Complaints & Reviews

Don't use Nations Photo Lab!

I made an order three weeks ago and Nations Photo Lab said that I'll get my order within 5 business days. Three weeks already passed and I'm still waiting for my order. I...

Late delivery

I sent them some photos and paid some extra money for 2 day shipping. I wanted to make a gift album for my 80 year old grandmother. I needed the photos on a certain date and they...

Nationsphotolab.comMy 6 x 4 pictures came out cropped as if they were in the 4 x 6 format

Shame on them. My 6 x 4 pictures came out cropped as if they were in the 4 x 6 format. I never knew i had to rotate then into the 4x6. I had to rotate them in my computer's folder. Because in the new ROES application you won't see how you can rotate them. I had to re-order all those prints. And the picture size 16 x 20 was rather in the 20 x 16, i had to re-order and rotate the pictures before placing the order. They don't have the 6x4 size format, ( landscape), they only have the 4x6 ( portrait). So if you order 6x4, you better rotate them. If they saw how the pictures were being printed they didn't care rotate them. Shame on them. The new ROES lay out is very, very confusing.

Nationsphotolab.comThis place is unethical and needs to be shutdown

This place is a horrible company. I would never ever use them. The print quality is so bad, yes they use Kodak. What they do not do is work to keep your work in good condition even before it is shipped it will be damaged. They will always re-print your order and mail it right back to you, it will be just as bad the second time. A friend of a friend knew a pro who went to the location; spoke of a toxic nightmare. Very dangerous lab with jerry-rigged systems. Very unprofessionally ran and no care for actual photography and art. This place is unethical and needs to be shutdown. DO NOT support this lab.