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2018 sierra fifth wheel. Mdl 378FB.

We bought the rv in oct. 2017 from camping world Tampa. Two days after that the holding tanks fell out taking the cover and plumbing with it. Camping world made an attempt to repair it. It was a very poor job. They had to get a mobile rv repair to fix it right. They said Forest River would put us up in a motel while they did the repair. We have not recieved a reinbursement for that to date. The cable.sat. and ant. wiring was all messed up would not work. Still dont work right. The holding tank vent allows a smell in the rv and the dump valves for the tanks are so hard to operate it takes extreme force to operate. Now just a couple of months after the warranty is up, the interior led lights are flashing and going off and on. Right now a total of six lights. The theater seating heating is not working and the covering is splitting. The living room air conditioner is freezing up and not cooling right. I would like to speak to someone about this. Levi [protected].

wildcat 31wb

Purchased a new Wildcat 31wb. Brought it home on a Friday January 17th, 2020 and took it back on Sunday morning the 19th. Apparently the slideout grabbed a few loose wires and wrapped them up around the slideout ram. The unit had to be rewired, new ram, new ram mounting bracket and who knows what else. I have no confidence in this trailer and just want a refund. I just made my first payment and I still have no trailer. Forest River customer service has been less than helpful.

2018 coachmen clipper

We bought this from a local dealer in May 2018. Since the day we bought this the slide has leaked. this will be the 4th time we have had to take it back to the dealer to be fixed for the slide leaking. Now we are being told it may not be covered under warranty and we will have to pay to have it looked at. because it hasn't leaked in about 9 months so they are saying it might be a different issue. (to me this is what they say so you will have to pay for the repair). I was told that the leaking slide will be covered because we have had such an issue with it the last time they fixed it, But i didn't get it in writing. The bulb seal has been replaced twice (on a 2018 trailer). They put a gutter over the slide and they had to bend the fascia plate around the slide because it was bent. This is a brand new trailer. I am so fed up with RV General Store in Newcastle OK and with Forest River. The trailer besides this issue is ok. I haven't had any other issues with it except the screen cover that goes over the vent in the bathroom. It will not stay on it. Seems like it does not fit this trailer. I am just at my wits end with this slide leaking. with hind site being 20/20 i wish i would have done my homework and bought a different product.

2018 coachmen clipper

poor product quality

I have had my destination travel trailer for 15 months. Each month reveals at least one more example of the poor quality workmanship andor design of this RV. The Furrion Oven never worked until the repairman replacing it found that they had installed only a six inch propane line, not long enough to deliver the propane to the oven. I have had to change the placement of several curtain holders to allow the shades to function correctly. Drawer assemblies have had to be corrected in order to use them. Ceiling fans do not move air. The plumbing to the kitchen sink was zip-tied to the inside of the cabinet to keep it from coming apart, which it did when the zip-tie broke overnight causing water to stand and disrupting use of the sink until it could be held in place properly. The fireplace heater doesn't fit properly into the flimsy cabinet built to hold it and has rattled standing 3/8 inch from the opening. Shades were hung without leveling, flimsy 1x1 sticks fail to hold cabinet pieced in place. I am left to wonder if this manufacturer has any quality assurance. If they do, they must have missed inspection of my camper or they have VERY LOW STANDARDS to meet. This camper is an albertross around the neck of a 71 year old woman.

reclining chairs in our fifth wheel

Service agreement - [protected]. We have a 2015 Forest River fifth wheel which was actually not purchased until 2016. We have used this unit only a few times and all four of our recliner chairs are totally peeling apart. The material is just coming off of the chairs. This is NOT from usual wear and tear and I would appreciate you backing your product and inform me how to get these chairs repaired. We can't even use our 5th wheel at this time and neither insurance nor extended warranty covers this which I find appalling. We bought Forest River for the high-end quality and reputation. Please see pictures below.

reclining chairs in our fifth wheel
reclining chairs in our fifth wheel

sofa bed ... and soft floor

When we purchased our rv 2016 fifth wheel the sofa which contains bed cannot be sat in it sinks. our floor has become soft and bouncy and we only use on weekends do not pull and...

