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I called today for technician support for my canon TS3322, unfortunately I don't have the name of the guy who attended the call. He was very rude, he told me not to call canon anymore just because I could pay the $149 that he was charging me in order to clean my laptop so that he can proceed with the printer installation, he hanged up on me. I also told him that I was going to consulted with my daughter and he stated that my daughter is not a technician and has not knowledge how it works.
If any questions this is my email

pixma tr 4527

I just bought a pixma tr 4527 and all functions work fine except for the duplex print function .I'm operating from my Samsung Android, on the print setup
Menu, I choose duplex long, and short edge press on print and only one side get print and stop, saying print finish and then I tried with my wife phone a LG power 3, still doesn't duplex print everything else work fine, but i can't duplex print

assetfin poor service

Good day,

Please allow me to tell you about our Church's dilemma with Canon / AssetFin. This may be my 3'd submission and I apologize for that. We as a Church Management Board need to put this situation behind us asap.

Canon and AssetFin have been harassing us with a document they say is a binding contract. This 'signed contract' was a document signed by a former Pastor of this congregation a couple of years back with no date and start meter reading for the printer in question. This printer we pay for every month R2700 (and we are a PBO / Church working with the public money) is a scam and a true shame. This printer hasn't been serviced for a total of 4 months during 2018 and therefore we as the fiduciary committee decided to stop the R2700 payments.
They've sent an agent during January 2019 to sign a new contract and promising us a new machine then, but we refused due to the fact in Church we may not sign contracts without the consent and advice of the legal team of HQ. They've also during this week threaten us further with another letter from a legal company called Accountability dated 2 July 2019 but we only received on 22 July 2019. We have communicated with them effortlessly. The said printer is still on our premices and we would love for the Contractor to remove their broken and defective instrument.

My Email correspondence may be provided for perusal. I've written since October 2017 on many levels (even management from Canon Gavin Botha) for the poor printing quality of their machine. Unfortunately, we haven't recorded any calls., But all my emails may be used to justify a decision we took to stop payments to this company that for months they didn't produce any service or even exchange their machine for a more effective one. They had the chance and unfortunately they blew it. Should they not withdraw their claim we will as Public Benefits Organization let this go public.

We are really sad about them dealing with us in such a way. Wanting installments for poor services rendered and a defective machine. I can also send some photos of the printer for the investigation.

We do not feel contracted with a company that didn't meet their obligations to make sure our printer experience is unforgettable. We as the fiduciary committee feel they had ample time to rectify the problem and make sure our printing experience is above approach.
The photos also show what kind of money they take for a machine shown in the video. I've tried to attach all emails between us and Canon, but it didn't want to attach to this complaint.

Please help us and salvage what has been broken.

We will be so happy.

On Behalf of the Church Board
Pastor Morné Lötter

assetfin poor service
assetfin poor service

  • Updated by mornelotter · Nov 23, 2019

    An email received from AssetFin and daisy:
    Good day Mr Lotter,

    Your email below has reference.

    1. While I understand your frustrations with decisions taken by your previous pastor, there are valid and binding contracts in place between the church, Assetfin and Smart Office Connexion. This fact cannot be ignored and our contracts are upheld in court. We are running a group of companies, and business decisions cannot be made on emotion. All the contracts signed by the church are attached hereto for your ease of reference.

    2. The office automation industry norms of the past 30 years dictate how deals are set up for clients throughout the industry – equipment is purchased and financed at client’s request by a finance house such as Assetfin, Sizwe Finance, Nashua finance, etc, in order for the client to rent the equipment for a period of 3 to 5 years. Along with the rental contract, the client signs a separate service agreement with another company to keep the equipment maintained and serviced. This is a separate agreement, signed with a separate company. Finance houses don’t do service and maintenance.

    3. The above concept works exactly like vehicle leasing agreements where finance and servicing are completely separate for the vehicles. One cannot just hand the vehicle back to the dealership and think the finance house will merely “cancel” the finance. Finance does not work like that. No matter how many forums you complain to.

