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customer service reps - my way or the highway

I phoned to follow up with a complaint I filed. They informed me that the package which is supposed to be held for two weeks for pickup was sent back to the Toronto depot for redelivery. So rather than actually delivering the package one block from the postal outlet they decided to send it back into the system to only once again come back for redelivery (sent south some 6hrs). I asked who authorized the return of the parcel and when I didn't get an answer I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was given over to "Lynn". I explained that the package had items for an elderly persons health. She proceeded to tell me no it didn't! Then when she didn't agree with anything I had to say threatened to hang up on me. I asked her for the name of who authorized return of my item. She then said that the item wasn't mine even though it was paid for by me. I said how can a supervisor not know who authorized return of a package and how do you figure the package contents don't belong to me. She had no answer. So I told her that I wanted to put in a complaint about her. She gave me a file number. I asked when could I expect a return call and she said that there wouldn't be a return call. I said why because the complaint is about you? She then said have a nice day and hung up on me. Again and again Canada Post REFUSES TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR MISTAKES on top of which they put peoples health at risk.

  • Cf
    CFG Nov 20, 2013

    this is really very rude for this lynn to be in canada post hotline, her existence only makes people hate canada post more, lynn should be lenient and give customers her courtesy or the complain hotline if she decided to be so impolite, customers have the rights to complain her.

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  • Cf
    CFG Nov 20, 2013

    actually lynn should know that she always got complained, even if you not complain her, just search canada post staff complain method you can still complain her. that specific lynn must know that she had been so rude to people herself. and I think.believe, you are not the only customer who wanna complain her.

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non delivery of mail

The Thorne post office is the worst postal outlet I've ever used. My 76 year old mother who can not walk...

lost item

Canada post sucks...

Thieves are all employed there.

Go to hell!!!

You thief stuff that belongs to someone else!!!

  • Da
    Dalubuhle Dec 09, 2010

    Hey iam here by complaining about my parcel which was lost on post, it was from South Africa Johannesburg. From Kelly Mlalazi #2 Mellville, 10th Avenue. Johannesburg 2001 South Africa. It was suppose to be delivered to 64 Castleridge Close N.E Calgary. Postal code T3J 1Y9. Alberta. If still have the parcel pliz forward it to 111 Tarawood Lane N.E Unity 33 Calgary Alberta, T3J 5B9 .The parcel was sent aon the fouth of November 2010.

    Worried client

    Thank you!!!

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  • Ti
    Tinos Oct 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    0056510000824142 - my parcel has been deemed lost by you please check for my parcel this is very very important to me

    Tinos Imbayarwo
    apt 415 6515 175st
    Edmonton AB

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rude senior employees - l4e1a4 branch

Unionizing government employees just encourages rude behaviour and overall poor employee performance.

There were two elderly Canada Post employees behind the counter that were clearly having major challenges with the tough-screen console and blamed me and my child - the customers for their shortcomings. I was trying to ask a question if a piece of paper added to the parcel would change the cost and the employee "sshhhssd" me. After a few attempts in getting an answer to my question - they finally answered me in a very exasperated and "dismissing" tone. As if my question was irrelevant and outright silly.

I pointed out that they were being very curt and abrupt. One of them said because it was all of a sudden too noisy - there were only two customers!

If they can't handle two customers and would put the blame on their customers for their poor behaviour - how about providing the employment opportunity to other people who would actually appreciate the work they do.

  • Ca
    catspjs Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you.

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undeliverable mail

I made an online purchase which was mailed (Express post) to me using canada post. My package instead went to...

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failed delivery

A small package (About 500 g) was mailed from scarborough, ontario on thursday march 25 to my address in...

missing delivery

I bought a HTC mobile online and it was paid using Paypal. The item was shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost...

no delivery attempt

I am so sick and tired of Canada Post's "no answer" scam. Six times I have personally watched my...

missed deliveries or just plain lazy?

Alright so the jist of this complaint is to reveal what smiths falls canada post office is really all about.

