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Shutterfly Complaints & Reviews

Shutterfly / no respect for privacy

lorelle sedgman on Sep 18, 2017
Be careful uploading your personal pictures to Shutterfly.com. They don't guarantee any safety at all and your pictures may be stolen even after you deleted them. Yes, not everything is so easy. All the photos are saved on their servers and physically you have nothing to do with fully...

Shutterfly / picture order

Chris Lee Sutera on Sep 15, 2017
I ordered almost 300 4x6 pictures and 80% of my pictures are cut off. When downloading from my phone the pictures were clear and full sized. On the screen when I clicked the picture everything was shown nothing was cut off. I downloaded all the pictures from my phone. I have no idea why...

Shutterfly / poor customer service

Backlash365 on May 19, 2017
I placed an order with ShufferFly and when I received my shipping confirmation, I noticed they had the wrong address. I called ShufferFly to verify my address and they indeed had my current address, but inadvertently sent my merchandise to another address. I asked the customer service rep...

Shutterfly - Don't use!! / Lack of guaranteed delivery! Photobook

Angela Fox on Jan 9, 2017
I spent 8 hours putting together a photo book for my parent’s 50th anniversary. I had gathered 50 years of photos and created a 50 page book. I then paid extra for guarenteed shipping. It was guaranteed to deliver today (1/9/2017). No book!!! I had even used the chat the day before because...

Shutterfly / Shutterfly gift card

Moni on Nov 21, 2016
I received Shutterfly gift card with $20. I wanted to order something from Shutterfly using this card, but something went wrong and their site gave me an error page. I contacted customer service and they said that I need to try again. I tried again and nothing happened. The worst part wa...

Shutterfly / Never again!

JennyGray on Jul 20, 2016
I have ordered a photo book from www.shutterfly.com as a gift for my parents for their 30 year anniversary. I have uploaded many pictures, most of them were HD quality photos. When I received the book I was shocked how terrible pictures looked like! Quality of the printing was terrible...

Shutterfly / Personalized phone case

NJM12 on Jun 2, 2016
Shutterfly customer service only wants to refund you by giving you credit so you have to buy more subpar products that they do not stand behind. Here is what they told me about a defective product I received. "Another order may happen again and we won't be able to reorder it each time it'...

Shutterfly / Unreliable company

Ken on May 13, 2016
I was supposed to get my order in 10 business days and nothing arrived! Their delivery service is extremely slow and it takes a lot longer than I expected. Item that I've ordered was supposed to be a birthday present for my dear friend and his birthday already cam and went and still no...

Shutterfly, Inc. / Terrible!!

Donna on Dec 11, 2015
I had ordered a photo book for my mother's 70th birthday. I ordered well in advance and paid extra for shipping so it would arrive on time. The site stated the delivery date was "guaranteed". But it did not even arrive by that date.So I called their customer service and they told me there...

Shutterfly / Corruption & Misconduct

Augusta NAACP Chapter on Mar 5, 2012
"the truth about butler creek trailer park Housing corruption exposed by public records & former employees & residents" Don't miss news article By reporter: latina emerson /staff writer wednesday, nov. 30, 2010 Protecting your community: exposing butler creek...

Shutterfly / Lack of performance

sendinghome on Sep 21, 2011
Someone has turned this company over to the computers and off shore accounts. Placed an order on 6 Spetember and promised by 9 15 at latest. Could not get any response until "ten business days after shipped". Then we find from USPS that the shipping number we were given was invalid - it...

Shutterfly / not 100% guarantee

mkatz on May 22, 2011
I ordered photocards and photos which I received. However they were off color and I had them made at another place where the same photo came out perfectly. I asked about their 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and was told I could pay to have them returned for credit. Otherwise I could...

Shutterfly Calender / sent my family calender to stranger

Shutterfly hater on Jan 15, 2011
I ordered a calender with my family photos on it and pictures of my husband in his military uniform. My package arrived from shutterfly and instead of it containing my calender, it had a strangers family photos in it!! They had mixed up my order with someone elses!!! When i called them about...

Shutterfly / Reservation rewards charges

Shutterfly gave out my credit card number to a company called Reservation Rewards. they charged me $12 a month for 23 months until I realized it. I called them and they said I authorized it, which I would never do. Shutterfly is shady. DO NOT USE!

Shutterfly / Unauthorized Charge

My credit card was charged for shipping of an additional book that wasn't authorized. It started off the during checkout, I accidentally chose state code FM instead of FL (for Florida obviously). I figured this out not even 12 hours later, went in my account an updated. I spoke with a...

shutterfly.com / Did NoT Recive My Package

I ordered an 8x8 photo book for my parents for grandparents day filled with their grandchildren pictures. I ordered it late so it was to be a belated Grandparent's day gift sent to their home through Shutterfly.com, anyway I received my email confirmation that the Bright Orange...

Shutterfly / unauthorized debit info to another company and unauthorized $ withdrawal

I purchased Christmas pics from Shutterfly in December and unknowingly and without authorization my bank info was given to Shoppers discount and Rewards and they charged $25.00 to my bank account. At first I thought I had made the error and canceled the enrollment but I read an article in...

shutterfly.com / poor customer service

This company does not stand by their full customer satisfction guarantee at all so beware before you order. They will allow you to return a photo album that is very poorly made with really bad quality pictures but you still have to pay $10 to $15 to ship the album back to them. So what...

Shutterfly / Gave out my CC Information

Shutterfly gave my CC information to "Reservation Rewards" who charged me $12 for 6 months, which I never authorized. When I called Shutterfly about it they immediately gave me all my money back, practically begging for me not to give them a hard time. They were clearly in the wrong and it...

Shutterfly / Unauthorized charges

I ordered from Shutterfly.com one time in November of 2008. I noticed charges on my credit card that I didn't authorize and when I contacted the number next to the charge they told me that it was generated from Shutterfly. Shutterfly wasn't charging it. Shutterfly had given my cc...

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