Canada Postheld on document


I had a very important document sent from Guelph to montreal, I didn't add the apartment number so Canada post didn't deliver (why ask for the details of the receiver then?).I had the receiver go to the post office in montreal to see if the package could be collected, they said it has been sent back to the send. okay, since the package has to be sent to me, it was ment to be sent asap since it could not be delivered from friday (24th of nov} to Tuesday (today), the package had not left baconfield deport, Quebec. most of the customer care agents i called kept apologizing like [censor] but told different lies or misinformed me daily, they couldn't help and all they did was cover up. Canada post is pathetic, a disgrace and unreliable. please if you do have any other important document, please use other services.

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