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Kuehne + Nagel reviews & complaints

Kuehne + Nagel complaints 25

Kuehne + Nagel - Upper Management at Ellenwood location

Nov. 11, 21. Upon entering our break room I noticed my food for the evening was gone. I asked security to check and see who took my food thinking an employee had taken it. I observed on security surveillance Marcus Myers taking my food from under my food purse and threw my food in the trash outside the door. I later asked Marcus my food and he said he had the right to throw anything away that is left on the counter and that it is stated in the handbook. He gave no resolution for my lunch ($20.00) steak hibachi being trashed . I had no fuel to work on for 4 more hours. I went to my supervisor Kris, and asked for an incident report to file and Marcus told me I didn't need one and to GO ! I left as I was told and still got a incident report anyway . He also fired the security guard who was only trying to help me. There are a lot of complaints regarding this manager for being petty and unprofessional. His leadership is questionable and his behavior is HARASSING! I am a permanent K & N employee, 1 year in. My work speaks for me. Times are too uncertain to pick with people. I need my job and Marcus makes a hostile work environment.
Ericka Norris

Desired outcome: I want to be compensated for my $20 lunch he threw away and fir Marcus to receive training regarding his interaction with employees.

Kuehne + Nagel - False information and no information for shipments

7th Sept 2021 - Copy of email sent to Gemma Webster today.

Dear Gemma (Gemma.[protected]@kuehne-nagel.com)

I saw the emails from Davina/Luke during my holiday regarding delayed shipments and I am annoyed to see that the misinformation and lack of information Davina is being told is still persisting. We have been in this game for a very long time and never come across such ineptitude to give a more precise estimation of delivery frame, even with curve-balls thrown in during goods journeys. You've put us in a position of passing on the details in good faith/trust to our customers (given by you) which is now changed by you at the last minute almost daily. What is going on Gemma? How could all this go do dreadfully wrong. It's like pulling teeth.

We cannot afford for you to lose us any customers so I need your definitive responses immediately for the outstanding orders from Topcer in Portugal. And where on earth are our Pavigres goods? In a highly connected world why have you no clue where they are?

Truthful answers back to us now please Gemma. Enough is enough.

Desired outcome: I wish all of this to be investigated as to why there is such a lack of information we can trust during the shipments

Dec 30, 2021

Because everyone in operations in KN is overwhelmed and overworked. The company comes up with a new "process" only creating more work and obstacles for operations, don't get new people, most mgmt cant even handle a shipment or know how to request payment or to who so they can jump in to help us, and we are told the numbers don't justify a head count. They create new depts to "help us" but they only create more work and we have no control over anything anymore. This is global. Its like the company has an internal pandemic of its own going on of their own doing. Its sad because it really is or WAS a great company to work for. They have just lost touch with what made them who they are today and its not looking any better for the next few years based on the continued changes they are making. The system is broken and slow when it works but, that's not an excuse either. Then you add supply chain issues which make it harder for us because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING ANYMORE, including carriers whose ETA's are all over the place. I could go on and on with why communication is broken, delayed and inaccurate.

Kuehne + Nagel - Partial shipment

Dear Sir/Madam,
Regarding the partial Shipment with reference number [protected],
it has left on 15 of June, been told by agent 6 of August it will Arrive, now showing 6 of September in Skopje, I need urgent messures please, goods extremely seasonal.
In 30 years experience in Shipping, never been so disapointed, please help

Desired outcome: Please find earlier Shipment for delivery


Kuehne + Nagel - Pavement damage and abusive drivers

You delivered to our local pub (George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent) at 9.00 am on the 29/7/2021. I heard a loud crunch as your HGV mounted the pavement outside my house so I went to look at what had...