Forester 3011 ds

80087 My wife and I purchased a Forest River Forester 3011 DS new in 2016 thinking at 70 years old it would be the last motor home we would own. Shortly after purchasing the RV thing...

2019 vengeance

80087 My pregnant wife and I purchased our first ever brand new camper a week ago from holmans in Ohio. We towed it back to Tennessee and it's in storage. We planned our first trip next...

warranty coverage

80087 Here is a copy of an email to the dealer and issues with forest river dealing with a new 2018 forest river 29rlx 5th wheel Sorry but lets go all the way back to the very...

gutter not installed properly. ceiling stapled, then smeared with caulking. it is turning more and more yellow...

I have not taken back to dealer because we are off on a job. Wondering if problems can be addressed in my area by mobile mechanic... 2019 palomino puma..3 slide all the staples are working out of paneling and the trim and door facings inside.
Water keeps filling tops of my slides because the gutter is lower in the middle that on the ends.
The ceiling where manufacturers smeared caulk to cover staples is yellow...

2019 wildwood 28rlss

I purchased this Travel trailer brand new in April. It's been in an RV storage until last Friday. I am using it for an extended stay while building a house. We were not given even decent instruction on use so I've watched tons of videos. We couldn't get hot water to come on. So watched video and I stood outside while husband switched on the gas water heater. It lit as I watched and as I was checking the flame was blue and not orange.. I look up and the tail light located directly above it is MELTING. I immediately yelled to turn it off.. what genius puts a gas water heater directly below a plastic light cover??
This is a very dangerous error that could have burned my RV down and if we'd been inside us along with it!
I am waiting to hear what will be done and am interested to see if this has happened to others. There are a lot of small quality issues with the trailer, seams loose, shower doors leak, doors do not close because latches were not drilled properly, one side of storage wont lock... just makes me wonder what else is wrong that I can't see..

2019 wildwood 28rlss
2019 wildwood 28rlss
2019 wildwood 28rlss
2019 wildwood 28rlss

2018 forest river surveyor

First trip the bed shocks broke, molding trim fell off wall corner trim on bed fell off sink fell out!!! Dallas oregon assembly's terrible when I bought it the wrong rear...

Forrest River2017 palomini 178rk travel trailer - horrid quality

Careless assembly, dangerous as well.

We purchased a factory new trailer. We found these factory defects:
Dangerous defects: (1) 3 way refrig was NOT installed according to manufacture's direction. The unit was NOT sealed to prevent carbon monoxide and other combustion gas byproducts from entering the trailer when refrig was operating on propane. Gaps at top and bottom were so wide my hand easily slid between Forrest River cabinet & refrig. There was NO exhaust gas deflector to direct gases out through the exterior vent panel. The floor of the microwave oven was NOT sealed to prevent exhaust gases from entering the cabin. (2) Tires are improper load range: 1700 pounds at 50 psi. Dry weight of the trailer is 3375 pounds. Maximum load exceeds the combined carrying capacity of the 2 tires even after deducting tongue weight. Tire disintegrated on a recent trip. (3) Propane heater was installed improperly. Instead of constructing a solid bed upon which the unit rest, the unit was installed with a narrow wooden board at the front (interior) end and the remaining weight was entirely supported by the inlet and exhaust pipes at the rear of the heater. These pipes are welded onto the heater. The exhaust pipe becomes very hot during use and the weld will eventually fail allowing carbon monoxide to enter the trailer.