    4. After 3 years, the client is eligible for an upgrade of their equipment where a new finance agreement is signed and the client receives new equipment and signs a new rental agreement. In the case of the church, the authorised person decided to resign the existing equipment in 2016, which means the church decided to keep their old equipment. Hence the reason why a sales person would have contacted you in January 2019 for a new machine.

    5. Your contracts have a “commencement date”, each and every Assetfin contract has a date where the contracts are approved and Assetfin can then start billing. Assetfin personally contact each and every client after installation to confirm the client has received the device, it has been installed properly and they are happy with its performance. Once this equipment confirmation call takes place, the Assetfin contract goes live and they start billing the client.

    6. All printing equipment have software built into the device which records the meter readings automatically. The meter readings are recorded by the technicians when they install the device, and the meter readings will be recorded on all job cards. Your device most definitely has recorded meter readings, which we can substantiate.

    7. By cancelling your debit order and not allowing Smart Office Connexion to access your device to keep it maintained, the church is now in breach of BOTH agreements. Both Assetfin and Smart Office Connexion will be forced to go legal if the church does not allow Smart Office Connexion to provide a replacement working device of similar spec, alternatively the church will have to settle the rental agreements for early termination. Since financial year end is approaching, Assetfin will not hesitate to go legal on the arrears and the Master Rental Agreement, since they have every right to.

    In light of the above, and the fact that your contract is valid and binding until 2021, we highly recommend you sit with your sales representative and come to a resolution where you have a working device you can use. We have offered a replacement device, which we urge you to consider.
    A sales representative will be in touch.


    my answer to them
    Good morning Me Holdt,
    Hope this email finds you and your partners well.
    Please see your attachments. You confuse us with another congregation. The letter refers to Nylstroom. This Rustenburg. Like in the past Smart Office also have sent us the wrong Contract of another customer. 
    Surely you won't think this was an emotional decision we took concerning your company or companies underperformed and as a consumer we were overrun by big corporations like yours in poor service and care. I'm sorry that you think this decision was taken emotionally mam. I can assure you it wasn't. Truly I am sorry, but as a PBO as previously stated we're working with public funds. I do understand that contracts are upheld in the Court, but surely no corporate person would pay out money when the issuer of the device underperforms and is poorly maintained by the business whose suppose to care for the machine. A 'Contract' can only be honoured when both the agreed parties uphold their parts. Your companies/company showed
    Wholeheartedly I understand your email, but you yourself won't pay for such a defective machine that costs the price of a car? 
    Also, the bank won't pay for a car that is underperforming, outdated as well as always broken for the price range. That you can be sure off. The banks make sure the car is in good condition before finance is given and when a problem comes along they'll be sure in addressing the issue appropriately.  That machine was paid off in 2016 and when the renewal took place your company or companies agreed to keep the software up to date as well as the machine in immaculate condition. Mam, you did not do either. For sure the service department may not agree, but they didn't sit with our frustration for months with your defective and unusable machine. Ask the technicians report when he investigated the machine on our premises. 
    I also understand to complain against 'how many forums' won't make a difference. We only presented this issue to the Canon Complaintsboard and the Ombudsman. We didn't present it to our Congregation and our National Church Forum to protect your business. 

    This decision to suspend our deal wasn't taken lightly. We gave your company/companies months to rectify the issues with the machine. Would you take the time in watching the video I took to show how bad printing was? https://www.complaintsboard.com/canon/assetfin-poor-service-c1188244
    You can Collect the Machine at your own convenience. No rush. It's in safekeeping. Should we decide to take up the offer you gave us in January 2019 (obviously an update to the arrangement) we'll let you know after our yearly Congregation meeting. 
    Conclusion We enjoy protection as consumers against being treated unfairly:
    Chapter 2, Part G, of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act of 2008) containsmeasures dealing with unfair, unjust, and unreasonable contract terms. The right tofair, just, and reasonable terms and conditions are the first general fairness measureintroduced in South African consumer contract law by means of which a party can rely on protection if a bargain is unreasonable, unfair, or onerous to him or her.
    The case has been reported to The National Consumers Commission. Not yet reported on social media platforms. 


