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blog2print / poor quality

on Jul 5, 2017

We printed our wordpress blog. The book quality is good, however the photo quality is horrible. If you have multiple photos on a page, blog2print uses the 100pixel wide thumbnails and blows these up to page width. It turns most of your book into a game "guess which photo this was", with...

Clare Michigan / treated very badly

on Jun 24, 2017

Hi my name is Christa Bollinger. and I worked at the Clare And to day I got fired, The manager at this location is unfair . I Worked very hard never missed a day unless I was sick . I would work my whole [censor] with out being able to go to the bathroom. I got very sick with a urinary...

Star Digital Studio / Payment refund problem

on Apr 5, 2017

We are from india and in problem so please take care us We order godox flash on 3rd april 2017 and make payment Order no. an17d03h5406-n8gemf We get mail from your side payment is not successful But payement is dedect from my account to the name of Min/[protected]@t/20 (36692.28 rs.) So please get quick action and revert us Thanks Rakesh sharma [protected]

The Biker Guru / Charity

on Jan 19, 2017

The Biker Guru is Dean Allen Nelson & his pathetic wife Wendy Lee Nelson. They owned United Studios of America which screwed 1000's of customers and employees, vendors, stores, malls and everything in between. Dean is now representing himself as a great biker/santa persona that i...

B-Precious / Crappy photography

on Jan 17, 2017

I went in for what I thought was going to be a cheap cute mini session, the only thing I got was a loss of an hour of my life and crappy photos that I will never use. The photos did not look like anything advertised and I was so dissappointed in the quality. Since it was just a mini...

Demian Barrios Earthworks LLC / Do not hire demian barrios, he is a scammer... Terrible videographer/photographer

on Dec 31, 2016

This guy name Demian is a scam artist. Totally unprofessional, and does not conduct a legit business. He doesn't deliver on what you hire him to do and you wont get your money back or your money's worth. Stay away from Demian Barrios, he is a scammer. I am not convinced the photos and video...

Amy Martira Photography / Problem and trust

on Nov 29, 2016

I work for a 35 year old advertising company and i called amy about some advertising on a westerly area map. I told her all about it and the price and she agreed to the ad. I even sent her a proof of her ad that she okay... She received a invoice in the mail for the amount of her ad that...

Blue Room Limited / Take £500.00 of you for semi-professional pictures.

on Nov 22, 2016

Make you feel welcomed in the beginning but when it comes to the final stage they make you feel very uncomfortable. Firstly they do not give proper pricing for the pictures, pressure you in to buying the pictures on the spot. Sell you products make you sign agreement they do not go through... / Terrible

on Oct 26, 2016

I do not recommend using Retouche service. These people don't know how to deal with their customers, they are terribly rude and ignorant! They took my money before they even did anything and when I received the result I was not satisfied with that. I contacted Retouche and asked them... / Credit card

on Aug 31, 2016

I used Imageshack for a long time now and enjoyed my time on this website. Recently I changed my card and contacted Imageshack customer service and asked them to change my credit card details. Customer service rep told me that he could not do that because there was something wrong with my...

Jessica Souza Photography / Photography

on Aug 23, 2016

This photographer charged me $700 for a session which did not take place. When I asked for a refund pursuant to the cancellation policy in the contract, she refused. I have not received a single penny in refund and she has not taken a single photo for me. She advised me that she wa...

Shail Sharma kangra art Dealer / Shahil sharma a murti chor

on Aug 12, 2016

Shail Sharma grandson of Bali Ram Sharma. There is much news about Bali Ram Sharma who is a Murti Chor. Some of the published news link about Bali Ram Sharma "The art of stealing" "At least four antique dealers in Delhi, spread from Jama Masjid to Jor Bagh, provoke the raised eyebrow in...

CustomCanv / disappointed

on Jul 25, 2016

I was a long time customer of CustomCanv and ordered a lot from them. At the beginning everything was fine, I always received my orders on time, was satisfied with the quality and customer service was always friendly and helpful. Once like always I placed an order but it did not show up. I...

