Canada Post Corporation / employee

Marquis Saskatchewan, Canada

Your employee in Marquis is taking advantage of her job, she is gardening and using the water from the building she is taking longer breaks the door has been locked and she is missing she has made bff with the rm lady and they are both trying to run the town!Many people in our town are very upset they seem not to know the job they have are gifts!But your postal worker has become ignorant and arrogant we have a community board in 25 years no one has been told what can be listed but now she has become the police of this board but the gardening and long leisurely walks and rude behaviour is enough We won't stop complaining till something is done.Please be sure to check out the water bill for the building the only members of this garden is the 3 bff not our community I am asking for this to be seriously looked into Thank you

Jun 12, 2019

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