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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 88 - Order Not Received by "Guaranteed" In Time for Christmas

Order #USA99902934812 was placed before the deadline for guaranteed by Christmas delivery. Shipping label was created on the 20th and the order just sat in your distribution center. As of today, 12/27/2021, my order has still not left!
At a time such as this, there should be better systems put in place. Simply responding with this message on orders that you claim to guarantee delivery by a certain date is not appropriate: (Please note that we can not influence the speed of delivery of the package, but generally the delivery takes from 6-10 working days. If the sending number is still not trackable and there is no movement in the shipment tracking, your shipment has apparently not yet been further processed in the incoming depot of our shipping partner UPS or possibly forwarded to the next depot without a label scan).

Very upset. Not only did my family leave without their gift, now I will need to spend additional money to ship it to them once I do receive my order.

Desired outcome: Full money back - Shipping

Ordered and never recieved so then they said they would.resend but gave me the same numbers as before so I waited and again didn't receive anything. It was a present for my mom who I see once a year and now I have nothing to give her for Christmas. I tried to contact a third time and now they won't even write me back so I have no present for Christmas.

Desired outcome: Free gift sent by Christmas

Sep 23, 2021 - Stretched canvas print made too small (twice), poor customer service.

I see no way to add identifying information so I'll say that I live in Cambridge, Mass. 02139. This company knows who I am. bought 3 stretched canvas prints. Two were okay, one was made too small and when it was put into the $100 frame that I had already bought for it, there were gaps between the edges of the print and the inner edges of the frame. I contacted Canvas Discount, they asked for photos, I sent them, and they said they'd send a replacement. I asked them if they wanted me to return or destroy the defective print and they said NO, so I put it on the curb and someone took it. I also specifically asked them to make sure that the replacement was a bit larger. No response.

The replacement arrived - with the same problem! I contacted the company again, got no response. I then left a negative online review at another site and decided to fix the replacement by gluing black strips of cardboard to the sides of the stretcher to make it fit in the frame as it should and minimize the gaps.

A week later Canvas Discount contacted me with an apology, saying, "mistakes happen, we'd like to make some sort of remuneration", so I asked for a refund just for the canvas print that they screwed up twice - and was told: "We'll give you a refund, but you have to destroy the print and send us a photo of it." I explained to them that I did work on the print to make it fit the frame! I was NOT going to destroy it, especially since I was told by them that I didn't have to return or destroy the FIRST one that they also botched to get the replacement.

Replies from this company have been at times odd, cryptic, conflicting, unhelpful, impersonal, or form letter type responses that did not address specific questions. The quality of the print images themselves is very good! I would have been a repeat customer! The the refund that they promised? Still waiting. For what they put me through with two screwed up prints, my having to work on the replacement, and the aforementioned responses or lack of response, I feel they owe it. THEY botched the two prints, THEY apologized and agreed that there was a problem, THEY agreed to a refund.

Desired outcome: Full refund for the 24"x36" stretched canvas print.

Sep 23, 2021 - Incomplete order received

Order # USA99902707516 I placed an order with this company the end of August and received an email stating it would be delivered in two separate packages. I received one of the packages quickly but never received the second package. I have notified the company by email 5 or 6 times as there as the tracking number they provided stopped providing any tracking information beyond Sep 2nd. The company claims that they processed a refund, but there has been no refund to my account and it has exceed the 3-5 business day waiting period. I have tried reaching them by phone but the line goes dead after 15 - 20 minutes.

Desired outcome: Want refunded the $90.00 for the items not received - 2 canvas photos

I ordered 2 canvas pictures on August 21st. It is currently September 13th and the order status just says "order received". I have contacted customer service twice by email. They responded both times fairly quickly, saying they would check on my order. I have given them ample time to resolve this and nothing has happened. I don't like to complain, but this is not acceptable.

Desired outcome: Pictures delivered or money back. They need to make this right. However they feel this is done, they should do it. Most companies would refund money and deliver pictures at this point.

Aug 27, 2021 - Canvas print

Honestly, I cannot possibly imagine how this company is getting good reviews. I have to think at least some portion are fake and or bought. That or they've just plummeted in quality. Here was our...

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A - Not receiving and order then getting no help to find it

I placed an order on December 7th for a Christmas Present that was guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. By the 18th I started to track it and it showed it was being shipped back to CanvasDiscount...

Read full review - ceramic coffee mug usa99901956882

I ordered a picture coffee mug. Today I received it and it belongs to someone else. It isn't the mug I purchased. The product is also broken. It want only wrapped in paper with nothing to protect it. How can I get my picture mug and what should I do with the broken one that is not mine. This is a Christmas gift and I need it before then. - Ruined order

I ordered a print canvas for a specific event. I received the canvas with half of the head missing on one person. I have tried contacting them to return the canvas and reorder a different picture, but I keep getting a Bot which can't help me at all. I'm frustrated because it's been weeks and weeks and I still can't get this resolved. I have called the number given with their address but no one answers and then they finally hang up on me. I have even requested a refund but I got an e-mail saying to destroy the canvas, send them a picture of the ruined canvas in an e-mail and maybe they can help me with my refund. But they don't give me the alternative of where to send it. They have had my payment in full since the beginning and I feel they are waiting long enough until the last message will be that they can't refund my money because it has been too long. I thought was a legit company, now I say they just scammed me. - Picture pillow

I ordered a pillow with one of my pictures printed on the cover. I received a regular small pillow with a zippered pillow case with my picture on it. The zipper will not unzip to put the pillow...

