Canada Postshipping

J Nov 27, 2017

Sent a package from Guelph downtown postal office to ChitChats express in Mississauga as I didn't have time to travel to drop it off in the next week or so. Sent October 30th, just did a standard tracked shipment. The office worker asked me what the value was thinking there was some what of an insurance added.

Well, a day went by, checked online tracking and it said it was delivered on the 31st to Brampton, so I called ChitChats to confirm delivery, and they said they didnt receive anything. So called Canada post to confirm, and they said it was delivered according to online. I called to create a case and said resolution date would be the 29th of November before any information is told to me...Great...

Just got an answer back on the 24th saying they confirmed the recipient didn't receive it and it is lost. If I had insurance they can pay me back the cost of the item if not I am SOL...Well I guess I am SOL since apparently I declined the insurance.

What the hell kind of business is allowed to receive money and an item of someones and can lose it without any responsibility? What the ???? I am at a loss of words to describe the amount of anger and disappointment I have towards Canada Post, Our national postal service. Lost all hope on shipping with Canada Post and will no longer use them, very sad to me I have to say that.

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