Capital One Financial Corporationcharged for service that I did not receive

Dear person in charge,

I am reaching out via email to hopefully get help this way. I submitted a claim in July because a computer store called "Vellve Systems" screwed me over. I gave them my Apple MacBook to fix, they replaced the motherboard and fan and threw away my parts. Nevertheless, the computer was still not working. A whole month later, my computer was still not repaired. To not waste more time there, I picked it up even though it was in a non-working condition. They wanted to take out the parts and give back to me a computer without any parts in it because they don't have my old parts anymore. I was not okay with that. A computer should be given back the way they received it from a customer. I tried to find a solution with the owner but unsuccessfully.

I filed a dispute with Capital One to solve this issue. I was promised they will help me to get the money back. From July till now I received three letters from Capital One. First letter was to inform me that the merchant has been contacted and that I need to wait up to 90 days for his reply.

Second letter was a notice that more documentation is needed from me. Letter was dated August 15th, I received it in the mail on August 20th and uploaded all the necessary documents to the link that was emailed to me. It was uploaded on August 21st.

Third letter I received was on September 19th saying the case is closed because I didn't send in the documents on time even though I did submit them on time! And I have the confirmation letters as proof.

I called and they reopened the case. I submitted more documents they were asking for via an email link on 9/30 and 10/1 .

Then I get a phone call on 10/01 that my case is closed again because I didn't submit my papers on time which should have been submitted by August 3rd! That is the first time I hear that I was supposed to submit something by August 3rd. That was the time frame when we were waiting to hear back from the merchant.

I have a feeling Capitol One is trying to find ways to not help me get my money back.

On 10/01/19, I spoke to the account manager Lindell, HUW715. He was not very friendly and not helpful. His first excuse was that the letter from the IT store is not giving enough detail about a second opinion. But they have explained everything in this letter, which he realized after reading it. Then he changed his excuse to that I submitted my papers too late. Which is a big lie! He was clearly making things up to not have to do any work. I will attach all three letters I received from Capitol One. Again, I have been submitting everything on time.

I am very disappointed in the service I have received so far. Vellve System is trying to keep my money for a non-working motherboard they installed. My laptop never got repaired and I can't get my old parts back since he has thrown them away. A second IT store confirmed that my computer is still not working due to a conflict with this non-working motherboard. Another repair will cost me $300.

I am so frustrated and disappointed. I hope I can get help this way. I will attach all three letters I received from Capital One and my case number:
Case: [protected]

Please check my case # and you will see that I had submitted all documents on time.

Let me know if you need me to submit anything else to you.

I hope you can help me to get my money back. It is not fair to charge a customer $407.55 when they never repaired my laptop and are not returning my parts.

Best regards,

Nicole Lindner

Capital One Financial Corporation
Capital One Financial Corporation
Capital One Financial Corporation

Oct 02, 2019

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