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Aug 24, 2020 - Face mask

I have at least 2 dozen emails to and from customer service demanding a refund for masks that were 1) shoddily made ( they look like a 3-year old made the cuts and when they are put on they look like clown faces) and 2) several weeks late. Every time I contact them they say I will get a refund once I send pix of the defective masks and pix showing that I have made a cut in them to render them unusable. I have complied over a dozen times and each time their response is that they received an empty email and to do it again.

I have never dealt with a less responsive company.

Feb 12, 2021

I received a DARK picture of my late Father. I have emailed them over and over again asking for a replacement. The size I ordered was never listed again when they asked me to pick the same size for the replacement. I even picked a smaller replacement picture for them to process and instead of doing it, they said you picked the WRONG SIZE knowing the RIGHT SIZE wasn't listed on the website! I have ordered several canvas pictures here. To cut up the DARK picture for a refund and send a picture...after 30 emails back a day forth, they never wanted to help in the first place. And try to call the customer service number, a JOKE! Can't even get through. SAVE YOUR MONEY! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO SUPPORT. ONE WITH INTEGRITY AND A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER YOU CAN ACTUALLY CALL. I KNOW FOR SURE A NARCISSISTIC PERSON RUNS THIS BUSINESS.

Jun 23, 2020 - Not What We Ordered

We sent in two jpg's of two very old photos of very good friends as a wedding gift. Print sizes were 16 x 20. We clearly spelled out that we wanted borderless prints and clearly spelled out that we wanted a decorative border on one of the pictures eliminated. What we got back was two prints with pictures approx. 7.5" by 9" and they even were not centered!
Now to make matters worse, this delay in getting these redone has cost us time in getting their wedding presents to them. This has been a total waste of time and money!
They did respond to our first complaint with essentially "gobblegook" about how it was our fault. BS! - 11 prints ordered and not received

I would leave 0 stars but I not think it is possible. I placed an order of 11 prints with them. Approximately 3 weeks later I received their box. Which contained someone else's pictures and no...

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May 18, 2020 - Fort Garland

I finally got my six pitures today, they were awful. No wrap around on any of them and they were off center. they were set in the middle of the canvan, all off center. It was a mess. My grandfather was so unhappy and sad. I want new prints made at no cost to me. send me a email, I have orded from this company before and they were beautiful, what happened this thim.

Feb 14, 2020 - Print tiles order

If I could give 0 stars I would. I recently placed an order, I was told it would take 4-6 business days for delivery. It has been three weeks and still nothing. I have dealt with customer service...

Read full review - Never received 2 of the 4 canvases I ordered...

I ordered and paid for 4 canvases a month ago and have only received 2 of the canvases. Impossible to get in touch with. The telephone goes straight to a recording for 11 minutes of music and then...

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Jan 07, 2020 - Never received product. Scam!

This company is awful. DO NOT ORDER. Total scam. I placed an order two months ago. They sent me one email with a fake tracking number. Now they won't reply. I wish I had done some research, now I...

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Jan 02, 2020 - Item not what I ordered

Canvas Print, Customs Code [protected], Quantity 1, Country of Origin Germany, Unit Value 8.71 USD, Canvas Print, Customer Code [protected], Quantity 1, Country of Origin Germany, Unit Value 8.71 USD, Total 17.41 USD.
Date 12/14/1019 Invoice #USI99901141204
Terms of Delivery DAP
EORI DE865316153078713
Philipp Muhlbauer signed paperwork
My Informatio: Regina Ross
722 E Prairie St
Pontiac, IL 61764
The canvases I ordered have the text written in the wrong spot. Suppose to be in upper left corner of canvas. I want a refund I can't give these to my daughter like this. Thank You - “blanket”

I finally got the product in the mail, over 8 weeks after ordering. It is the wrong size, is cut crooked and has the edge stitching already loose and literally dissolving. What is supposed to be a comfortable fleece is actually a hard, stiff felt. The picture isn't bad but obviously distorted. Calls and emails to the company have gone unanswered. Disgusted with this product - VERY different than what is promised on their website.

Many reviews here say they are resolved. If you read that, the "resolution" states the company couldn't get hold of the customer and that the review should be annulled. Good way to try to keep ratings high.

It's a scam. Buyer beware!

Dec 30, 2019 - Wall photos

On Dec. 14, 2019 I ordered a set of 6 wall photos which were to be delivered before Christmas. The amount of $39.90 was charged to my paypal account. The order # is USA99901385192. I received an email saying "the order is ready to be shipped", and then another email saying there was a production delay and to please be patient. I have heard nothing else regarding the matter. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the company by phone (where I got only offers for "free" products) and email.

Judith Amash

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