Synthia Herrera Photography / This lady lied to the customers and stole works from other people

on Mar 9, 2016

Be aware of Synthia Herrera Photography. I have found her website and was impressed by her photos. I even wrote her and asked about the services. She said that she was opening new websites and said to look carefully at her works. But after 2 weeks I found out that that this lady took...

Hpro Photos / Contract for Photography Services

on Mar 1, 2016

Hpro PhotosI signed a contract with Hernan Garcia of Hpro Photos for his photography services for my daughter’s Quinceanera, held last February 14th, 2015. Hernan is an Emmy award winning photographer, having worked for Telemundo. It will be 1 year this February, and I have not received the picture...

Wark Photography / They didn't have the permission for the work with drones

on Feb 26, 2016

Be aware of Wark Photography. I contacted the owner and he persuaded me that their company has the permission to use drones. He said a lot, but I went to FAA website and checked that this company didn’t obtain the permission. I contacted the owner back and said that it wasn’t good for the...

Alex Video and Photo Studio / He is unprofessional. The video was terrible

on Jan 26, 2016

We hired Alex Video and Photo Studio to make the video and photos of our wedding. When we received the video, my wife was shocked and cried, because the video was awful and it could be seen that the person, who did it, was amateurish. We called Alex and yelled at him, so he promised to fix...

Rick Hughes Photography / This guy likes to scam and asks for the payment upfront

on Jan 22, 2016

My friend and I hired Rick Hughes Photography for two different events. My friends wanted to arrange event and contacted Rick. He seemed to be professional and smart guy, but after he got money from people, he cancelled the event and disappeared. My situation was similar and he got money...

Candie Martin Photography / This lady has never replied to our requests about the photos

on Jan 22, 2016

We hired Candie Martin Photography for our wedding and she took a lot of photos. But this photographer was rather rude with us and guests. She said that within a month we would get the links and details of the photos. 3 months later we found out that this lady has posted them online, but...

B-Precious Photography / She stole works from other photographers

on Jan 16, 2016

When I searched for the photographer, I opened the website of B-Precious Photography. I really liked the photos and was interested in her job. But couple of days later I found the same works, and they belonged to completely different photographers. It turned out that this lady stole all...

Paul Sonta Spartan Photography / This photographer didn't pay for the photoshoots and didn't show the photos

on Dec 10, 2015

I saw the advertisement of Paul Sonta Spartan Photography. This photographer searched for the models and I sent him my portfolio. So, we agreed that we would work together on one project. We met and did all the photoshoots. After that the photographer said that he would show all the...

Constance Jesse Thurman KWC Photography / They didn't tell about the website and it seemed that we have paid for nothing

on Dec 4, 2015

The company Constance Jesse Thurman KWC Photography was hired to help us with the website. We paid the half of the requested sum in advance. So, it seemed that this company started the job. However, they did nothing within 2 months. But they contacted us in order to get more money. Now...

Biltmore Images / I didn't get my photos and wasn't happy about such services

on Nov 21, 2015

Don’t send money to Biltmore Images. I have worked with this company and it was really bad decision. I didn’t get my photos on time, so I started to call them every day. It was unavailing, because this man tried to find different excuses and told that he had problems with the equipment and he... / They steal personal details and photos

on Nov 21, 2015

I have no idea how, but the website stole my photos and content from my website. I tried to find their contact details, because it wasn’t right that they have stolen from me, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. As well as I searched in the Internet and have found that they...

Two As One Wedding / The photographer lost my video

on Nov 21, 2015

We hired the company Two As One Wedding films. The team came to our wedding and they filmed us. Everything was perfect and the photographer gave me their phone number, so after 2 weeks I called to the photographer. He said that the video hasn’t been ready. They excused and asked to wait 10...

Corey Ann Photography / The quality of the photos was terrible

on Nov 15, 2015

We have done several photo shoots Corey Ann Photography. After the photographer got payment, she told us to wait one week. After 7 days we got the photos, which were terrible. The quality was low and we didn’t like it. We emailed the photographer and complained about the quality. She was too...