Other non-lethal issues:
1. Upon collecting the trailer we found ALL faucets leaking and the drain in the bathroom sink disconnected because pipe to the holding tank was cut too short.
2. The breather pipe to the bathroom shower &sink holding tank leaked (we filled the clean tanks to determine leakage and this tank spilt water into the trailer).
3. The toilet was secured to the floor by 1 of 2 screws allowing it to rock side-to-side.
4. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom dropped off the wall after a trip. It was secured into 1/8 inch plywood with wood screws pointing upwards, instead of downwards. . .still 1/8th inch plywood is entirely inadequate for the load.
5. All paneling is secured only by staples, and many panels worked lose with normal use.
6. Wooden stick framing was installed inside the trailer, workers did NOT clean out the saw dust which continued to leak into the cabin during road trips.
7. Failure to seal necks of both toilet and shower holding tanks where the necks enter the trailer allowed road wind to enter the cabin and blow the saw dust about.
8. The toilet holding tank had 2 sets of holes drilled into the floor; the first set was placed in the wrong spot, and NOT covered; thereby allowing wind to enter and potentially rodent and reptiles.
9. None of the electrical wire was as the wiring plan indicated.
10. There was no 40A fuse in the converter to allow the convert to charge the battery.
11. The black thin metal fascia around the bottom of the trailer (exterior) was NOT supported by struts. One side blew off during a drive in a strong wind.
12. ALL shelving is 1/8th inch plywood, and ALL shelves collapsed with very light and normal load.
13. The common electrical grounds from the battery to the trailer frame are fewer than 5 inches from the tires. When the tire exploded, a piece of tire severed one ground; thus disabling the slide-out.
14. Neither of the two metal tire wheels (these isolate the tires from the trailer's insides) were installed properly. BOTH had gaps of 1/2 - 3/4 inch, allowing wind and rain to enter the trailer.

Several repairs I had performed under warranty. These were quickly approved and cost Forrest River approximately $4, 000 total. Those repairs that involved the dangerous and potentially lethal issue, because of my engineer's training, I performed.

In short, Forrest River produced a product that out their factory door was unsafe and unfit for use. There appears to be no quality control and the workers appear to be thoroughly disinterested in quality. The accounts appear to manage the company and will take all opportunities to increase initial profits while disregarding the back-end cost of warranty service.

flagstaff 529rlks 5th wheel

We just bought this 5th wheel and our 1 st trip the hand rail got real loose noticed thst the two end screws were just screwed into 1/8 thick wall and had stripped out so i put...

the slide which includes the living and bedroom area.

I have had numerus issues with this 2017 Class C Forest River 3051 from day one. It took the dealer 1 and 1/2 years to finally get all these issues I had with this RV done. Now the biggest problem is the Slide. The RV is a 31ft with one slide as long as the Living room and bedroom area. A week ago I wanted to clean the inside of the RV so I pulled it in front of the house and pushed the button for the slide to go out. end of the slide went out and the other end stayed in. It was cock eyed and would not go back. I had to call a tech to manually get the slide back in so that I could take it to the RV service shop. They had it for a day and called me to tell me it needed to be re-programed. Before I left the RV service shop I tired the slide and it seem to be working great. I brought it home and parked it for a couple of days. Then I needed to get it ready for a 5 week trip we planned. So I went to the place where we stored the RV and put the auto jacks on which they all came down into place. I need to do this before I could get the slider to go out. The slider went out great. So today 9/08/19 I decide I will re-arrange the storage before our trip. In this case I would need to pull the slider back in to get to all the storage cabinets. When I pushed the button the slider did the same thing it did before I took it in the first time. One side came in and the other side did not. The slider came back in cock eyed. The last time this issue cost me around $1000.00 which our warranty did not re-unburst me for any cost. They said they do not cover for re-programming anything on the RV. ( Just note Warrentech is one of the worst warranty companies there is)

3 year old trailer with roof leaks?

I have a 2016 Catalina Legacy, that had the whole floor from the fireplace to the bedroom. The trailer has had maintenence as per mfg. schedule. I was told at Giant Recreation world that roof leaks are not covered under any warranty, while i understand this for an older trailer, should a 3 year old trailer need a new roof and if so how could they neglet to tell me at the last maintenance that it will need replacing plus this is more than a few months of leaking.

heritage glen 356qb 5th wheel by forest river 2017

Im looking for anyone that is starting a class action lawsuit against forest river this is why I'm very disappointed and so are thousands of other RV owners I bought a 2017 brand...

315tbh8 arctic wolf fifth wheel

We purchased an Arctic Wolf 315TBH8 fifth wheel from Big Daddy's in Kentucky in July, 2017. We are having problems with the slide outs. When these were built Forest River used chip board for the floors of the slide outs. They did not cover the the wood on the bottom of the slides. Every time it rains the wood gets wet and swells up. When we put the slide in it tears out chucks of the bottom side of the slide. We asked Big Daddy about the problem and was told that Forest River is not addressing the problem at this time. They know there is a problem. So the way we have this figured is later after a while the floors will need to be replaced in the slides due to poor workmanship and cheap material. Be careful when buying Forest River Products.

