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Capella University - Financial aid

After serving in the Marine Corps, I decided I wanted to help others and received my master's degree in Human Services. My goal was to receive my doctorate and start a nonprofit organization. The school that I received my bachelor's and master's degrees did not offer a doctorate in Human Services, otherwise, I would not be on this complaint forum. I was diagnosed with PTSD and took medications (many) to help with stress, anxiety, nightmares, etc. It took all I had to continue concentrating, finally I gave up. School was stressful. Capella from the beginning was different. I was accused of plagiarism and corrected the misunderstanding (I quoted my own work). I was able to have all of my student loans forgiven due to my disability and inability to work and received a bill in the mail from Capellalla for over $6k. I called financial aid and was told that this amount was not covered by student aid. This is a tuition amount that Capella charges because they are a private institution. I would have NEVER PURSUED MY DEGREE FROM CAPELLA had I known about their reviews and shadiness. Now I have a collection on my credit report that looks as if I have this enormous debt. I would and should have been content with my master's degree.

Capella University - Scam

I am starting a class action lawsuit or would like to join one. I was failed because 2% of my comp matched a website. The only problem being that it was my own website and my own work.

At the time i did not realize that there were other students across the nation and around the world that were also using the articles i've published on my website in there work. This resulted in another 1-2% matching. However, it is obvious that i published these articles prior to those other works and that what i used is my own original work. You try to explain this to the university and they are obviously skeptic and offer no help assistance at all.

Not only this, but my mentor told me i had a 7 day extension originally for my first submission because she sent my comp questions to the wrong email twice. Two days before my paper was due i received and email stating that i was only approved for a 3 day extension. Therefore, i missed my first submission, would not receive any faculty feedback, and automatically put into the re-submission stage...

I was warned not to attend a for-profit university and i should have listened but at the time capella was the only school to offer a performance psychology based degree in sport psych (Ms) and i/o psych (Phd) i received my masters from there in sport psych and went on to pursue my phd in i/o at capella. My dissertation topic aimed to examine the psychological processes that influence performance in sports and business, therefor complimenting my expertise in sport and i/o psychology and promoting performance psychology as an establish field in psychology. I applied some information from the articles i wrote and published on my website, which is one of the top sport psychology websites in the nation with over 15k followers on twitter @sprtspsychology.

I should have known that others would use my work but i shouldn't have been expelled for it. There was no way of getting around the work that i've published in the past on the internet for my assignment. 100k plus down the drain but what they took from me personally and professionally is far greater.

Capella University - Enrollment taticst

I was told that I would have enough funds with financial aid to complete my PHD and when it got down to my dissertation stage I has exhausted my financial aid and when I tried to get a scholarship with the school I was denied. Now I'm out of thousands of dollars and no degree. Something has to be done about the enrollment tactics with this school. I felt I was deceived and lied to just to enroll in the school. I was presurred by recieving call on a daily basis from their recruiters.

