Canada Post“attempted delivery notices”

A Aug 03, 2018 Review updated:

This is the third incident that I have received "attempted delivery" notices WHILE I'M HOME!!
One notice was pasted to my door without a knock or ring of the doorbell. Twice notices have been left IN my community mailbox!
Today I even watched the mailman fill the community mailboxes and drive away. Low and behold there's a notice IN my mailbox.
No attempt to cross the street and actually deliver my package!!
So frustrating!!!


  • K
      Aug 09, 2018

    Canada Post delivery simply lie about the delivery, they do not buzz main entrance, and on Aug 2/18 I watched from my balcony the truck park in my apt. lot, (I was expecting order) driver sat there for approx. 2 minutes, then simply drove away, one hour later I checked my email and there was that SORRY NOTICE, we missed you, order can be picked up at PO., this has happened many times, then I check with Amazon order page and says items DELIVERED on Aug 8/18 when in fact I had too have a private delivery company pick it up at the post office, cost $41.50
    they continue to lie about delivery, due to illness, and no car at this time I am home, and if I was not, the main door call
    when suite is buzzed calls my cell phone; leaves time & day of call, that is how a person is let in.
    due to this, I will never order from any one that uses Canada Post for delivery...

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  • G
      Sep 22, 2018

    The same thing has happened to me several times; they left the attempted delivery notice while we were home, they did not ring the bell or knocked, just left the notice on the door. This time they even wrote on the notice that the package would be available to pick up Saturday morning at the nearest post office, but sure enough when I went there they said they have no idea why it said Saturday morning pick up on the notice since they never do that on the weekend. What a ridiculous waist of time and what a terrible service. I will have to make sure to never order from any company that uses Canada Post.

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