2019 sabre

Forest Rive Sabre quality and service is terrible! Bought 2019 Sabre 2 months ago from Poulsbo RV in Mount Vernon WA. Even bought the extended warranty for road side assistance...

travel trailer

I purchased a 2017 Heritage Glen 282RK in August of 2016. In June I was getting ready for a trip and started filling the water tank when I heard a loud pop that shook the trailer. Investigating what happened I noticed the plastic undercarriage sheeting bulging downward. I had to cut out a huge section to find the water tank had fallen onto the front axle and the only thing holding the tank in was the gas line running to the back of the unit. The tank was half full so I had to use a car jack to push it up high enough to empty the tank. After the tank was empty I cut out more of the sheeting to take a look at the whole area where the tank was supposed to be secured. The metal angle used to cage the tank between the frame rails was only bolted on the right side and the bracket on the left side had slid forward enough to come out of the frame rail and drop. This was never bolted to the frame on the left. The front angle cross brace had actually bent. I had to buy steel angle and cut and bolt the front part in place while in the rear I used "C" clamps to keep that in place. I need to get this fixed permenately but I feel I shouldn't have to pay for the shoddy work done by the FB factory. This also caused pinched wires which stopped the slideout from going out. I know this isn't some $250, 000. motor home but I still spent a lot of money on this TT and I expect a lot better quality control that this.

  • Ed
    edd bish Sep 03, 2019

    Hello; forest river heritage glenn 299, what a mess!!! water leaks thru tipouts, schwintec lippert controller was installed under the bathroom sink, so, when a hose leaked; and it did, we were stuck. rv service call out by waynes of portland oregon, $400, new controller $395, so bout $800 there. next trip, 4 ply oem tire blew out, damaging body, turns out the other 3 tires were showing signs of tread separation. that trip, with 4 new tires and body damage was about $900.
    wrote to forest river #3 guy in management. promised me $200 to compensate, never saw a penny. will avoid forest river products in the future.
    ed mt vernon wa.

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80087 June 27, 2019 The 2017 Wildwood X-Lite is mostly functional, but I have had a few serious issues: 1. On the first day I had the unit, the door lock malfunctioned and I wa...

company refusal to re-imburse us for a defect that was very obviously a manufacturing issue that was present from the time the rv was built.

Our travel trailer (RV GX121918) started leaking sewage from underneath the belly shroud while camping in 2017. Waste water was leaking along with disgusting insulation onto the roadway. I had it repaired at a dealer who deals with Forest River units and they said that the pipe running from the front kitchen to the gray water tank had been cut too short and had obviously been forced into place. Understandibly the junction failed resulting in the leak. I have spoken with a couple of reprentatives from the company but they refuse to deal with this issue. All we get is "we will not cover this". The company does not stand behind it's workmanship and obviously does not care about it's customers once the unit has been sold. (P.S.: we bought it new) The latest message from the company re-iterates their decision. It was dated June of 2019; a mere 2 years of asking them to fix what was their mistake. Both the dealership and we have made several attempts to get this issue resolved; no success. They apparently do not care.

axle defect

I have a 2013 RPOD #4X4TRPT11D200339 purchased new. I read all the complaints but we have to say we have had a ball with this little travel trailer. In 6 years we have had the wheel bearing disintegrate 3 years in a row. The RPOD currently sits at All RV Needs in Medford Oregon since May 3rd this year. They identified a defect in axle and tried to communicate with Forest River (which they are a dealer for) but couldn't get a resolution. Finally they contacted the maker of the axel and they said it would be a delay in supplying and shipping one. It is June 15th and still no axel. Can you assist in defraying the cost, the dealer says it cost $1000 plus installation.
Hope for a positive response.


