Canada Postparcel from saudi arabia not delivered with no explanation

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I live in Mississauga and I am expecting one parcel from Saudi Arabia which was sent from its origin on 11th October. The tracking number is EE040851814SA.

As per Canada Post website, the parcel arrived in Toronto on 18th October and released from Canada Customs to Canada Post on 22nd October and expected delivery is shown to be 24th October. But it has not been delivered to my address for the past 3 days beyond the expected date. I have made several calls on their customer service number but they have been unable to help and do not have any information other than what can be seen on tracking details on their website.

Today, I spoke to the customer service agent and I was shocked to hear that it is being returned to the country of origin. I asked the reason but she clearly said that she doesn't know about it and no one from Canada Post can tell me over here. They will place a sticker on the parcel with the reason for returning back to the country of origin and only once it reaches back to the sender, he would know for not reaching the destination and only then I can learn from him about it.

It does not make sense that if there is any reason for not delivering the parcel to me in Mississauga and returning back to Saudi Arabia, why can't Canada Post inform me nor do their Customer service representatives try to find out. What is the use Canada Post customer service representatives if they can only see and read tracking details which I can also see on their website and don't take any initiatives if there is anything wrong?

I also offered to collect it myself personally from their warehouse or office but they have refused to allow me to do that.

Please help to resolve the matter.


  • K
      Oct 27, 2017

    Depends on the contents, I guess?

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  • S
      Oct 28, 2017

    @kstephy The contents are medicines for diabetes and also cleared by CBSA customs in Canada as per the tracking details.

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