Valerie Johnson

Capella University - Transcripts

I have been attending Capella online University for the past two years. I had switch over to them from another online school since they had more to offer with Psychology program. I have always attended classes and have done well and kept up with my GPA. The middle of march of 2016 I started not feeling well and had informed my instructor because I had a late assignment it was taking me a long time to do. I was forgetting the material and was having some health issues. I was able to finish the semester and passed. The following semester started in April of 2016 my Dr. advised me to take a break until I started to feel better. I love school and was and still am anxious on finishing up my bachelors so I can work with children and continue with my masters and onto my Doctorate, so I started the next semester. School is online but, not every day so I thought it would be ok and easy for me to do. As time went on I had gotten worse. There had been times I didn't even remember things sleeping a lot rapid heart and pulse rate and a lot more. During the rest of the semester I hadn't finished. When after all said and done I realized about school and noticed no one not even my advisors had called to see where I was. I checked voice mail and emails during the time I was not attending no one reached out. Time went by another semester has now begun and I heard from one of my advisors asking what was going on and I had explained. I had informed him of what had happened he advised me of a doctor’s note. This one advisors that I dealt with from when I first started at Capella knows how I love school and hate when it ends and how anxious I am to finish. When I was ready I spoke to financial aid at Capella she wanted a note from my Dr. or I would be responsible for paying 3, 000 for the course I told her Why do I have to pay Capella this money when I receive financial aid and I have two chances to take the class over before paying for the class out of my pocket. she informed me the monies were sent back She said I do not need to explain what happened or my medical condition just a note that I was seen by a doctor on such dates. She also explained to me that they are here to advocate for me. I said ok she then sent me over to a woman in learner’s affair named Sarah Lehman, who has been handling my account and been denying all my request. I then sent in a letter and a note from my doctor he had first put dates and written on a prescription pad stating some of the dates I was seen. He was not happy about it due to the hippa laws but, he said he would. After learner’s affair’s looked over the note a letter was emailed to me stating that he had to be put it on letter head. I called the Doctor and again he put in on his letter head. Once again she denied the letter. Now she said the letter had to be from x date to x date meaning from first day of school till the end. So once again my Doctor sent another letter stating from the date school started till the end. He also mentioned Joann Dellutri has been under care, and he also stated when I was there and he in the hospital. My doctor said enough is enough you have a medical note from me you need to proceed he said this is ridiculous and he has never heard of such a thing. Once again they denied my request to come back to class or release my transcripts. The dates do not coincide and the 3, 000 needs to be paid. (The Drs. dates were from day one of the April 2016 semester till the end) she also said that her and I also touched base that she wanted a note stating I informed my instructor that I was not coming back to class. So I then said even if you approved of the note you would still deny my request because I did not have the note that I spoke to my instructor she said yes. She has never asked me for this in any conversation we had.
Also I called Navient several times to see if the monies were returned they were not. The last time I called was on 9/23/16 Navient had informed me that Capella had received a check in the amount of $617.00 in May of 2016. Nov of 2016 they also had received a checked for the amount of $1, 234.11 that was the last activity on my account and no such returns. When I had l spoken to Sara and her supervisor they informed that they were not sure if the monies were returned (well why are you wanting me to pay you 3, 000) they could not answer that question. They have now threatened to put me in collections and I cannot finish school.
Thank You:
JoAnn Dellutri

I do have emails and notes to follow.
I would appreciate if someone can help me with this as I am anxious to finish school

Capella University - Consumer fraud and unethical business practices

My fiancé is enrolled in a Doctoral program at Capella. What a joke! He has taken his Comps twice and was failed twice despite having a 4.0 GPA. His writing meets all standards (APA, etc.). The web based system of submitting the Comprehensive exam is a junk software which changes the text and punctuation after submittal, at which point you can do nothing to correct it!
Since he has failed twice (only one of the "Readers" gave him negative marks and "feedback" and we are quite sure this is a Professor who is biased against him. Why? Because he had the GALL to call her to ask for guidance. The "Professor" and I use that term loosely, chastised him for contacting her and it was quite clear she was incensed! Her attitude was basically "how dare you!?". In addition, this professor claimed she sent him "multiple emails to no avail". Well, he never got them because he deactivated that email account months ago! His official email address (the one which all University correspondence SHOULD be sent to) is the email address he has listed under his "learner" profile. She should have never been contacting him on his personal email account and he does not even know how she got it! Long story short since he failed this second round he was told he was being kicked out of the program! "Administrative withdrawal" after her has worked for years and handed over $100, 000 to this sham of a "University". He is appealing, but from what we have read that is a longshot. They purposely failed him in order to milk EVEN MORE MONEY out of him by offering him the "opportunity" to pay more money for a Masters Degree which he already has from a REAL brick and mortar University. Apparently from what we have read they have pulled this scam on countless others. This place needs to be shut down. Exceptional, competent and intelligent students are being ripped off and are losing thousands while Capella plays with their livelihood and prospective careers and tries to bankrupt them. They are crooks! Do not enroll in this sham of a "University!"

I am interested in joining you class action lawsuit. Deceptive recruitment then withdrawn 100 grand in [email protected]

Lets file a class action lawsuit. My situation is exactly the same. My comp matched content on my own websites, articles I published professionally, and my own work. I was told by my mentor to cite myself to avoid this. Finally, I reached the faculty review phase and failed for "using a website as a primary reference which seems to be a consultants blog and not peer reviewed research. I was only citing myself as told. Lets do this!!

file complaint here

Capella University - School

Where to begin? The school is composed of staff that do not abide by ethical codes and regulations and do not care about the best interest of the "learner". Beginning with having to push for the legal department in the school to look into making sure the program meets California licensure (in which they told me they don't normally do that for learners) I had to push very hard and email constantly in order to get them to even look into making sure I was enrolled in all coursework that met California requirements. The tuition exceeds any Cal State tuition, so naturally I would a well equipped institution to be able to know the licensure requirements. Additionally, when a learner has any conflict, with a professor or questionable guideline they push away and turned it onto me and accused me of being unprofessional. I am currently still in this program because I am only 5 courses from completing but am proceeding with my attorney in order to ensure that all ethical and legal guidelines are being abided by from Capella. I can not wait until December to move forward from what seems to be a never ending nightmare, and most definitely an unwanted experience. I would not recommend this school to anyone and if you are a current learner, pay close attention to all actions taken by Capella and make sure you have everything written in email exchange for documentation. Best of Luck


Capella University - Financial aid and unethical practices

I have filed complaints about Capella late last year with one of the same issues, which is financial aid problems. I had to file these complaints in order for the school to give me my money (tuition...