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Kuehne + Nagel - Non delivery of order no [protected]

Your Nottingham office, [protected], left me a message on 6 July about delivering a cross trainer purchased from InnovaMaxx through Amazon in May by my fiance, Anthony Middleton. Despite repeatedly ringing them back and leaving my mobile number, [protected], I could never get through to speak to a person, only the answering machine. They had promised delivery on Tuesday 7 July but we still have not received it! I have since tried 2 further numbers but only got answer machines again. Ive left several messages but no one has ever got hack to me. I have even emailed the makets in Germany who said they had passed on my mobile numbet to you, but to no avail. My fiance is desperately disappointed in this outcome as he was so looking forward to using the trainer during lockdown. I would be so grateful if you could look into this for me and hopefully arrange delivery of our trainer. Thank you very much.
Mary Finegan and Anthony Middleton


Kuehne + Nagel - Delivery charges

I booked Kuehne & Nagel to ship some cartone and pallets from Spain to Greeve via the booking agent Eurosender. Shortly after collection I recieved a message that the dimesnions of the packages were...

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Kuehne + Nagel - driver

I am writing to complain about one of your
Drivers because I was driving on the A406
London around Finchley when the artic lorry
Over took me, I was in the inside lane,
And he cane so close I had to mount the kerb
And it was a bit scary.

I also noticed he did the same manoeuvre
Which I saw in my mirror before he overtook
me on a transit vehicle and he was forced up
the kerb like me.

This happened Friday 20/9/19 afternoon
A406 east bound

Reg : AG65 ELT

Please warn the driver before someone gets

Steve ware
Email : [protected]@yahoo.co.uk


Kuehne + Nagel - aggressive/dangerous driving

I wish to complain about the driver of your vehicle DK67WBY on the M6 southbound today 29 August around 10:45 to 11:00 between the M42 and M69 junctions. This section of motorway has roadworks and...

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Aug 22, 2019

Kuehne + Nagel - behaviour of staff

I live in Helensburgh Scotland. At 12.20 I went to park in a disabled space as my wife is a blue badge holder.
One of your lorries pulled into the space ahead of me, which my wife had a longish walk to her shop. After I parked I noticed the driver
And companion leave the vehicle and go round the corner.
The reg of the lorry is FJ61 BJV, and this took place on West Clyde St Helensburgh.
About ten minutes they came back with sandwiches and a drink. I asked if he was aware they were parked in a disabled bay, and my wife is
Disabled. He replied "who cares". I am afraid the encounter went downhill from there. The passenger told me to [censored] off, and when I approached
the driver he said "[censored] off" too. I asked if he was concerned that my disabled wife was made to walk further. The reply was the same followed
by "have you not got anything [censored]ing better to do with your [censored]ing time", before wrenching the door open so violently the
edge of it caught me in the chest.
He then locked the door started his sandwich and drove off.
Two points arise from this
I suffer from a heart condition an an aortic aneurysm and I really hope that these are not exacerbated by the hit.
It shows enormous disrespect for the disabled and I would hope that the staff of o company of your standing would
Have better training and manners,
I am informing the police of this matter

Michael Calder

Jul 30, 2019

Kuehne + Nagel - driver

I would like to advise of the poor driving and disgusting habits of your employees. They were driving through Vange in Basildon in the vehicle with the number plate Fj18uac. While they were going round the roundabout the passenger spat a big ball of phlegm towards the cars waiting to enter the roundabout. They then proceeded to drive down the middle of a two way road and cut the bends leading to near misses and slamming their breaks on at a camera as they were doing 40+ in a 30mph limit.

Kuehne + Nagel - one of your drivers

I would like to complain about one of your drivers. Not only did he cut me up, near missed my car but he also did a very sexual gesture in the mirror towards me.
He also overtook approx 10cars at speed going through a red light at the road works in kinmel bay at approx 12.15pm (North wales). I also have a photo of the van with the registration plate if you wish to look into this further.
I am disgusted by his behaviour today.