My fiance receives checks every week for him to get to school and also support himself while he is in school. These checks come straight from the ministry of finance in toronto. Since my fiance and i have moved from perth to smiths falls we have had problems left right and center from this ridiculous and pathetic company called canada post. We have waited days upon days for his money to get here, which by their "standards" should take up to 3 business days, not a week!
We still have yet to see three checks that went missing since last week. He has missed a week worth of school all because of this crap, if he misses a certain amount of days he does lose his school and funding.

We have made phone calls to the customer service but, no surprise, they don't give a rat's ### about anyone but themselves. All they say is that "those are our standards, we make no gurantees on that" or "there's nothing we can do" ### there's nothing they can do. They can actually get off their ### and do some dman work. They shouldn't have "standards" if they can not stick to them. We have even received a call from the supervisor of the smiths falls, ont. Canada post branch. This woman was so rude to not only my fiance but to myself as well, she hung up on him while he was in the middle of talking, she yelled into the phone while leaving a voicemail, she did not do a god damned thing about this issue.

We are getting pretty sick of having this happen time and time again, once or twice yes it can be seen as a mishap, but three or four times now.. No no no, that's an issue that needs to be investigated.
I mean, how can someone rely on this type of system?

Not to mention that it's not just his checks that have been late. My mother who lives about 20-30 mins away from me sent a jury notice via canada post to my address, which i did give to her correctly. That was back in sept. Of 09, it's now jan. 2010 and still nothing. We called just before christmas to see about the checks and the jury notice, the supervisor at this canada post office had the nerve to blame a letter mailed back in september on christmas and the christmas season. Last time i checked the calendar, christmas doesn't happen in september. I let the customer service know about how rude she was and how she pulled her little stunts on us to make herself look good.. And stupid... All they did.. Yea you guessed it again.. A big load of nothing! I hope someone from canada post actually reads this, if there is someone reading this from there.. Here's a little side note.. Kiss me ### and actually start doing something about all your mistakes! Yes, that does require actually moving and doing some work. It's a job not a god damned social! If nothing is done about this issue, the minister of finance will be the one making the phone calls to canada post instead of us. Let's see them try to suck ### then!

  • Ji
    jimcorbett Apr 08, 2010

    CANADA POST is getting ridiculously INEPT while raising the rates steeply and regularly. It is time to replace this crown corporation with effective service

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  • Ca
    catspjs Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Total incompetance! The smaller the town the stupider they get!...and the more rude! I've never heard of such behaviour until I experienced it myself. Good for you for posting your story. Everyone needs to do this because Canada Post needs to take responsibility for their mistakes that are causing loss and distress on the public. I totally agree with your post...Canada Post needs to step up and take some accountability for their poor attitude and service.

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missed deliveries?

Canada post has a standard on their website, stating that within province a letter send regular mail should arrive in 2 days. I can understand up to 4 maybe depending on varying factors. I rely on checks sent to me from MOF, as I am a student on a grant program, they come in the mail. I have been waiting 2 weeks now for one check that went "missing" and still waiting on this weeks checks, these checks are meant to supplement my living while in school, so I simply cannot get by without them, I dont live with my parents and I dont come from a rich family either, I make ends meet thats it.

Calling Canada Post gets me nowhere, they just say nothing we can do and blame it on holidays that havent even passed during the time these letters are sent out. They consistently blame it on the company sending it when the minister of finance prints, cuts and mails the SAME day every week. There have been other letters mysteriously vanish from the system with no explanation. Canada Post needs to get its act together, the untouchable government agency is eventually gonna get hit hard with all the people that have contentions with their service.

My fiancee was sent a letter from his family, a 1.5 hour drive away. They sent it on Sept 20th, 2009, we are now in to Jan 2010, almost Feb, it still has NOT arrived. I have received mail, damaged... opened, contents removed and placed back inside...poorly... which I though was against the law? Or just never receive it at all...

I have had to CALL companies to find out my bill amount for the month as my bills just never came! What is this! "we'll deliver it when we get around to it, lets just sit on our fat **ses and drink coffee all day" operation???

Canada Post head office will know who I am based on the nature of this complaint.. And you can ask me all you want, I REFUSE to take this down as it serves as a warning to others, and a revelation to your blatant disregard for your service quality, which is EXTREMELY lacking.

