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J Oct 01, 2018 Review updated:

I posted a present for my new grandson, who lives in Vancouver City, on July 26th in Manchester. It is now October 1 and it still has not arrived. By the time it gets there it will no longer fit him!
Everybody says "Oh, that is Canada Post" but I don't think that is good enough.
I look forward to a more rapid response than mail delivery time.
Julie Bottomley


  • Mi
    Mike K-B Oct 03, 2018

    Hey Julie, dont waste your time with Canada Post they are a complete joke! I've sent stuff from Calgary back to Blackpool and it has taken 8 months! use someone in the UK affiliated with UPS, FedEx etc someone like DHL it will cost a lot more but at least you know it will get there unlike the canada post lottery!. Canada Post is like most government institutions over here, on its knees, poorly run and heavily subsidised to provide a crap service!

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  • Hi
    HisBlackAndWhiteCat Oct 06, 2018

    Same story here. Months to arrive. Heartbreaking for my son's grandmother who wants him to have presents on time so she sends a month early or more for them still to arrive late. It's a shame there is no pride in this institution and no responsibility.

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  • Om
    Omeomya Oct 06, 2018

    It isn't all Canada Post's fault this one. Unless you have tracking on the package and know that it is stuck in Canada somewhere, Royal Mail handles it the first stretch. You also must remember that these packages have to go through customs and things do get held up there quite often. The package does go through many hands before it becomes part of Canada Post's system.

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