Internet Providers Complaints


Optimum — Bill pay at site

Who's bright idea was this - Came to the Bethpage cablevision site to pay my bill. Now they have a new gimmick. The greeter at the door will take your name and telll you you have...

Internet Providers  · Feb 22, 2020

Optimum — Promotion/Customer Service

Date of Incident: 2/20/2020 (ongoing since Nov 2019) Account #: [protected] I ordered service for Cable/Internet last year (2019) in August with a promise of receiving a...

Internet Providers  · Feb 21, 2020

Optimum — termination of service without authorization

I have an existing account, my in-laws moved in and transferred their service to my address. Optimum automatically cancelled my service because it saw 2 services at one address. I...

Internet Providers  · Feb 20, 2020

Optimum — telephone service

They are the WORST!!! They do not honor their contracts and there is no one to talk to. When you ask for a supervisor, they just put you on hold and leave you there!!! The worst...

Internet Providers  · Feb 14, 2020

Frontier Communications Corporation — wifi and no landline

627204 I called to have our wi/fi internet looked at it was not working. I made an appointment for them to show up on Thursday the 13th. the tech came on Tuesday the 11th and said the...

Internet Providers  · Feb 13, 2020

Strong Current Enterprises — tv buddy caster

I bought on 28.12.19, 4 x TV Buddy Casters and they do not work. I paid US$161.80 with PayPal and I would like to return them and get a refund. The Order # is rx142180782de. It...

Internet Providers  · Feb 10, 2020

Shaw Communications — internet 300

Afternoon, I was recommended to escalate my complaint to this email address. Account Number: [protected] Address: 0730 70 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB I spent the afternoon talking...

Internet Providers  · Feb 10, 2020

Optimum — by altice

The customer service representative claims that we have to wait for 20 days for our money order to process and put our cable back on. We paid the service man who installed our new...

Internet Providers  · Feb 10, 2020

Comcast / Xfinity — moved, tried to change my service, getting sales pitches, inflated prices, lied to, and hung up on, just want to go back to internet service only

mid December, I called Comcast to move my service, I bought a house and moved Jan 1, 2020. Jan 15, called Comcast because internet really slow, and no TV service, they had no...

1 comments Internet Providers  · Feb 10, 2020

Allied Universal / — monet, employee of allied

You guys have a female employee that takes her job way past her limits and you guys need to do something about it. The other day she actually stuck her finger in my husbands face...

Internet Providers  · Feb 09, 2020

Yahoo — rejecting my emails being sent to yahoo addresses

In the past five weeks I have registered a problem with yahoo postmaster. Yahoo is rejecting emails sent from my ip address to yahoo addresses due to 'user complaints'...

Internet Providers  · Feb 09, 2020

Optimum — no tv, service alert, something is wrong

I have no service on 2 of my tvs It shows the above alert I called three different numbers to speak to someone [protected], [protected], [protected] and the number to speak...

Internet Providers  · Feb 05, 2020

Optimum — phone call

I called last night to speak to someone to help me get my phone calls transferred from my home phone to my cell phone [protected] but your operator hung up on me after speaking...

Internet Providers  · Feb 04, 2020

Ooredoo — customer service staff-marina mall

i went there to settle my bills..and changed my postpaid line to prepaid, maybe there is mis understanding between me and the staff, she closed the line so i insisted i want to...

Internet Providers  · Jan 28, 2020

Hughes Network Systems — internet service

The salesperson sold this company miles above what they are. He needs an Emmy. He told me this service was 20x faster than the service that I was using and that service provider...

Internet Providers  · Jan 20, 2020

Cox Communications — internet

I received a New Customer promotion for Cox internet by mail with my name and address on it. I called the number on the promotional letter [protected] and asked about the...

Internet Providers  · Jan 19, 2020

Mobilink — internet service

i subscribed 159 for weekly internet they provide 7 GB DATA AND ACQUIRE MONEY but internet service is very bogus video streaming is held privacy on this mobilink service of...

Internet Providers  · Jan 18, 2020

Optimum — billing and customes support staff

Was supposed to have Optimum installed 3 separate times. The first 2 times my phone number was never ported although requested by me. The third time the installers informed me it...

Internet Providers  · Jan 16, 2020

AOL — aol email service

I've been with AOL for well over 15yrs. I was happy with the service, no issues. Over the last year, not only has the service gotten very slow, but everytime someone sent me an...

Internet Providers  · Jan 16, 2020

Optimum — charged a fee for making a double payment

I had automatic payment set up. I transferred the amount of my bill to one account and did a manual payment the night before the bill was due. The next day I was charged again... — zopiclone

As per usual. Place my order.. Pay thru etransfer.. This last time accidentally sent etransfer with wrong order number.. So I requested the transfer be returned and then i'd...

Internet Providers  · Jan 15, 2020

Vyve Broadband — internet

The internet was down almost every day. I have only had it for 2 months and every time that I have to get a tech out here, it takes a full week. I wanted to cancel since it isn't...

Internet Providers  · Jan 13, 2020

Globe Telecom — slow throttled internet

The Plan I originally signed up with ( which I have never been advised has changed) was for internet (999 php i believe) to a certain GB amount, then an " insurance policy" that...

Internet Providers  · Jan 13, 2020 — bing extension pop-up ad

1. Your pop-up, in the top right of screen, blocks the row of news items that I am trying to see. 2. When I close your pop-up, it returns after I click each new news item to open...

Internet Providers  · Jan 12, 2020 — services not operational however one calendar month cancellation still required

We have not been using the ADSL service from MWEB since late December 2019. Numerous calls were made to MWEB as well as Telkom however no one knows what the problem is. The...

Internet Providers  · Jan 09, 2020