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I purchased a custom made steering wheel from CarID along with other products for my vehicle which totaled $728.05. Upon arrival, the wheel was wrapped in protective foam which I kept in place to prevent damage during install. Installed with no issues, removed the foam, only to find a small defect in the product. I had already packaged up my old wheel and returned it for my core deposit of $150. I contacted CarID and informed them of the issue and the desire to get a replacement. They advised that their policy is not to grant returns or replacements on parts that are installed first. I asked where this policy is posted as it does not show on my invoice, nor are there any warnings on the parts or in the packaging materials. I then began corresponding with what I was told is a manager, who also would not honor a replacement/refund. She also added this line above her email signature, "Ignorance of the law excuses no one." I don't appreciate what she is trying to imply and I spent 30 years in law enforcement and don't need someone trying to indirectly intimidate me or imply I am a criminal. That statement was not in her first couple of emails, and it has no place in any additional replies. This policy clearly is not transparent to the consumer - either on their invoice or on the materials when they arrive. A red sticker or sheet of paper that warns the buyer to inspect all parts would have saved all this from happening.

Desired outcome: Send me a replacement wheel and I will ship back the damaged one. Or, refund me the amount plus tax, and I will buy a new wheel and send the damaged one back.

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