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My husband purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado in the fall of 2004 with an auto loan from out then bank Hibernia National Bank. In December of the following year Hibernia sent out 'skip a payment' coupons to all customers who were in good standing. Basically it was a break from your car payment at Christmas with only interest to accrue for that month. Capital One purchased Hibernia National Bank sometime in 2006 (??) and transferred the auto loans to Capital One Auto Finance in 2007. In August I began to receive letters about a 'skipped' payment. I went to the branch to try to clear it up-I had all payment coupon recipes where the payments had been made at the bank branch. After sitting for nearly 2 hours with a personal banker-I was told that the best thing they could figure out is that my Christmas offer to skip a payment from several years ago was being considered a skipped payment and penalties were applying. The branch was unable to do anything to help. Capital One began calling my house daily. Each day I would explain what happened. Each day my account was being turned over to 'Special Ops.' Or that the Hibernia accounts were not completely transferred over yet,etc.etc. After 3 months,more phone calls than I can count with special ops, unanswered e-mails to Capital One and Capital One calling my home as many as 13 times daily I finally received a call from a human in Special Ops. The call came to my cell phone while I was at work. The person left his name and number with extension. Not surprisingly the number does not work, the extensions is non existent and not one person who answers at the 1-877 line can connect me to this person. I was finally forced to take a loan on my home equity line of credit and pay the extra payment to avoid the harassment of the phone calls. Also, now the penalty and late fees for every single month after my complimentary skipped Hibernia payment are added to the remainder of the loan. I was told in no uncertain terms by the personnel at COAF that it was not Capital Ones policy to let anyone skip a payment and even though they purchased Hibernia and their contracts it does not appear that they must abide by guidelines of the contracts they purchased.


  • Ka
    Karen May 27, 2008


    Capital One rep is lying to you about not allowing skipped payments. They just offered that very same thing to me this past Christmas. I did it. It cost me a $35 fee to deferr the payment, but my point is they do have a policy allowing them to do just that.
    They are lying to you plain and simple.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Hakim Nov 15, 2008

    Capital One is horrible. My previous loan company Onyx sold my loan to Capital One Auto Finance and everything changed. My other company allowed me a 10 day grace period but when I signed the loan but with Capital One Auto I was told they don't have a grace period because they don't charge late fees and instead the amound acrues interest or some bull... it was while back so I'm not exact on wording sorry. Now I notice that even though my loan is due on the 28th and Im sending it between the 1st and the 5th of the month that they are now charging me $30 late fees and $15 administrative fees. Sometimes even when I send it out on time I am still seeing these fees.

    Capital One Auto Finance is a total rip off. I'm paying off my car in total at mid December... because I am so close to my last payment (June) and just want to stop dealing with them... Never again. They are crap.

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  • Aj
    AJ Mom Aug 06, 2009

    I am having a horrible experience with Capitol One! On my auto loan, they were accessing late fees and it was not showing up in my online account, so I never knew the correct ammount to pay. Long story short, it appears as if I underpaid by $38.46. So I just got a BILL from them with a PAST DUE Ammt of $38.46 AND a LATE FEE of (no kidding) $265.91!!!

    That's a Total of $304.37. The past due ammount was only $38.46.

    Is this even legal?!?!?! I am so angry!

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