  • Updated by mornelotter · Apr 13, 2020

    This platform doesn't work. We had to refer the matter to an Attorney. But at least I can spread it on social media platforms.

sales of ef24-105mm f/4l is ii usm

The above product is available since 2017, I would like to buy the len through retail shop in Hong Kong at...

canon laser printer lbp2900b

I have purchased canon printer on 23rd July, 2019 (Tuesday) and facing the problem of Paper Jam. I only get Saturday and Sunday for my printing work and i am not able to get print today. Please try to resolve my problem as soon as possible.
Name - Himanshu Dalania
Contact - [protected]
Email Id - [protected]@gmail.com
Address - M 93B MP Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pincode - 201002

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canon d80 dslr camera

I did research on cameras and finally decided to buy the Canon d80. So I put the camera kit in my cart online...


After replacing the ink printer would not print when it finally did start to print it still wouldn't print pictures then it started to overlap the words all ink was replaced with brand new cartridges printer continues to have same problems.
I've wasted over 50 dollars on ink and 17 dollars on paper thanks canon.
I called for tech support they were very judgemental on using bulk ink so I went and bought the new ink cartridges ONLY to have the same issue



short lifespan of cameras

I purchased a G3X camera. It failed after 27 months. I was told by the retailer it had exceeded its expected lifespan. Canon have said I have to pay for a repair, as it is out of warranty. A basic repair cost is £130. I have never purchased such an expensive piece of equipment with such a poor lifespan. And canon seem to wash their hands of you once equipment is out of warranty. It doesn't matter that is has not lasted a reasonable amount of time.

canon printer

This is addressed to the most senior person at canon - ignore this email at your own peril. I am f*ing...

canoscan 9000f mark ii

Installation of Cano-Scan 9000F Mark II on my MacBook Air, Processor 1.7 GHz Intel core 15, operating with OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra).
Set-up CD-ROM, M 1.3, QH7-7339-01. Bar code: QH7739130. Copyright CANON INC. 2016.

I do not have access to My image garden.

I go to Applications, Canon Utilities, My Image Garden, and then My Image Garden app. I open it and get the Guide Menu. There are four possibilities available: Print with images, organize Files with possibilities, Scan which is grey and thus not available, and finally Premium contents.

Why is the scan function not available on My Image Garden?

When My Image Garden app. is marked in Finder, I check "get info" and saw that the access for "read and write" works for system and admim, but only "read" worked for everyone. I changed the access to allow everyone, but this did not change anything.

A friend, who has the same scanner, cannot make My Image Garden accessible either. We have concluded that the problem is with the software itself, specifically the version on my CD. I cannot believe that gaining access to My Image Garden should be so difficult. If there is no way to overcome the set-up problem, I would appreciate receiving an installation disc that allows opening My Image Garden. My address in France:

Suzanne Nash
20, rue Laennec

With many thanks

printer ts5060

I want to print in B&W, but because the yellow ink is low (just low, not even out), it won't let me until I go out and buy unwanted yellow ink.

This kind of manipulation into making customers buy more products than they need feels like bribery. Come on, play fair! I bought your printer, I bought your black ink, I just want to use what I have bought! Let it print!

All that rubbish the marketing department spews out about 'our customers are important to us' is puffery. Canon's customers are treated with disrespect.

customer or technical support

I own a CanoScan 9000F that I have been using over the last couple weeks to scan photo negatives. It has been working great; then it wasn't. It now will not scan and gives me an internal error code message. I uninstalled the software and downloaded an updated driver from Canon website; that did not solve the problem. I have gone over the troubleshooting guides which do not address this particular problem. I attempted to find an online method to contact Canon technical support-it does not exist. So I called the number Canon gives for support. I guess because the scanner is out of warranty(?) the twerp on the other end of the line WAS NOT ALLOWED (his words) to give me ANY assistance via phone. He referred me back to the website which was absolutely useless.
I have nearly the same issue last year with software for a Canon camera. I AM DONE WITH CANON; the most horrible customer service I have ever had to deal with.

