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Z Nov 23, 2017

Today (23rd November 2017) I visited burjuman carrefour for shopping. I was done with my shopping and paid the bill but thing is that they don't have big carry bag as I had buyed lots of things but I requested them please provide me 2 extra carry bag as there was 5 kgs rice which I need to do double carry bag as it was very heavy and second for 30 eggs they have gave me very small carry bag. So the cashier told me I don't have any big bag go and checked in some other counter so I visited to "Miss Sangitha" I asked her please provide me 2 big carry bag but she gave me only one again I requested her to please give me one as I have requested for 2 but later she told me I gave u one I don't have other carry bag but the carry bag was in front of me. So, I asked her can I have your name? She told me "I don't have any name". This is really very surprising. I asked her 6th times on 7th times she said my name is sangitha go and complain and she throw 1 carry bag to me. This is really not acceptable at all. I am really not satisfied with this kind of service. She don't know how to talk with customer. There was no courtesy no politeness no front of other customer she throw carry bag to me. Then I start looking for manager but unfortunately the manager was not available that time so I speak with team leader he came and he asked her why you behaving like this and she was showing attitude to him also. It was really very surprising for me. I'm very unsatified with Burjuman carrefour. I'll never gonna come back in Any branch of carrefour. Every time I used to do shopping in carrefour but from now onwards I'll never gonna buy anything from any branch of the carrefour.

Zainab Khan

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