Canada Post Corporationlost package

T Nov 27, 2019

I am waiting for a package that has not yet arrived at my address at 86 Sharpe cres. Tottenham, New Tecumseh, Ontario L0G 1W0. Online on your website it says the package arrived at the community mailbox, however I do not believe that the carrier from the post office in town to my address placed the item in the community mail box because it is 2 adult full size electric motorcycles and can not possibly fit inside a community mail box. The post office carrier did not leave a note on the door either. I see online that the package was received at Canada Border Services than processed to the Canada Post distribution centre in Mississauga and then finally to Tottenham.

May I please know what the weight and size of the package was. Canada Border Services certainly would have recorded that information, and what is the procedure for when a package is to big for the community mailbox. After that is all done, it would be wonderful if you can please find my package and have it delivered to my home as soon as possible.

The tracking number is L0246494435CN. If the item can not be found, I would like to request compensation of $271.59 from Canada Post for losing my item please and thank you, Looking forward to your reply.
Any help in finding my package would be appreciated.

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