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Capella university had the soe and three doctors say that a dissertation proposal was awesome and had me work on it for two years. Editing, rewriting, gathering information, getting forms together, and then I needed to submit it to the irb. Now remember this is two years of everyone saying yes, great idea, good proposal, and the head of the soe approving the proposal to have the irb say no do it again. They are trying to drain me of all the financial aid I have then they do not care what happens to me. Capella university should be ashamed of their selves and if I worked for them, I would walk! Not a reputable institution at all.


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    Capella's Discriminated Nov 28, 2012

    I have similar experience with Capella. I was enrolled in a Ph.D program in Organizational Development and they have been absolutely discriminatory and have not kept their word. They have finally terminated me from the program. They changed deadlines on me and have not been fair. I am pursuing with the Higher Learning Commission for the North Central Association. Anyone want to contact me...if you have a similar situation?

    [email protected]

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    SharronM55us Nov 28, 2012

    Hello th2008, Capella was wrong in what they did with me, but it was a slightly different situation. They have fixed the problem and changed the dissertation process. I am requesting a tuition refund. I just am not sure about going to the commission because they did hear me, they did change their practices. If you want to talk to me I am at [email protected]

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    Paulalz Jul 31, 2013

    I am organizing a class action lawsuit. Anyone interested email me at [email protected] We have 9 right now and a willing lawyer. Paula

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    rlino Oct 19, 2013

    I am in the Ph.D program right now in criminal justice. However no topic will be approved in criminal justice. They marketed the program as one thing but in fact it is not.

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    Paulalz Nov 13, 2013

    Class Action suit still being organized. We have 30 people now. [email protected]

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    Deborah Miller61 Jan 22, 2014

    I was a PhD student in the School of Public Service Leadership, General Human Services. It is my opinion only, that what was put upon these students (the SMR) in 9/2010-10/2012 within their Dissertation process was unethical and unjust. I hope that if you have a complaint about this specific issues, the SMR, that you immediately contact the Higher Learning Commission HLC and file a Third Party Comment. This SMR's development was added within the PhD Dissertation process during that 9/10 quarter for these PhD students only until 10/12. In October of 2012, the website was overhauled, these remaining Phd students in this General Human Services group program were absorbed into other PhD programs within the PSL schools. The SMR's development was not noted in any of the Dissertations due process in Dissertation Manuals or Guidebooks (since it was added between milestone steps within Milestone Group 1 (but could have used up your financial aid money). In 10/12 it became known as the Research Plan and was applied within all of this Universities PhD schools. This addition of this SMR increased the credit hours needed to complete the PhD. On 5/12, I asked the HLC to review this issue.
    Additionally I had contacted the federal government concerning a misappropriation of federal financial aid. The federal government has responded that I need to pay my federal financial aid and additionally, they contacted this University violating my confidentiality. Repaying my financial aid was never the question nor requested within the content of my correspondence with them.
    To date nothing has been resolved, I am hopeful that the HLC will support their own policies and hold this University accountable. My last correspondence from the HLC was dated 2/13.
    In that correspondence the HLC stated they are not responsible for issues between the individual students and the Universities...but this was not one student. It was a large group of individual Public Service Leadership PSL, General Human Service PhD students affected by the actions of this University (not to be confused with the Public Safety Leadership program PSL also with the same acronym running simultaneously). Again, this is my opinion only. Additionally after my providing 3 SMR's and a 4th was requested which I refused to do, I was Administratively Withdrawn on 10/12. My completed proposed Dissertation Research study suggests the Solution to Illiteracy, but I do believe my financial aid also ran out at that time.
    The Higher Learning Commission had an existing policy against this linked to changing programs and adding courses. In that policy it stated that this action by a University required preapproval by the HLC. Their new policy Inst.F.20.040 is a new revision of that policy that was originally dated effective 7/10. Just to let you know...I am still waiting for these comments from the HLC as they inspected Capella university on 10/23/13 with full knowledge of these issues.

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    Stop the Funding Apr 12, 2014

    Of course they did. They are being paid by Capella. You don't have confidentiality when it comes to the government and once students find out that they don't have true recourse and that courts are reluctant to rule against academia they conclude they are out of options but the tide is turning. The Harkin Group got the scoop on the abuses of for-profits, Capella specifically; had has issued a watered down response that speaks volumes. The state and federal representatives are being paid off too in the form of campaign contributions. I have a solution if they don't provide what people are paying them for they don't get the money, have to refund the student and offer a way for the abused consumer to be compensated. This whole mess will make the mortgage crisis look like a picnic in central park & soon. Mary

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