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Wendy's / employee not being treated right

Smh100 on Jun 7, 2016

I just started working at Wendy's and at first everything was ok I was working for another store until the new one that I applied for opened up I was getting hours at the old store but as soon as the new store opened I realized how rude the store manager is and how bad she treats her...

Costco - New Orleans / disrespectful treatment

Jewlie Jules on Sep 27, 2016

I had completed my shopping, and was rolling my very full cart towards the exit. Granted, it was 8:25pm and the store was closing at 8:30pm, so I realize the employees were ready to head for home. HOWEVER, I had just spent well over $300 in your store, and found the need to conduct some...

Lauren Dormer - Impact Marketing / Behavior

James-Smith on Sep 29, 2016

Lauren Dormer who works at Impact Marketing which is a newspaper telemarketing. I had a bad experience speaking to Lauren over the phone. She does not know how to speak to her customers. Her attitude and behavior was so rude and no manners at all. I really don't know why such people are...

Fidelity Investments / employee katelyn hughes

Rent198Alsace on Nov 11, 2016

Fidelity InvestmentsHello, your employee, Katelyn Hughes, inquired about an apartment I have for rent. She mentioned no prior rental references but she can use Fidelity, her employer as a reference. I had responded we require rental references and good luck in her search. Katelynns response was that I had...

Kmart / employee-dale, highway 19 new port richey, fl

Averie on Nov 25, 2016

My family and I were checked out after spending nearly $800 on 4 separate transactions. My Dad used his credit card and realized he had 32, 000 points on his slip. I said i would ask this woman, Dale was her name, how to redeem them. She said go to customer service and they can help you. I...

Planet Fitness / treatment of customer

Philg13 on Dec 17, 2016

I have been a long time customer of planet fitness over 8 years and have never had an issue. However the other day I walk in like normal and have a water jug with me. The employee stops me in front of other customers and said I cannot enter with my water jug and have to leave it at the... / very unprofessional security team and management

Bethilda1 on Dec 29, 2016

I want to register a very big complaint against the American Fork, Utah Target store. I was doing some shopping on December 13 and my purse was stolen out of the front of the cart (a fairly deep space that wouldn't allow it to accidentally fall out of the cart) where it was sitting. Thi...

Michaels / employees

Chowchow Greenidge on Dec 31, 2016

I started at Michaels in October 2015, I was hired fot the framing department assigned to trsin me wad Christina Harmonosky. She refused to train me on any techniques of the framing department. The only conversation was on her tenet and how they owed her money. She showed me pictures of an...

Costa Coffee / employee behavior

Sam987654 on Jan 20, 2017

Hello, I am customer for costa coffee in Bahrain, Manama, Juffair branch. Today at 6:30am here I found one employee Bahraini national dealing with me and I coustomer for this branch in bad way because in that moment I didn't buy anything from costa and for that I decided to go and buy my...

Coles Supermarkets / customer service

Tahlia Wersching on Mar 15, 2017

I asked a lovely lady in the deli if someone could assist with with the bread. As she was busy with other customers she called out to 'tony' the so called manager in the deli to assist me. Tony then made no acknowledgement of myself standing there and in a 'couldn't be bothered' tone said...

Shell / store manager

Kristin-2011 on May 10, 2017

I was approached by the manager before I even got out of my truck this morning, before entering the store. He explained to me in a rude tone that if I "kepted talking bad" about one of his workers who isn't on the pedophile list BUT was convicted and went through the court system because...

Shoppers Drug Mart / security guard

AnnaKazak on May 14, 2017

On Wednesday, May 10 my daughter and her friend went to Shoppers in Lawson Heights, Saskatoon to find eyebrow pencil. They tried different cosmetic products. Security guard came to girls and asked if they have money to buy or just trying. Girls said they're browsing. Then security told...

Petco / cashier used my personal information to find me

Jdp1 on May 21, 2017

stopped by petco on 5/20/17 gave my number to the cashier for rewards program. hours later, after 11pm, I received a follow from a strange girl with zero mutuals. recognized her name because it was on my receipt - xaiviea lutes. unprofessional, inappropriate, and uncomfortable. needs to be removed or at least kept away from our personal information

Home Depot / security at home depot lost my property

Paul Jimenez on May 24, 2017

Our lost Kitten was found by the security Gaurd working at the Home Depot at the Chula Vista .ca. location and then taken to her home where she claims lost it that evening. We were called by home depot informing us to pick up the kitten then When we went for the kitten the kitten we were...

Coles Supermarket Nowra / customer service

Bshajhsekakhbd on Jun 6, 2017

I done my grocery shopping at Coles Nowra on Tuesday the 6th on June at approx 4pm I went through the checkout and was rudely served by a lady named Stephanie. She didn't greet me at all, she just scanned my groceries and put them in the bags very roughly. My daughter was trying to help...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / employees not letting anyone use their restrooms

jasonfesler2316 on Jun 13, 2017

Every time I go to use the bathroom they tell me I have to be a paying customer to use there restroom and that's very uncalled for because there are homeless people out here that need to use the restroom and we are being told we have to buy something to use the restroom and the date today...

LCBO / customer service

Jagjot Bhullar on Jul 21, 2017

LCBOHi I would like to inform you that I went to your one store Mavis and Steels location. I went their with my husband and my father in law we brought 2 bottles of crown royal and she said their I'm not going to serve you as you have to show your I'd and I said that I'm not buying the bottles my...

Evolution Public Relations / unethical behaviour

anonymous8612 on Jul 25, 2017

This company takes advantage of their employees by not following through on payments and indulges in shady business practices They do not compensate employees for hours worked and often delay pay by lying about having an accounting department in order to delay pay Buyer and employee beware to...

Subway / employee

Paige51795 on Jul 26, 2017

The employee at the subway in the menomonie WI walmart has continually been extremely rude to any customer that comes in. Did not see a name tag but she is a brunette and wears glasses. Even if she is not enjoying her job she should not take it out on the customers. I have been here often...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / food

Christina111 on Jul 26, 2017

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsThis is the 3rd time I have been to this restaurant. I have given them many chances and what blows my mind is the manager of this store gives me this food all three times! The picture speak for its self I am sure this is beyond terrible. All three times I have spent over 20 dollars on my...