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A Sep 14, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the process of attempt of procurement of Cartier tank solo watch, communication and adherence to the delivery deadline as well as customer care.
I will try to explain as short as possible "my story". After looking for watch as present to my mother 65 birthday I have selected Your product Cartier Tank Solo small gold type W5200002 watch. Considering Croatian situation as well as salaries for us this is not small money, what mean that I had to put hugh effort to collect this money for gift.
I was looking for stores where to buy and I have selected due to possibility for potential services in future local shop in order to have service locally as well if needed ( although I am travelling in EU frequent)
I found local store for luxury watches Kruna 2011 d.o.o. in capital of Croatia, Zagreb and I have paid 30% of price in advance. Even this amount (30%) is in Croatian circumstances price of very good watch! Offer 40-2018. In official communication is stated that delivery time is 3-4 weeks. Considering fact that is birthday present I took maximum (4 weeks) as deadline. Receipt and communication on delivery date I can forward.
As I have paid advance in cash 7.8.2018 expected delivery time was 7.9.2018. I was calling few times in meantime to check progress and finally when I realized that watch will not come on time (what embarrassment for me due to birthday celebration, unforgettable experience) I was informed that supplier responsible person is on holiday ( ?) and no information is available. Finally I was by phone just communicated by local store that watch will be delivered at the end of September due to fact that there is no produced watches on market???! Was this not checked during order?
If I had new this for sure I would not go for this option!
I was asking local store Kruna 2011 d.o.o. for supplier contact e-mail to write my complaint but it was communicated that is not allowed to give customers e-mail of supplier. But it was not communicated to whom to send official complaint. It was communicated to me after one month that I can get 30% of paid money back (unbelivable)
I am writing to ask You with all respect few questions:
1. Do You care of customers at all?
2. Do You have customer complaint process?
3. Do You have process of supplier selection/control?
4. How can You control this if customer doesn't get information on where to complain?
5. Do You care only on products but purchase and service is not important?
6. Do You have customer complaint site for Croatia?
7. What are customer rights in case of late delivery of product (reimbursement policy)?
8. Is money of all EU countries equally valuable, and every customer receives the same attention?
9. Dou You think that store policy of giving advance cash back is promoting purchase of Your products?
10. Would You call buying of Cartier products as unforgettable experience?
11. What would You advice to me and Your future customers?
12. Who would You recommend as reliable and responsible Cartier supplier in countries around Croatia ( if any)?

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