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unethical behaviour

Photobucket are hiding/stealing my 12 years of photos. They pretend that the sites having trouble and have...

uploading images

Dear Sir,

For several days I try to post my images stored in Photobucket to other web site ( From unknown reason I get a message "It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image" although I resized my images so they fit the web site requirements.

Until now I posted thousands of images from Photobucket to without any problems. This problem is new and appeared 4 days ago.

Best Regards
Account: Eli10149


I've had a photobucket since 2003 and now they say I reached my max space for my account and in order to get...

plus 50 account

I am a long long time customer with a monthly subscription plan who's account is suddenly restricted because it told me i needed to upgrade. i figured maybe plans changed, no biggie ill select appropriate one then continue on my my mission. Today is my best friend's wake and before i go to give the eulogy, i wished to print a few more pictures to take with me. Unfortuanely the plan i had before that is largest enough to grant me access has become annual and i dont have the full amount to pay that right now. So here i am unable to access my dead best friends pictures and videos on the day of her wake because you decided to change your policy and plans without giving e the opportunity to raise the money or remove my pictures. Im devastated for so many reasons. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And of course your voicemail is full and I cant speak to anyone who could maybe grant me even one day of access.

photobucket hosting service

I have been using #photobucket for many years to host images for our website. A few years back, we needed...


ruining countless helpful forum post

Considering the countless number of fantastic forum help topics that have been ruined by photobucket I will never, never become a user. Please, make adjustment to restore your blocked 3d party hosted photos to forums. I am so disappointed that photobucket was so inconsiderate, so unaware so evidently uncaring to their customers and to the public they affected. I recently started using a similar service and as I said, will never use photobucket.

Done with them

Extremely disappointed.
I can't access my pictures. They changed the policies and now you have to pay the full amount of money for using their service the whole year. I used to pay partially and it was convenient. But now thy demand me to pay $450 and I don't have it. What am I to do? Work harder to earn the money and pay you the whole amount at once? Of course, your stupid service is worth it. That was sarcasm, if you didn't understand.
I'm done with them. The only problem is how to delete all of the photos...

photobucket is the worst..$400/yr now.. hahahaha.. site has always sucked!

Businesses have the right to make changes at anytime. But how unprofessional, and plain wrong, to not give advanced notice about such a drastic change. Many now have hundreds/thousands of photos not showing up on the site(s) they've linked them to. Knowing this involves peoples means of income, it should be criminal to make such a greedy, inconsiderate! What idiot is paying $400 a year for 3rd party hosting . There are other free sites with 3rd party hosting, and I will now be using one of them..actually I already started to over a year ago. I've hated Photobucket for years now, with their horrible ads blocking more than half the screen at all times, and their site simply not working properly all of the time. Finally, I can be done with this pathetic website. Thank you for the ridiculous "upgrade", because now I can be done with you forever!!!

  • Xa
    Xathira Stormshredder Jul 14, 2017

    I had no idea this was going to happen - and was heartbroken when I realized I can't even view my images to save them again and move them to a different site! They're essentially holding my images hostage until I decide to pay them. Which will be never. As frustrating as it is, I would rather go through the trouble of abandoning years of images in favor of making and uploading new ones that giving a CENT to Photobucket.

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forced upgrade

My wife ran into this issue a few weeks ago and I assumed it was just something fishy with a scammer and we moved her to another site. Now I come to find out this is you suddenly wanting money for a service you've offered for free for years. Considering I have used 5% storage over the years I couldn't understand why suddenly I was being told to pay. Now I find out you're just greedy.

Effective tomorrow I'll be moving all my images and pictures away from Photobucket and deleting everything on the site. I have no desire to deal with shady and greedy people who have now decided to charge for a service that you have offered for free for years. This is a very sad goodbye, but a goodbye none the less.

photo sharing services

Thank you very much for eliminating all the photos I had posted on the Internet forums over the years. I used...

forced upgrade

No notice given of this extortionate forced upgrade.
Millions upon millions of images now hidden across the web and held to a $400 a year ransom. This is bordering on criminal. I hope some of the big players step in and sort you out you. Greedy, scheming and down right despicable actions resulting in millions of hours of wasted time by blog writers, forum members and anyone else that was naive enough to trust photobucket.

free service, 3rd party hosting

Not cool, pb. I should be able to retrieve my photos, but I can't even click on them to take a screen shot...

the new update

I am complaining because of the sites new update. It was perfect before, no lag, fast and professional. Now, I can't even see because the adverts are in the way and some of the adverts are covering buttons. And i'm unable to upload to my bucket. The site is completely un-useable, tacky and slow. Is there a way to convert back to the old version? Someone needs to realise how bad the new update is and get it sorted out because its completely unacceptable.

they don't give refunds

Do not deal with Photobucket! They don't give refunds and customer service is very poor and unhelpful. I used Photobucket in the past just as a place where I posted my pictures and it was nice. Once I've decided to try their photo printing service and ordered a simple canvas as a gift.
Quality was very poor and printing was blurry even though the original picture was made by a professional photographer!
When I asked for a refund they refused and said that they don't do refunds.

scam has mass complaints and are the biggest scam company around. They spam constantly, they take...

they refused to tell me about the order

Awful website. I have ordered some prints from the website I didn’t get them on time, but I was shocked that the seller reacted like this. I emailed the seller couple of times, but each time they provided the same response that it wasn’t their problem. How is it possible? I was so shocked and tried to get this information, but they stopped to reply. The company is the worst, unprofessional and it was real disaster to deal with them.

they mangled the service by taking away the fotoflex editor and forcing pixlr on all the unsuspecting and loyal users

I used Photobucket for years until they mangled the service by taking away the Fotoflex editor and forcing Pixlr on all the unsuspecting and loyal users without so much as a warning before they did it. Then when customer uproar became too loud they deleted all the user help forums, added Pixlr tutorials to replace the outrage, and locked them so no further comments of questions could be posted by anyone except a Pixlrbucket employee. I canceled my paid account. (I no longer am getting what I paid for) and am still waiting on a "Why they did this without asking customers" reply going on months now. I no longer feel safe and secure on their site and I refuse to use it because at any time they can change a major part of their service with no warning and no apology and not a care for what you think, weather you pay or not.

  • Ra
    Ravan Oliver Apr 26, 2016

    I totally agree with you. Photobucket went down the toilet when they got rid of fotoflex. I'm locked in though in using Photobucket, because I need to clear out my space on my phone (since it has barely any space on it) and my laptop, because I have anxiety over drive space, because someone stole my flash drive, which was gigantic because it was a terabyte or more. The editors they keep on going over to aren't as good as fotoflex, and all photobucket is good for is for me to clear out space so there isn't a dead weight/shortage of bytes on my phone/laptop. The editors they have don't even have the simple things that MS Paint and the photo editor that's already on computer programs. Pixlr was also like a faux Photoshop, and was so hard to use. Their editors they have have "effects" which are just "basic filters, with no aesthetic" for people who take pictures. I used to take pictures, but not any more (anxiety). Fotoflex has it's own website and could be used, but it's so hard to navigate in because sometimes the picture doesn't always save, and you have to go through an agonizing wait time and process to even get the picture you want to edit on the website and to download the edited picture. And somrtimes has bugs, like it quits if you have the editor open for too long. This situation just sucks all the way around, and I can't even complain to photobucket that their website is "basic!"

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deceptive practices!

I recently opened a Photobucket account. I had no idea that I had to watch my back so carefully with...