Carrefour Eymet, Francebad cashier customer service

M Sep 22, 2018 Review updated:

We have been staying in Eymet France for 3 months and shop regularly 3-4 times per week minimum during that period. We have found a consistent pattern of behaviour with a number of the check out assistants during the time we have been shopping in this store.

The check out assistants will display the appropriate degree of friendliness and engagement whenever dealing with known locals or others that clearly have French as their first language. The demeanour changes completely however when the staff are dealing with customers who do not have French as their first language, despite the fact that the customer is speaking French to the best of their ability.

Our experience is that in these cases the check out assistant appear to make a point of being completely dismissive in the manner in which they deal with us as paying customers.

Having mentioned this to other people who live In Eymet, shop at Carrefour and do not have French as their first language (predominantly English speakers) they have all experienced this behaviour from the staff in this particular store.

What makes the matter worse is the fact that in almost any other interaction we have with French locals, the experience is extremely positive and rewarding when we make the effort to communicate with our limited French speaking ability.

To summarise, your store is and will continue to lose customer support as a result of this attitude by your staff. The English speaking expat community in the area is large and growing and is a very tight knit community. The reputation of the store is being trashed by this behaviour and this results in loss of income and reputation for the Carrefour brand.


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      Oct 10, 2018

    Greetings, I have seen the same trend here in Dubai Carrefour Tecom Area, very unethical behavior by cashier. Carrefour need to teach some behavioral values to their cashiers.

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