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I am so tired of the items I send in the mail getting broke and returned because some of the letter carries are completely irresponsible and don't pay attention. Most of the items I sell are breakable if the package gets bent, so I put stamps on the front of the envelope right beside the delivery address and it still get ignored. I spend between $500-$1000 per month on stamps and trackable mail, I know its not a lot compared to other larger companies but it still hurts when my items get broke or returned because they are delivered to the wrong address or the package gets crammed and bent into the mailbox when it clearly says "please do not bend"!! It was a return that states it was unclaimed! As you can see its was bent a crammed in the mailbox so bad that I had a very difficult time getting it out! They also put an "unclaimed label right over the address label so that when peeling it off it doesn't come off properly so I cannot see the address label, so I have no idea who the customer is. Not sure how I am suppose to contact them!

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Canada Post

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