Forrest Rivercolumbus 386 fk

Had fifthwheel 2 days before started breaking down, first no controls for jacks, lights then bin filled with water and limped it back to Ron Hoovers Repair shop in LaMarque Texas on Nov 5 2018 and got it back April 22 in worse shape! Floors bowing and walls from water damage, bin retains water and called their Forest River card company as used for downpayment and my other fifthwheel as a trade in and they say I have to keep paying? Thought a credit card was on hold for payments until item or fifthwheel is made good or replaced or refunded?

warranty/ roof

Forest River
55470 County Road 1
Elkhart, IN 46514

Dear sir:

I purchased in October 2017 a special ordered XLR boost I covered it up immediately because of time of year I opened it May 2018 Used it twice and covered it back up in October 2018 I had problems with the fuel cell switch and had it replaced I have noticed wrinkles in roof from day one and told salesman . I have had trk campers, trailers and a bounder motor home with rubber roofs. never have i seen a wrinkles. Some where during august or September I noticed the panel cracked by slide When I brought back fuel cell switch in October I asked if parts where in and they said they would call me when a bay was opened. I did not here from them so I covered it in end of October 2018. April of 2019 I stopped in and asked when to bring it in They said May 20, 2019 Which is a Monday. I uncovered it Wednesday or Thursday. I noticed at that time that the front air conditioner had some green stuff coming out of it. It did rain on the weekend. I went in to remove bedding before taking it in and that is when I noticed wet spot . This unit has only been exposed for five months. It has been covered more than it has been exposed. I have talked to Donald Burgess. He stated that it is in the buyers agreement that it needs to be inspected every 90 days. No I wasn't aware of it. Hell I didn't remove the stickers until May 2018. If someone would of told me of it. I would have had it there every 90 days. Salesman or even on walk through when it came in. I have never bought new until this unit. People have mentioned to me not to buy forest river. I toked the leap. I will not buy another I will also voice my opinion of your service after the fact This was my retirement gift . I am one dissatisfied veteran. Shame on yous!!!


Forest river RVrv air conditioner

I took delivery of a 2018 Forrest river RV on 05/23/2017. The model is a "Salem". In 2017 I reported to the "dealer" that the A/C wasn't Cooling my RV. I was told that it sounded to them "dealer" That it seemed to be ok. I was told that I should wait to see if I had any more problems and that they would take care of them all at one time. I spoke with the salesman and the service dept. My RV is at a permanent campsite and was delivered and set up by the dealer. Today 05/29/2019 I was told by the dealers service dept that my Warranty expired 6 days ago on 05/23/2019. This RV is my 3rd new Forrest River RV. The other Forrest River owners in the campground are surprised that I'm having problems getting the help that I need.
Earl Anderson
A/C serial # is=[protected]
Dealer=Scenic R.V.=[protected]

I would appreciate any help you can give me with this problem.
Earl Anderson

2019 sabre

I bought this 5 wheel fromJeff couchs rv national in Ohio. It has been in for repairs seen i bought. I was told that it would be fixed and now 2months later having trouble with Forest River datanding behind there product. The sealant around the cabinets and old and coming off and the bunk room bed would not lock in place and the outside kitchen door is not even and will not lock in place the sofa was so bad with the workmanship. you pay alot of money for a company not to stand by there product.

Here is the latest update. We received the sofa and outside kitchen door. The sofa did not have any of the electric features as the original (heat/massage/light up cup holders). I am currently in direct communication with the vendor/manufacturer of the sofa to see how they want to resolve as I was told by Forest River this would have all the same features as the one we are replacing. I will keep you posted!

The compartment door is replaced and we are waiting for the decals to arrive

The sealant around the cabinet doors looks better but honestly, still not perfect. They really made a mess from the factory and did not want to pay us to replace them. They also didn't give us adequate time for proper repair but not being the selling dealer, we did the best we could with the time FR was willing to give us. If you're still not satisfied, you will have to take it back to the selling dealer. Hope that all makes sense!!

I will be in touch! The unit is usable if you guys need to take it until we get the sofa issue resolved.

2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre
2019 sabre

roakwood camper

We purchased a Rockwood camper in September 2016, brand new, took notice 2 1/2 years later, the trim around the slideout is hanging loose and cracked around the entire slideout. We called Camping world, where we purchased it from to find out nothi ng is covered under warranty. Considering we'll be paying on this for 13 more years, I'd think there would be a little better coverage on problems considering what the camper cost. We only have it 2 1/2 years and take care of it.Is there anything you can do to correct this problem?

  • Updated by ConnieA · May 08, 2019

    Poor warranty


We have roof problems we have tried for 6 months to get some one to call us we have a 42 foo that has light problems on the awning that melts and are roof is [censored] no roof vent...

