Canada Postunethical behaviour/ unprofessional behaviour

A Nov 23, 2017

On November 23, 2017 at roughly 11:30-11:45am; I was in my apartment at 286 Albert Street in Belleville Ontario, when I could hear the mail lady in the lobby using unprofessional language. She was using works like "i[censor]" and "[censor]ing i[censor]." I believe this was a retaliation to a letter left for her by another tenant, which was left on a post it note. From my observation earlier in the day the note was written to ask not to continue placing mail back into the mailbox that was pinned to the board above the mailboxes. This kind of lack of professionalism doesn't look good on Canada Post, maybe you should rethink your hiring practices. I am personal disgusted with the language used by the employee, and wouldn't accept it from anyone in a professional setting. If given the option I would have my mail delivered by an alternative company.

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