Carrefour City Mulhouse Sinneopen hours of the store


Yesterday evening I went with my boyfriend to that store to do some shopping. We knew this is one of the fewest store that will be open on Sunday evening. We walked for 20 min to get there to find out that for whatever reason is already closed (it was 20:20) even though it should have been open until 21:00. Few other customers were there not able to enter and really surprised because store should be still open. I tried to ask someone from inside what's going on and why is it closed bit no one would speak with me, literally ignoring me anD just rudely gesturing to me that it's closed and they don't give a [censor] about it. I have been shopping at Carrefour stores daily but after such an incident I am changing my stores immidiately. That unexplainable, rude and unrespectable behaviour should neither be accepted from your side and there should be consequences for the workers for such a behaviour.

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