Forest river RV — quality of 5th wheel

we purchased a 2019 Forest River Saber 5th wheel in May of 2018. The poor workmanship was disappointing but we could deal with it. What we can't deal with is the latches on our...

forest gen rv

Bough the camper three days ago brand new. Pulled it out this morning to start to load it to go camping. Opened the slide and the whole camper is full of water from the slide that...

2019 forest river gt5 model 31l5

The above coach has three storage spots above the driver/passenger area that are covered by access doors. These areas hold the entertainment controls in the center and open spot...

2018 avenger ati 20rd

Purchased the RV in late Oct . picked it up on a Saturday pulled it home and parked it. Went out 3 days later on a Tuesday to show it to a friend and it was flooded. Took it 1 1/2...


Jeff, I find your handling of this chain of events to be unsatisfactory as this delay in repairing my RV is a result of miscommunications and a lack of customer service.
• On July 26, 2018 you were forwarded an email from Andy Woods of Lazydays in Tampa outlining the problems that we were having with our unit. Our Georgetown XL was sold to us in defective order due to the plumbing system not installed to industry code, NFPA 1192. This incorrect installation caused multiple clogs which resulted in having to uninstall the valves in order to remove debris stuck in the discharge pipe. Some of these obstructions were "shop rags" and wooden pieces from cutting holes in the floor of the motor home in order to connect the plumbing fixture(s) to the tank(s). These wooden pieces and paper shop rags were deposited in the tanks by the installer at the factory.
• On August 8 we were able to discuss these issues, along with other problems, over the phone and at this time I decided that our best location to resolve these important issues would be at the factory as this would be considered a warranty issue. We revised our travel schedule to allow enough time, 30 days, to complete the work. The appointment was scheduled for September 25 and at the time we were to deliver the unit to the factory.
• On September 21, 2018, I contacted you to find out if we were to wait in Elkhart while repairs were made. It was during this phone call that you informed me that we should not wait and when I asked if there was anything we needed to do to prepare for this job you informed me that all items in the compartments along with our personal valuables should be removed from the RV.
• On Sunday, September 23, 2018 I sent an email where I stated that logistically this would not be satisfactory to us as we would need to rent a U-Haul to transport these items back to our NJ office and the additional travel time of 10 hours along with the additional costs for lodging and rental would cause a terrible inconvenience. It was in this email that I referenced the offer made to us during our stay in San Diego to have our RV picked up for service when the discharge valve was clogged for the 3rd time. This email was not responded to and as a result we started making our way back to NJ.
• On Thursday, September 27, 2018 we had a phone conversation concerning the missed appointment. I informed you that I had previously sent an email outlining our decision not to deliver the unit. You told me that you would contact someone in your organization on Monday, October 1, 2018 to get approval for transporting the unit to the factory.
• On Monday, October 1, 2018 when I called your office to confirm pickup arrangements had been made and you informed me that you had not yet arranged for pickup and at this time I stressed the importance of having repairs made and the unit returned to us was important. I explained that we have prearranged travel plans that in some cases cannot be changed or cancelled.
• On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, you informed me that the transport company had been contacted and that they would be in contact with us to arrange for pick up.
• On Friday, October 5, 2018, I sent an email stating that we had not been contacted by the transport company but within the hour following the email another was sent stating that we had just been contacted and that they would pick up our unit on Saturday, October 6, 2018. The unit was picked up as promised and we received confirmation on Sunday, October 7, 2018 that our RV was delivered safely to its destination.