canon ixus 185 - worst camera i’ve ever owned

Tried taking some photos today and it was yet another frustrating experience with the Canon Ixus 185. It really is the absolute worst camera I've ever owned - and that includes old school drugstore disposable cameras. Incredibly disappointing. I know it's a basic point and shoot - I didn't expect outstanding capabilities or features, but I certainly expected my photos to be at least presentable. I've had cameras similar to this and less expensive even that took much better pictures. Instead I get blurry, grainy, dim potato cam results - no matter how I configure the settings (ISO, white balance etc.). It's a fluke when pictures come out clear and nice. This crappy device boasts of 20.0 megapixel results…which just cannot be true. My cell phone takes better pictures. Very disappointed in canon.

delivery of my camera

I ordered an EOS Rebel T6 EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens Kit and paid more than $300 for it. Yet Canon did not add signature confirmation to the delivery so FedEx left it at my door without ringing my doorbell. It could have easily been stolen. Fortunately, I have a honest neighbor who informed me of the package. I think that signature confirmation should be mandatory with any purchase over $50.

unethical behaviour

Date of incident 10/1/18 Printer: Imageclass MF229dw I called Canon technical support to get assistance with...

canon 40d

I have been a canon camera person for over 20 years. I have always loved your cameras especially the old film...


Further to my complaint about the shiny viewer on Vixia HF R800 camcorder - Canon returned this faulty...

camcorder vixia hf r800

This all started when my husband bought me the camcorder on 26th July for my birthday.
Bought from H&B but as I did not use it for a month - waiting to go on holiday so they would not refund me and said it was now Canon's problem
The screen acts like a mirror and one can hardly see what one is trying to video. Sent it to Canon -they said there was nothing wrong with it and returned it with back light made darker - this made it even more difficult to see what is in front of me and still mirrored my face on the screen. Sent it back. They said they do not repair cheaper camcorders ($249 from H&B) Their policy -They will not refund you - only replace with the same article even if it is defective. They sent me a replacement with the same problem, from the service dept. Sent it back as had the same fault.
After 38 emails and four phone calls and putting my problems on Face Book they sent me a new camcorder from the warehouse - this one was even worse as it not only acted as a mirror of my face but also of what was behind me. Sent it back but lost the tracking number and couldn't remember where it was returned to. Telephoned Canon who said they had a number of warehouses and had no record of it being returned.
I checked and they seem to only have ONE warehouse!!! I had put "Return" in about 5 inch letters on the parcel... The only warehouse I found is in New York. They are now ignoring me. I can send you all my emails and original letter but don't know how to do this by email. I am a 78yr old woman. Please can you assist me?

online order not honored

I ordered three items from the Canon USA online store, order #[protected] and the order acknowledgment I received acknowledge that all items were in stock. More than a week passed and it still said the items were "back ordered". I emailed their support and it turns out that because the lens and camera are refurbished it can't be "back ordered" and the order is hanging in the system indefinitely, I must contact them telephonically.

Phoned them and the lady said that they ran out of stock and the website availability is not live and not a true reflection of what is in stock. According to her, this is a common problem and they constantly get complaints about it. I need to re-order the items but the discounted price offered is no longer available and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I had to cancel the original order and order the items again(order #[protected]) at a new price which amounted to $240(more than the original price due to the discounts not being available anymore.

At no point during the more than a week I waited before I contacting them did they did they try to notify or contact me to inform me about the problem. They also didn't offer me any equivalent deal when I eventually contact them. Canon support acknowledges that this is a common problem but nothing is being done to correct this problem., why?

Pretty disappointed, I will order my items from Amazon or in-store rather in future which is more dependable.

cannon camera

Ordered Cannon perfesional camera over 2 month's ago.Payment was taken out of my PayPal account, but I haven't received the camera.All my other order's came on time.I received a message asking if I had gotten the camera and I replied no.Still haven't gotten it .Please recheck my order history and send my camera as quickly as possible.Thank you for your immediate attention.

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