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Capella University - Financial aid & professors

I am in my Masters program at Capella University in their flex path program for IO psychology. Throughout my time here (Since March 2015) the professors have been so inconsistent. I do so well...

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Oct 20, 2015

Capella University - Unethical behavior

I have been attending this university for almost 4 years. I am at the dissertation phase of my program. I was dropped from the program due to no receipt of a letter of reaffirmation from a undergraduate overpayment. Each year this letter is done by the school. I was informed that my summer semester didn't have financial aid to cover the class but was allowed to continue, then prior to the fall quarter, I was instructed to apply for a grad plus money, which I did. The application was approved and the school won't disperse the funds and are attempting to hold the money and not re-enroll me in my program. I am very upset because If I am not able to enroll in the program for the fall quarter, than the money needs to be returned to the issuing agency. Not held at the school.

Capella University - Lack of ethics

Capella provided me with a set of unprofessional counselors and supposedly qualified professors, whom were involved in others personal affairs, neglecting my Ph.D. dissertation. I was poorly and...

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Capella University - Not crediting for payments made

The Capella business office is staffed by rude, and unhelpful people. Their office placed a hold on my account for a past-due balance.
I had no way of knowing about this. I called their financial aid office for over a month straight and they were never able to tell me that the business office placed a hold on my account.

After I figured out that the b office had put the hold on I called them and they transferred me to an outside collection agency. I paid the balance the same day.

The Capella business office refuses to credit my account for the money I paid.

The last customer service agent at the business office told me "see what good it does calling us".

These people are rude, unhelpful and no one should be treated this way.

The same thing is happening to me right this very moment. I have been out of my course for eight days and have gotten nothing but the run around from the Finance Department. They first said that I had a balance because I was missing two documents and my financial aid couldn't be dispersed. Then they said that they did have the documents, but that they weren't processed and they would put a rush on it for it to be done in 3-5 days. Now they are saying that the transcripts that the high school mailed to them are unofficial, so they are now before an auditor. My unemployment payments are hinged on the fact that I am in school, so now their incompetence is affecting my income. My flex path coach will not even email me back. They are so unprofessional.

Capella University - They say I owe them

i was apart of the capella family until I could not walk nor stand nor sit just lay for 2weeks and I had to drop my classes because I did not want to be behind. I sent them a written doctors note that stated I had a lumbar strain and a pinched sciatic nerve that was causing me to not be able to function and operate. But they still say i owe them 1500 dollars. And now they are reporting this on my credit and I need them to get that off without me giving them a dime. Any suggestions!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - Fraud and horrible school

Capella lied to me after I completed all the traditional classes for a PHD program and would not allow me to submit a dissertation or take the final exam. I am out $100, 000 + and have 15 worthless classes. Capella only asks for more money to take a Masters degree. What about the 15 PHD classes with a 4.0 GPA Capella? Capella's answer is that I can transfer 4 of the PHD level classes for a few of the masters program. 4 classes then what I pay for more classes just for you to not to allow to submit the dissertation for a masters. Then NO school will accept any transfer credits from Capella. DO NOT GO TO CAPELLA!! If anyone has issues please spread the word and also file with the BBB. I filed and awaiting feedback from Capella. Capella should not be A+ with the BBB. They should F-. AVOID Capella University. The education is horrible and the staff is arrogant and will not make any decisions or answer any questions directly. Just a bunch of lawyers working at Capella.

Have you received word from the BBB? I need to begin this process.