• On October 8, 2018, I emailed you to let you know that we received confirmation that the transport was complete and to let you know that I included a list of the items to be looked at and repaired. After not receiving a response and/or update from you on the progress of repairs to our motor home I decided to make contact with the Service Manager, Byran Knight.
• On October 16, 2018 I emailed Byran Knight for an update. His response was sent to you and then you forwarded his message to me. It was your email and the attached response from Byran that stated the RV had not reached the factory until October 16th but instead was at the transport company's lot since October, 7, 2018.
• On October 17, 2018, I contacted a representative of the transport company to inquire as to where our RV was delivered and was told based on the manifest that the RV was to be delivered to their location. We trusted that our unit would be delivered to you safely and would be housed at the factory and not some depot.
• On October 22, 2018, I once again stated that our travel plans were for "on or around November 1". In this communication I inquired as to whether or not we could have a representative of Mobileye install a safety feature on the RV that was in your possession.
• On October 24, 2018 I requested a price to repair or replace the ladder that was damaged in our parking lot while awaiting pick up by the transport company. To this day I have not received a reply. We also contacted the dealership, Lazydays in Tampa, to get a price quote to submit to the insurance company but they required for us to bring the RV to them as supposedly the factory makes many changes to the type of ladder used on the Georgetown XL 369 in the same year of manufacture.
• On October 26, 2018, I sent an email to you confirming the installation by Steve Wegner from Mobileye and we told by Steve that it looked to him as though the RV was ready to go. In this email I once again requested the information for repairing the ladder and the status of the other repairs being completed by the service department. You responded that "the inside is done on your coach" and at the same time stated that "there are some imperfections in the paint" that was noticed during the repair. You stated that it would be sent to the paint facility next week.
• On October 31, 2018, I requested an update on the expected delivery date of the coach. Again I stressed the importance of having our coach delivered by no later than Sunday, November 4, 2018, as we had prior commitments in Beaufort, SC. You replied that the service manager said the repairs were completed and "it is at paint right now. Let me see if I can get an update from there for you."
• On October 31, 2018, I received a phone call from you at 4:57 pm EST and you explained that the paint facility was unable to do the paint on our RV and if we wanted to have in completed we probably would not have the RV back by Sunday, November 4, 2018. You stated that the paint blemishes were a result of adhesive used in the repair process that stripped off the paint. You also stated that we could at some time in the future either return the coach to the factory to repair this issue or take to a paint shop somewhere else to have it repaired/repainted. I told you not to worry about that now as I absolutely needed the coach back by the coming weekend. You agreed.
• On Novermber 1, 2018, I inquired about having the oil change as with the travel from NJ to IN and then back to us, the odometer was probably in excess of 15, 000. You informed me at the time that you do not do oil changes at your facility and if we wanted it you would have to send the RV to the local Ford dealership to have the oil changed there. You also stated that if we decided to do this "that might not allow me to get the coach to you by Sunday." I responded that I understood and thus we declined on having that service done in IN.
• On November 2, 2018, I sent an email at 3:06 pm EST (2:00 pm CST) requesting any information either from you or the transport company concerning pick up and/or delivery of our RV. I also stated that if you were not responsible for this then could you provide me with the individual who would be. You replied to my email stating "Let me see if Service is still here. They are the ones who handle transport." At 5:07 pm EST (4:00 pm CST) I sent another email stating, "Jeff, I need an update." As of Saturday, November 03, 2018, I have not heard back from you or any other representative of your company concerning the status of the delivery arrangements for our RV.

