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AMF Bowling Centers reviews & complaints

AMF Bowling Centers complaints 5

Jul 11, 2019

AMF Bowling Centers - gift cards that expire

It is a disgrace that you take money for gift cards and they expire . We tried to use one last night that had been purchased for us in 2017 for Christmas as a family present and told it had expired. We have twin 5 year old girls and live out on a property so we had planned to come and use it last Christmas 2018 but unfortunately a family member passed away and we had to travel overseas and this was our earliest opportunity to use the gift card. We will be writing too and taking all avenues to get this matter addressed and made right thank you

May 24, 2019

AMF Bowling Centers - food/beverage department.

Yesterday Friday 24th May 2019, myself and my family attended Rooty Hill AMF bowling, ordered our food when starting the game, once the food had arrived, there was hair underneath the cheese on my partners hotdog which he had taken a bite of before it was seen, once he returned the hotdog the young lady behind the counter apologised stating "she didn't know how this happened".

None of the employees behind the food/beverage bar had hair nets on, nor did they have hats on, out of the 4 young lady's that I seen only 1 of them had her hair up in a bun, all the others had there hair in a pony tail, one young lady had hair all the way down to her bottom, it rises health concerns. And frankly it's disgusting, if my children were eating that they wouldn't of acknowledged the hair as they aren't as observant of the food that they are eating.

I'd hope that in the future you will make changes to the uniform that your employees are wearin especially in the food handling department.

AMF Bowling Centers - anb credit card

Dear Sir/ I have been trying for a week now to pay my due for my credit card however it won't allow me to pay. I can do other transaction but payment is very hard. I am actually on my holiday but I am usiing the same number in Saudi Arabia. I can receive the pin code but whenever I am trying to pay my credit card, it will close immediately.
Please help me. Thanks/

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

AMF Bowling Centers - people very unfriendly

My family and I enjoy bowling at the center, but some of the employees there need to be re-trained in customer service. Depending on who is at the front desk, next time we will not come in. Manager...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

AMF Bowling Centers - a guy who lives @ motel 6 for free

last year i was walking by a motel 6 in rochester, yny 7 a guy who says he works there, , started calling me BOY & A CRACKHEAD..i've seen this guy before..hes a homel;ess person who for the last 4 months has been living @ this motel 6 for free..the cost to stay there is $43.99 a day..if person who says he works for you, , goes into your dumpster everyday, , has a bad attitude, , he wouldnt work for do i know he's homeless? i've been living in the town for over 35 yrs..he was staying under a bridge(highway)..i walk by there everyday, , rain or need to have this guy, which i know his 1st name is, , richard, , to leave the property..i called the police on him @ this motel 6 for the last 3 months..enough is i said, , HES STAYING THERE FOR F-R-E-E-...which one..address 155 buell rd rochester ny can contact me & leave a voicemail 25/7/365 thank you ps...i didnt know you let people stay for free who have no place to live..better get your act together..word gets around, you'll have more problems than you think..especially if he puts his hands on me while i'm passing by near the motel 6

your a jerk.. why don't u try to help rather than ###

What an idiot ^^^ above poster! First of all, if the guy is living at the Motel 6, whether for free or not ... HE IS NOT HOMELESS YOU IDIOT! Second ... you really need to go back to school because your publicly funded middle class upbringing did nothing except turn out an illiterate and non-compassionate fool.

And what a crappy town that would not only have residents such as yourself but the town also who would KNOW THAT SOMEONE WAS LIVING OUT IN THE COLD UNDER AN OVERPASS and not do a thing to help! Sounds like a non-Christian town to me as well yourself being an atheist! A Christian would NEVER EVER condone acting this way towards someone less fortunate - no matter how they came to be that way! Thumbs up for the Motel 6 owner/manager!

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