either so I can make a new order. There is nothing to investigate, this is a 100 % theft. I went to Canada for a school for 4 months with my wife and new born baby. I have a hard time sleeping cause I worry how we will survive here and I feel so stupid being trapped into a scheme like this . Please remember the name of this company and avoid at all costs, I don't want anybody to go through what I have been going through.

Jan 03, 2013 5:57 am EST

I Hired a car on Ibiza through Cartrawler, as i was only there for 6 days on business i wanted to pay my own petrol instead of buying the whole tank. They provided me, but on Ibiza Europcar denied me this, saying this was not their policy and therefore not their problem.I could buy the petrol or i would not get my car that i already paid for. I contacted Cartrawler, they advised me to buy the full tank of 87 euro and fill in a formal complaint afterwards.. As i needed a car and i had no other choice, and because i felt safe regarding the fuel, i followed their advice. Now, being back, they claim there is a different fuel policy than there is on my contract that i have at home, and they will not pay me back my extra fuel costs. Terrible company with no respect towards their customers and no inclination to resolve a problem. I hire multiple cars each year but i will never be back with either Cartrawler or Europcar!


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