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Milk — Pricing

Went to purchase 2 gallons of milk. Banners on door 2/$5. Handwritten star signage 2/$6 or $3.69 each. Register - $7.38. Pointed out signage but cashiers shows me register screen $6.78. Advised me price must have changed. No milk for me. Bad reputation for you. Price gouging and fraud during this time does not go over well. I will pass over UDF going forward.

a fudge nut sundae shake

Been going to this udf for many years. I'm there at least twice a week. I always get a fudge nut sundae shake. The staff has always been amazing, but today was different. I'm...

cookies & cream frozen yogurt

I am writing this complaint because the last 3 cartons of Cookies & Cream frozen yogurt have had hardly no cookies in the entire carton. If I wanted vanilla yogurt I would buy vanilla yogurt. I have been buying this for over 3 years and if the quality doesn't improve and the cookies don't appear... I will find another brand that actually has cookies in it. I pay 5.99 a carton, I expect to get what the carton says is inside.

cookies & cream frozen yogurt

parking /deliveries

I visit my local UDF every morning on my way to work to fill my coffee. I have been going there every weekday morning for years. Staff and managers are all friendly and helpful...


We wanted a peanut butter malt on our way to the casino so we stopped at the UDF about 5 or 10 miles from the casino that is right on the corner of an 4 way road and it also had a PNC atm inside and we got 2 peanut butter malts and they was not malts at all, they was flavored milk. A malt should be hard to suck thru a straw these where so runny it was like drinking flavored milk. This has been happening a lot lately I am tired of wasting my money for something and not getting what I paid for, these things are not cheap. You need to start retraining these people, they do not want to put a lot of ice cream in it because it is to hard to scoop so they get stingy on the ice cream and pour a bunch of milk in it instead. Not happy at all.

the young man working

I went to UDF on 7/25/2019 @ 5:40pm . The donut I went in for was out of stock so I asked the gentleman working if they had them in the back, I'd like one. He said "they're not...

homemade brand

I want to let Cincinnati really know about this so called family business. At one time this was a great place to work, not only were the employees treated fantastic, they actually...

a unimaginable experience at store no. 310

I decided to stop by the Lakewood, Ohio store, which is Number 310.

I know they break the Ice Cream down early twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday in order to deep clean freezer cases.

It was 10:55 and I thought I would stop by and see if I could buy a Sundae before 11:00 P.M.

There were three employees working, and all taking part in breaking down the Ice Cream counter freezers.

The two female employees I recognized, but I do not recall their names.

The male employee had his back turned, but I think it could be Joe.

This store has an issue making a Sundae the way the customer requests it to be made.

I like going to UDF for the Sundaes, but I would rather pay more for the extra toppings on a King Size Sundae, then having a cup with nothing but Ice Cream.

The employees at this store that know how to make a Sundae the way they are requested to are:

Matt, Jim, Maegan, and John.

I have had all the above make Sundaes for me and I am satisfied and get my money's worth.

Well tonight these female employees seemed to enjoy the fact that I stopped in and they already had the Ice Cream broke down, and the Orangish/Red Haired employee stated that Matt's not even here, so come back tomorrow.

This employee knows that I will not let her serve me because of the number of older females in this store with terrible attitudes and customer service.

They are grouchy, not genuine, and seem to not like their jobs.

It is well known that I have complained to Matt, an excellent CSR about my experiences at this store.

I have sent compliments and complaints via email to the Consumer Affairs at this company. I have never received a phone call regarding my emails, just robo email responses.

I am a CSR at a local Pizza Shop not far from this store and I live right down the street.

I also spend volunteer time as a Consumer and Community Advocate.

I am truly disappointed and may have to spend my money elsewhere or just visit this store when some of the more competent employees are working.

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    mr.doyle Dec 16, 2010

    i was in there a while back and i saw a drug transaction in the parking lot the one person was wearing a united dairy farmers uniform. there should also be random drug tests on employees. because if they selling they are probably doing them too. what if there was children around ...

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unprofessional cashier | sexual harrasment

Last week (7/18/2009) my Fiancee went to UDF to purchase some items. When she was checking out, the cashier, whom is named Dave (about 19 or 20), insisted that she take UDF'...


Went to UDF June 20th at 9:30 pm with my family. (6yr old and 3yr old) I was 3rd in line and there were at least 10 or more people behind me. The store manager came to help and...

rude employee

At 7:220 pm on 10/11/2008 I was at your store and ordered the 5 oz. frozen yogurt in a cup which was on sale for $1.49. When I went to the register the girl informed me it wa...

water in gas

Did anyone get any bad gas from UDF in Blanchester on Thursday June 26, 2008. After getting gas, my van hesitated like I was running out of gas. Then it started running fine. Got...