Canada Postregular parcel with insurance

P Nov 15, 2017

Date package was mailed : 2017/11/04
Package was returned to me, sender : 2017/11/15
Cost to mail : $18.01
Cost to receive package back: $15.79
Tracking number for package: [protected]

The package was sent to my daughter in Montreal. The post office said she did not live there at the address. I have had trouble shipping packages to Montreal before, packages arriving at incorrect address more than once. This is the first time I had to pay $33.80 to mail a package/gift to my daughter and PAY to have the package returned to me. This is ridiculous! This is unsatisfactory mail service.

Request: Refund

  • Updated by Pamela Dowell · Nov 15, 2017

    It is hard to believe that I had to pay to get my package back. $33.80 for a return trip by mail to Montreal and back! Terrible. Expensive. I will seek an alternative effective way.

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