  • Mr
    Mrs Isabel Boyle Jun 19, 2010


    I am having some of my mail go to another address, which is my sons home. Somewhere down the way they have changed my address to his. It is the postoffice that is getting in touch with the sender and changing my address.

    I would like to get in touch with someone at the head postoffice and rectify this situation.

    My name is Isabel Boyle and my husband's name is Arthur Boyle,
    our address is 85 - 15th Street, Roxboro Quebec H8Y 1N7.
    My phone number is:- 514-684-4576.
    My e-mail address is:- [email protected]

    And my mail is going to Saint Zotique J0P 1Z0

    I would like to speak to someone at the postoffice, or get a number that I can call. When I phone Roxboro postoffice they give me Pointe Claire and when I calll them they say they have nothing to do with Roxboro deliveries.

    So please get in touch with me, I would really appreciated.

    Isabel Boyloe

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tipping apparently

Apparently some canada post employees expect a tip over the christmas period. When my mother (A senior) wa...

3 comments Edmonton Other

high postal rates

Are there ways to stop Canada Post from charging ridiculous postal rates? For a parcel less than 5g, I need to use the parcel weight cost, instead of the letter rates, just because the height is more than 2cm.

In addition, the rates are ridiculously high. Are there no ways to stop them from this? It is killing small businesses, espesically online business.

Which authority is best to approach for to highlight what Canada Post is doing to them?

  • Di
    dia3766 Apr 08, 2010

    be thankful you are not getting things shipped from the US there rates are worse, for a parcel not any bigger than a shoebox cost 42 US to mail me

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  • Ji
    jimcorbett Apr 08, 2010

    Due to the highest postal rates, I was forced to abandon my on line book selling business. The rates changes to higher levels so frequently, it is impossible to keep up with the postage costs with other international sellers. Years ago, they had a book rate which was abolished in favor of better revenue for the post office. Now, when you take a package to the post office, in addition to weighing it they have to measure its length, width and thickness. Consumers lost millions of extra dollars for this way determining the cost, and the case is now in court. Another thing they do to beef up the profit is to added a fuel surcharge to the already high rate. You do all these, but there is no guarantee that the package is delivered (within Canada that is) within a reasonable time. Perhaps it is wise to abandon the Canada Post and look for alternative methods in shipping.

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stay away

I shipped a small parcel to Calgary from Kelowna BC using Canada post express. I was promised it would get there in two days time, it did. Express post also means I would get my money order in an additional two days. That's a total of four days there and back. Four days after I should of received my money order, I called Canada Post. They told me they didn't know where my money was and that I should launch an investigation as to where my money is. I got a phone call three days after that, saying that they need the information that I had given them three days prior (they obviously lost it). Two days after that I received a phone call telling me that I need to phone Canada post, I phoned them and asked them where my money order was. The lady told me it was in the canceled mail pile in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I asked her why this happened and she said she had no idea...(typical Canada post representative response) I told her the reason why I sent it express was because I needed the money quickly, and it has been over a week since I should have received my money now have to wait an additional week for them to process it again and send it across the country to kelowna, leaving me in a very bad position as far as money goes.

Her response to me was, well it says here that they will reimburse you the shipping...Ha! 10 dollars! I need a hell of a lot more then that to compensate for the money that was lost.

Canada Post does not care, about me, my situation or anyone else for that matter.

Good luck to anyone looking for any kind of compensation or explanation, because Canada post just "doesn't know".

fuel surcharge

Sending a small package (book) to overseas from Canada via Canada Post is now becoming a huge nightmare...

unreliable service

I frequently mail identical oversized letters across canada. Almost always, the sask-destined letters are...

non-letter size envelopes

Canada Post will deliver to you an oversize envel0pe but they make me drive 45 minutes one way to be able to deliver it. Also we still have old green group boxes which once the whole box was missing. We can't get parcels living 45 minutes from town and we have to drive 45 minutes to Kelowna to pick up a parcel. Canada Post said they can't install new mailboxes because there are only 40 homes in my 145 lot subdivision built so far in the past 40 years and that however long it takes for our subdivision to be built is how long it will take to get new mailboxes so we don't have to drive 45 minutes to mail large envelopes and receive parcels. Canada Post said screw me!