Carol DeLoatch
[email protected]

If students are not successful at the end of a program it is entirely the fault of the school for either bilking them of their financial aid, or there is something else going on you are unaware of. They know it is nearly impossible to take them to task alone or fight their millions as the LAWS AREN'T IN PLACE TO PROTECT STUDENTS. This is especially true now as MN has ruled in 2009 there is no fiduciary duty to you which is misguided justice and unethical crap. Your committee and chair hold your future professional life (thus personal finances) in their hands. You can complain to the state attorney general and ombudsman office or credentialing body which does nothing. Be sure you exhaust their biased academic standards committee and do not accept a master's. Since these are well, researchers they know they are completely incapable of policing themselves which is why an alternative dispute resolution should be required if they seek funding. If a person is not provided with what they need to complete successfully, it's the schools responsibility who accepted them in the first place. If they can get the money they are in, there is no other criteria unfortunately, so the system then breaks down. Tons of terrible dissertations from this big business. Online courses don't always transfer; especially towards a license. It is up to the school to inform their candidates, and to provide what is needed such as cohorts to lend support. The ROI on the degree is totally compromised, and see Harkin report below. Bottom line is that all schools MUST be held accountable not just students for Title IV aid. Nothing can happen until Congress stops taking the graft and definitively ACTS in the benefit of the country, and in the interests of the students who have trusted them and those institutions. The next big bubble is happening right now and will impact the entire economy in the same way as the 2008 housing scam.

Capella spent $1, 650 per student on instruction in 2009, compared to $4, 538 per student on marketing and $2, 912 on profit.1313 The amount that publicly traded, for-profit companies spend on instruction ranges from $892 to $3, 969 per student per year.1314 In contrast, public and non-profit 4-year colleges and universities generally spend a higher amount per student on instruction. By comparison, on a per student basis, the University of Minnesota spent $13, 247 per student on instruction, and University of Saint Thomas spent $11, 361 per student.1315

See links in the article at URL for more info and the report. It isn't a party issue but a corrupt Washington. If Harkin has had all this information for over two years where is the action? They know. The new Senate ed bill is missing general students academic rights & IP research protections. However every single special interest group that affords them an additional paycheck is clearly item delineated.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - Comp exam grade

The school gave me an NS grade on my comp exam after having a 4.0GPA and answering the question correctly. I have to pass to move on to my dissertation. After spending $90K they have tried to take my money and run! They asked what the difference was between leadership and management in an education setting? However, they stated that "I did not use the correct authors in the answer. They did not ask this in the question nor in the grading rubric did they ask for specific authors and gave me an NS grade based on this. They have not given me a fair and just appeal with the "committee" that was formed. Stay away from this school. I am for a class action lawsuit against this school if someone is interested please contact me.

I agree 100% wait till you finally get through comps, the dissertation potion is a joke.. Trust me, I am seeking an attorney as I type.. Took me 6 years to finally get a professor to help me with my dissertation. The first one I had tols me to take a writing course, really, why then did I pass al my classes with a 4, 0 except for one... They kept taking my money and doing nothing, , , ,


Fully agree as I'm in the same boat. Is there anything we can do?

I have had the same experience with the my comprehensive exam. I rewrote the answers only to be failed. I believe this comprehensive exam plan is a scam, but hard to prove. We need to collect all responses to the questions because I believe they would be the same.

Wow. Here I am with the same issue. 4.0 GPA and failed all 3 questions and it is noticeable that one of the readers didn't read my answers or my rewrite. My sister just past her exam with another university and couldn't believe we were subject to being judged by the opinion of 3 strangers. I have spent all of my funds and feel as if they have dropped me into a whole without a way out.

Please contact me. Also had a similar experience,

Please contact me. I have a very similar situation.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - Still billing after 3 years of complaints and class dropped

I tried to take a online course the teacher was like 19 and would not help just kept saying do it over until the third week i dropped after multiple complaints by phone and email then i was billed over three thousand dollars student loans then i am paying it off they sent another bill destroying my credit for 1035 out of nowhere it is credit terrorism fraud and scam they never refunded my funds said i could not drop class still billed me for full course even though i dropped the class

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - 4. 0 four years.. Last course = f

After attending this university for 4 years with a 4.0, in my LAST course a teacher by the name of Sanaa Reynolds failed me. A kid with a PhD and an elitest attitude. She will not get the last word...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - phd program

Good morning, my name is Jose Angel Ciceraro.
I have been deceived and duped by Capella University. When I joined Capella seven
years ago it was truly a university focused on the student. Unfortunately that is not the case.

I have been a “learner” for seven years. In the seven year time frame I suffered numerous personal setbacks; I lost my business, home, suffered three bouts of unemployment and yes homelessness. Still I had the presence of mind to continue in my PhD program. I went hungry, slept on a dirty garage floor, but I still stayed enrolled in Capella!

