California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV]bad service by denise in window 16

Y Sep 29, 2019

I went to transfer a car into my name I had completed the pink slip and signed I accidently made an error on the back. The lady denise in window 16 said ill need a bill of sale. So I told her the gentleman told me this is all I need she looked at me with a smurk and said no. I asked my brother to call the guy and ofcourse he didn't get it the lady said ill give it to you. So then I asked why do I need a bill of sale and she said because you made a mistake or do you rather pay the tax on the 500 that you wrote? I said I don't understand and she wouldn't look at me as she was completing the form I said can you help me an answer my questions I waited over 1 hr and she said I dont have to answer more than what you ask. I asked tovsee a manager and she said go to window 4 with your pathetic story with a smerck on her face I told her that was rude and I would never treat someone like that she proceeded to say I don't care go to window 4. She continued to smile and attack me with a low voice and a smerk. Obviously I spoke to the manager which seemed to not care. I told her the employee would need to apologize not here she only cared to explain the documents and not how I was treated. Why do these people continue to get away with treating customers like this? I would like a response to this complaint.

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