As a result of this mishandling and miscommunication of this whole ordeal, I decided no matter what excuses you come up with this time that I would never entertain the thought of purchasing an RV from Forest River, any of their subsidiaries nor from any of the Lazydays dealerships as the reason that the unit was sent back to you was because of poor workmanship on the installers part at the factory and the very poor service and inspection provided at the dealership.
In review of all of these different issues concerning a failure to communicate expectations, a failure to follow up with company personnel to ensure timely delivery and the delay in performing the repairs that for the most part are a result of negligence on your companies part, I will be elevating this problem to the attention of upper management at both Lazydays and Forest River.

forest river forester

80087 We bought a Forester 3051 2016 new from Camping World in Hanover PA. This was the end of June 2016. We used it a few times that summer had to send it in for 2 months to repair the...

freedom express

The black tank fell from the c channel under my camper causing some plumbing damage and forest river is denying the defect. I am beyond disappointed in this company for not...

customer service

I purchased our Cedar Creek Hathaway in October 2017 from RV World of Virginia. As soon as I got the camper parked and set up, I did not have any hot water...the heater was defective. They came and replaced the hot water heater after a long discussion with them and the job they did was very sloppy. The silicone on the heater looks like a 5 year old did the job. That was my first bad experience with a Forest River dealer.

I have had the need to request my warranty be extended since we are at a point where we cannot take the camper into a service center, and was granted a 30 day extension through November 2018. I have given the list of items which need addressing when I take it in for service to Shawn Short, which I was told would be honored. However, the extension is not long enough as the service center cannot get to the unit until December. I was advised to have the service center contact the warranty department and speak with them directly, but the service center feels this is not their responsibility and will not contact them. I, the CUSTOMER who purchased a very expensive camper, do not have the right to talk to the warranty division, which is absurd. I have been going around about this issue for several months and I would deeply appreciate someone contact me to explain why I have to lose my extended warranty because you cannot give me time to get the camper into the service center.

Debra Bost

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    DonnisB Mar 12, 2020

    You can call any of Forest Rivers warranty departments directly and talk with a warranty rep.

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2017 forest river forrester

Purchased this RV in april of this year. Took it out on 2 camping trips and found some many problems and issues with it. Took it back to the dealer and as of the day I am...

fr3 model 30ds

We just bought our FR3 in October of 2017 and took our first big trip in July of 2018. We left Florida and went to Ohio, while there we had to call out an RV repair person due to the toilet not flushing, it had to be removed from the floor taken outside and repaired which we had to pay for. The cockpit area was quite noisy due to no weep plugs in the side windows (which to this date they have not shipped them to our dealer since requested on 07/28/18 today is 09/20/18), the screen door rattling and the microwave door squeaking. The A/C in the cockpit area would not keep to temp. so we had the fan on high which created more noise. Left Ohio and while traveling to PA the water pump stopped working, we then drove to New Hampshire and then back to Florida. Traveling back we were only staying at pilot's due to our schedule which was a pain not having the water pump working. When we arrived home the stairs would not retract. Also the stove vents was not installed correctly causing a gap for water to leak into storage compartment below. Also one of the drawers in the bedroom was not lined up properly so it would not stay shut. Also the hot water shutoff in the shower was reversed causing us to get scalded while taking a shower. Went out on our second trip labor day weekend and came back never opening the two roof fan vents, one in bathroom and one in living area. We got rain (not surprising in the summer in Florida) went out to RV and there was water everywhere, both of the plastic covers on vents where totally gone, disintegrated, we never hit anything and had never opened them at all since purchasing the RV. I just want to let Forest River know that we are going to be upgrading to a 40' in 5 years when we retire and we will not be purchasing a Forest River. They need to revamp their quality control dept. if they have one before releasing them to the dealers. The state of Florida also has a lemon law for RV's which I will be looking into.

cottage creek 40cc

I recently made the decision to put in writing my frustrations and concerns over the recliner furniture that came with my Cottage Creek 40cck. Our unit was purchased new in 2014. It was the showroom model. Sadly the person who purchased the unit was no longer in a position to keep the unit at which time we made the purchase through private sale. (3 months old). Although I understand the warranty no longer is in place, I felt it was important to send to Forest River my comments about the furniture. Within the first year of ownership our furniture began to crack and now I have had no option but to cover them at this time. I contacted Lazy Boy furniture and found the expense of having to redo the recliners was in my opinion over the top. Also discovered they were not leather as indicated. We only use our furniture 6 months out of the year and maintain them with proper leather cleaner and protect them from the elements in Florida. Why I feel these chairs were defective is that several people who have purchase the same unit one being my sister in law are experincing the same problem. After seeing our unit they went and purchased brand new in 2016 . They were just over a year and began to crack. They called the company and it was a too bad so sad but we cant fix them under warranty.I have sold several of these units as result of giving people tours of ours. They immediately fall in love with them, however, knowing the poor quality of furniture which goes into them, I will be reluctant to do so in the future. We find ourselves in a position of having to purchase 2 new chairs next year in spite all the care we have done to maintain both the unit and furnishing. I now feel that I have voiced for the people who I encouraged to buy this unit, there concern. I have since discovered many more people having the same issues. With the amount of monies put out for these units we feel the quality of the furniture is less than desirable. I am purchasing two new chairs this year at which time we plan to sell then upgrade at some point but I feel that the reponse given by Forest River would not lend me to steer in that direction for future purchase. We are snowbirders and go to Florida every year. The phone number I have identified [protected] is in service the end of October. Our number in Canada is [protected].

JoAnn Jonah