My wife recently suffered two strokes, her mobility is limited to a wheel chair most of the time. I asked Capella an extension on the PhD requirements. I was informed “No”. “The catalog stipulates seven years, we have options for learners but they do not include family members.” I expected that due to my special circumstances some flexibility would be afforded by Capella. That was not the case. I have lost seven years of my life, $120, 000 and nothing to show for it. I took extra classes based on an ad visors recommendation to achieve a certification in Public Health. On 14 March 2014 I
was informed by Capella that they did not offer a certificate in public health.
The mistake by Capella cost me over $12, 000!

The Capella solution is that I apply for readmission for a Master’s
Degree! I already have one. I will not spend another dime on Capella. To add
insult to injury, Capella is charging me a $50.00 application fee.

The truth of the situation came out in my conversation with Mr. Tessnier (spelling ?). I have maxed out my student loans therefore I’m no longer worthy of the PhD program. This would be in a sense more palatable if I was an average student. I have a 3.75 average, even with all of the difficulties that life threw at me.

Capella has become a degree mill. They are heartless. I tried talking to the chair of my department and I never received a reply. It is simple you maxed out your student loan potential and you no longer are worthy. I’m seeking other students who might be involved in a class action against Capella. I’m willing to go to the news media and report this egregious wrong.

Jose Angel Ciceraro, MPA, CERT

Member of: International Association of Emergency
Managers, International Society of Infectious Diseases, National Honor Society
for Public Administration, United Nations Disaster Relief Committee"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization,
it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

Contact Information: Cell [protected], E-mail [protected]

I am in the process of possibly filing a class action suit against Capella, if you are interested in joining my e-mail is [email protected]

I am interested.

I would be willing to chat with you as I have a similar circumstance only I am the one who had the stroke.

I am interested

Would like to discuss them.

Capella University - Fraud / kicked out of phd program

I was in a PhD program. Dissertation Phase in Business & Technology. In this case, I submitted my proposal for approval. Due to inefficiencies and University faculty error (provable-All records are...

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Capella University - Comp exam rip off

If anyone is planning a lawsuit or investigation, please count me in. I have finished all coursework for a PhD in General Psychology with a 3.8 GPA. Upon taking the comp exam last term, I failed on the initial attempt and had to rewrite. My rewrite went to a tiebreaker, meaning one reader gave a grade of pass, and the second, fail. The tiebreaker, who I feel by comments made, was the same as one in my initial exam, gave a fail. Hence, I failed the exam. Some of the comments I received was (comma error, pronoun agreement, etc.) I did not realize the content of my answer was not as important as whether I misplaced a comma or semicolon. I am presently taking a writing course, in order to be able to retake the exam next term. The course is elementary at best, and in no way teaching what Capella describes as scholarly writing. This is so frustrating after spending 3 years and thousands of dollars.
Please contact me at [protected] if you're interested in hearing more about my experience thus far.

Pamela Campbell

I completed all course work and my mentor passed my comp exam but one or bother of the other readers did not. I was not allowed to even know the names of these readers, their qualifications, or respond to their comments. Being a doctoral level student having done extensive research working diligently creating a 50 page research document in four weeks, and rewriting to comments in two weeks, without being able to have more than a few sentences of comment from people you do not even know, if they even exist is ridiculous.

This is for Pamela Campbell. I had an identical experience.

Your email: [email protected] isn't working.

I've written to you but can't send it.

Another pissed off ex-learner

I had the same experience with Capella as PhD student. Comp Exam rip off is exactly what it is!

Settled with 1000's of dollars in debt that school made hard to achieve.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capella University - Fraud

I attended Capella for 7 years, was in the middle of my Disertation phase of a Ph.D in Psychology, when suddenly my research project was rejected. I am left with 100 thousand plus debt, no degree and nothing to show for all my work. I am organizing a class action lawsuit. Anyone interested email me at [protected] We have 6 right now and a willing lawyer. Paula

I have similar case with you and to top that I was not credited semester quarters when I was deployed.

Maybe we can collectively file a case.

'Stop the Funding has been reported for SPAM

Don't forget to tell them that you are going to use every name and email you got from me and this board to enrich yourself. Class reps make lots of money on lucrative cases. Troll.

I attended the school for two weeks, with drew, received a check back and five years later I have a collection agent calling saying I owe them money. The amount is 1300.00 my husband said to pay so they will stop calling but I do not owe them. I have a master degree and a debt of 75, 000 and I pay my student loans back every month. I would not recommend this school to my worst enemy. I am a transfer counselor for high school and college age students and I warn them of schools like this.

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