  • Ji
    jimcorbett Apr 08, 2010

    To increase their profit margin and saying screw to service, Canada post will do anything to inconvenience others. Mail deliveries were stopped in rural areas a few years ago. That's what happen when an ineffective government with puppets as head of the country and heads of crown corporations rule this country. By not delivering essential to customers, these people can have a bigger bonus.

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  • Cy
    Cybergal Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Canada Post finally brought us a red mailbox that will fit a large size envelope but we still can't received parcels. We pay for full service but only get half a service for complaining.

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no po - returned to sender

Ordered a package from the US on Marc 12/09. It was shipped by USPS-Int until it reached Canada - where it was then handled by Canada-Post.

The package arrived in town here, but was "returned to sender" immediately only on account of having no pob number included in the address.

In a town of just over 5400, you'd think that "they" could've at least had the "consideration and courtesy" to look up the street number and name in their databases, instead of just putting it back on the truck and returning it back to the sender in California. They probably would have located the pob number for it if they were decent enough to check. They didn't even attempt to make delivery.

Their "NO PO - RETURN TO SENDER" policy is a very irritating, inconsiderate, thoughtless and just plain LAZY way of managing parcels for delivery to Northern BC recipients.

  • Be
    betty_too Apr 09, 2009

    If you go to the same Postal outlet all the time, my guess is they don't like you. It seems like too small a town for that to really happen. I've worked alot of retail/service jobs- and the nasty customers get nasty treatment- maybe not to your face-but you'll get it! So cheer up, take the PO girls a coffee tomorrow and I bet this won't happen ever again.

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  • Di
    dia3766 Apr 08, 2010

    unfortunately it is not their jobs to double check the senders addresses, that is their responsibility to make sure it is correct

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parcel tracking

So, you might think as I have thought that having a tracking number for a parcel would help you. Check out...

returned package to sender

I was expecting a package to be sent to me via Canada Post Regular Parcel with a tracking number from Ontario to Calgary, AB and the expected arrival date was January 26. A few days after the 26th, I decided to check the progress with the package as it has obviously not arrived. On the website, the indication was that 'the package has been returned to the sender because the receipent was not located at the address'. Sure, I wasn't home on the 26th but I didn't even get a stupid notification/pick-up card from CP and I was supposed to if no one is home at the time. I immediately contacted CP expressing my frustration and requesting a send-back or a refund but they told me that they could not re-route the package back to Calgary and in order to request a refund, you have to call a damn 1-800 number. February 7th right now and still no sign of a Canada Post delivery truck at my door. Never again, Canada Post.

  • Ju
    Just-compaining-IGuess Apr 03, 2009

    I paid for an EBay item on Mar 12/09. It was sent up by USPS International to Canada (which has been totally fine everytime).
    Then it got to Canada, where Canada Post took over handling it.

    I received an email notification the night before, that said that my package had arrived, and was being held at the "local post office" for me to go and pick up. I went to go pick up the item, only to find that it had been "returned to sender".

    Only because it had no PO Box number on the ship to label.

    I mean "really" - I reside in Fort Nelson BC with a population of just over 5400 which is a small town. So, I assumed "naturally" that the agents here would've at least took a little extra time and "care" to punch in the street address in their computers to look-up the PO. No go!

    So now my item, that I have waited patiently for since the 12th, is being returned to the sender in California.

    Canada Post is just LAZY and CORRUPT, and the agents that work here should've at least held the item until I could have identified the package, instead of simply shipping it back to the sender.

    Some services in this country - REALLY SUCK!!!

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  • Wh
    Wharfe Aug 28, 2009

    Same thing happened to me.. something I was waiting for was marked return to sender, I contacted them right away and even though the package was still nearby, could not be retrieved. Now it has to go all the way back and will need to ship it again at MY expense.. thanks Canada Post.. I will never give my business to Canada Post again.

    Not to mention, out of the other packages sent, only the one with a Fragile sticker was seriously dented. Can't wait to see the condition of this package once it finally arrives.

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  • Vs
    V.S. Jan 19, 2010

    Call the local post office outler and see if your parcel is there... It's simple. Don't call customer service.

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they use contract courier companies that really don't care about delivering

I am tired of canada post’s use/misuse of local courier companies to deliver parcels doing their work...