JR Photography / She informed me that she couldn't work at my wedding two days before it

on Nov 12, 2015

Don’t hire JR Photography. I found her profile on Facebook and emailed, because I wanted to get prices of her services. The photographer told me that the price was $50 per hour. It was ok. I emailed her 4 days before the wedding and wanted to meet her. She was busy and when we met, I have...

Nyberg Photography / The photographer didn't call us back and didn't show up for our wedding

on Nov 12, 2015

We hired Nyberg Photography for our wedding. We spoke with the photographer, who told us that he has a plan for the photo shoots and he created a theme for our wedding and photos. It was great that the photographer decided everything. But 3 days before the wedding, we contacted this man...

Niki Graves Photography / She disappeared after the wedding.

on Nov 12, 2015

Don’t hire Niki Graves Photography. We hired her for our wedding and everything was ok, but after the wedding this photographer simply disappeared. We called her and sent emails, but this person ignored us. We sent her rude and angry email, and she suddenly responded. She told that her computer...

Michael Burr Photography / This man didn't like my advertisement

on Nov 7, 2015

I have placed the ad on one website with different advertisements. After couple of minutes I got strange response from Michael Burr Photography. He started to tell me that I have placed the ad in wrong way and needed to remove, and he didn’t like that my advertisement was near his. It wa...

Art Light Photography / They ruined our wedding photos

on Nov 1, 2015

We hired the photographer from Art Light Photography for our wedding. We got our photos only 6 months later. We didn’t like the quality and the photos at all. It seemed that the photographer wasn’t professional and all photos were taken by some amateur. We were shocked that we have paid...

Michael Vincent Photography / The company hasn't't returned deposit

on Oct 2, 2015

We hired the company Michael Vincent Photography. We agreed about the services, date and sum. The deposit has been paid on time, but the owner hasn’t provided the photography services. We cancelled the deal and the owner confirmed that the deposit would be returned. But it hasn’t been done. No... / They didn't provide good and lively flowers

on Oct 1, 2015

We have ordered flowers from the company and got the on time. But the roses have small brown spots and didn’t look good at all. We took photos and sent them to the seller, but he responded only 3 days later. And he told me that he got only one photo, but we have sent...

SJK Photography / No services and no communication

on Sep 27, 2015

My girlfriend used the services of the company SJK Photography. It was terrible, because she still hasn’t received what these people promised her. As well as they provided only email address, but it was inconvenient and we weren’t sure that the company has checked the mail box. We don’t know...

Diane Parenteau / The owner didn't listen to the requests from the customers

on Sep 18, 2015

My experience with Diane Parenteau was really awful. I have paid for photos, which I didn’t get. A month later I got a note from the owner that I owed about $20. I paid with the check, so I decided to contact the owner and make a deal. I asked her not to cash the check. But she did it and... / The rep didn't show up

on Sep 3, 2015

I communicated with the rep from within several months. And finally, he told me that he had time for the photo shoots. We agreed about the theme and the place. I have arrived on time and waited for this guy and this crew, but after an hour, I understood that he ha... / The rep made wrong job and was angry at me

on Sep 3, 2015

I contacted the company and asked to add edit my photos. I provided 5 photos and told that I wanted to change them a little bit. The rep understood me in wrong way and after couple of days he returned my photos, but it looked like nothing was done. I told the rep... / All photos disappeared from discs

on Aug 28, 2015

I wasn’t happy with the work, which was done by the company I have sent them slides and asked to change them to jpgs. They provided the result after 4 days and the quality of the photos wasn’t so good. As well as I asked to save all these photos on the discs and sent me... / My photos weren't saved on the website

on Aug 28, 2015

I recently found the website I love to work with photos and different effects, so I started to try all their frames, collages and photo editors. I saved all my photos and thought that all of them would be saved on my account on the website. I was shocked, when I found... / The photographer didn't arrive on the day of the photo shoots

on Aug 7, 2015

Run from the company We saw the photos of the owner of this website. We tried to make the photo shoots with the photographer, but she refused. One day she suddenly contacted us and offered to make the phot shoots. We agreed and waited for her on the day of the...