Kuehne + Nagel - Delivery by your employee behaviour not acceptable

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to report one of your delivery drivers being extremely obstructive, unhelpful and downright rude. I live directly next door to the Red Lion Pub, Red Lion Street, Cropredy. A beer delivery was taking place this morning when I have to leave for work. I work full time the other side of Banbury. Once again, as in previous times, your delivery man chose to park right outside the pub with no hope of either myself, or indeed my neighbour who also came out (5 minutes later - yes I was still sitting there). I got out to speak to the main chap and I did ask politely if he would be kind enough to move the lorry back down the lane to the wider area by the canal bridge as I have to get to work. He said it was not possible and ignored me. I then telephoned the landlady of The Red Lion and explained the situation. She came out. She was very embarrassed and anxious and indeed accepted they could move and she said she would have a word. 8 minutes later I am still sitting there. He eventually came back and I asked him again if he would move. He told move to "reverse your bloody car up!" I told him I could not and would not and perhaps he would care to try. He smirked. He then slowly proceeded to carefully and very slowly start tying up the curtain down the side. I said he could do that if he moved the vehicle. He said it was against the law ! I don't think so. He then infuriatingly for me started to check and kick the tyres, wiped the windscreen and eventually move slowly back to the large area I described above. I was kept waiting nearly 15 minutes!

The number plate for the vehicle in question is FL67 NZJ. I warned your driver I would be reporting him for his behaviour and he told me to do just that and smirked.

I am that upset. And frustrated and cross. If there had been an ambulance trying to get through HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO MOVE! I have to get to work, my neighbour had to get to work. I was late. It was embarrassing for me.

This chap needs reprimanding and frankly an apology down the line. My husband, Peter Howard, has had issues with these employees as I believe you are aware. He said you were sympathetic.

Please. Your drivers needs to park in an area which is available and does not affect residents trying to get in and out of their home street. It is pure idleness on the driver's part. He has to use a metal conveyer for the barrels in any event and its only a matter of a few extra yards he has to push. It really is that near. It is downright disrespectful him treating me and my neighbour this way. And indeed an upset for the poor landlady also.

I sincerely would appreciate you investigate this incident this morning. Please. Also, for the future, for the sake of the Red Lion Street residents who have to get to work, surely the beer delivery could be at a more sensible time of say late morning 11.00am when most "workers" are out. Ultimately, for the sake of an ambulance situation, they should not park there at all. I suggest you send someone to look at this area and you will see they are being unfair and lazy.

Sorry to go on. I really am upset and I don't want to be put in this awful position again.

Yours faithfully

Josie Howard (Mrs)
7 Red Lion Street, Cropredy. OX17 1PB


Kuehne + Nagel - failed delivery & poor advice

Kuehne have repeatedly failed to deliver my goods, and have consistently given be unclear and inaccurate advice. It has cost me a lot of time on the phone to customer services and holiday from work.

Rather than deliver my goods, Kuehne have insisted the sender pay more money. Costs which have been passed on to me, the recipient.

I want the company to deliver my goods at at time which is convenient to me, and waive the gratuitous and insulting charges.

To illustrate why i'm so upset, I refer you to the following timeline describing my interactions with Kuehne +Nagel:

1. 17 January PM - I received a call telling me that the delivery would happen on 18 January. I explained that I wouldn't be home but my builders might be able to accept the delivery. I was told to call them at 8amin the morning to confirm.

2. 18 January AM - I called Kuehne at 8am to explain that my builders could not take delivery. I was told it was too late, and that I should've told them the day before, contrary to the previous day's advice. I rearranged delivery for 23 January..

3. 18 January AM - The delivery driver called me when he was outside my home. I explained that I wasn't home. Please note that on this occasion the driver did not have a problem reaching my home.

4. 23 January AM - My husband took a day off work to wait for the delivery. He called Kuehne to confirm the delivery was going ahead. Kuehne advised him to expect delivery between 12 and 2pm.

5. 23 January PM - I received a call from the delivery driver, but I missed it because of a business meeting.

6. 23 January PM - No more than 20 minutes after the delivery driver's call. My husband called Kuehne who explained the driver decided he couldn't drive down my street. Please note that this is despite a driver doing so successfully on 18 January. My husband insisted that the driver return and unload the goods at the closest possible place. Kuehne promised to call back.

7. 23 January PM - Kuehne called my husband back and told him that the driver could not return. Assuming the delivery would not happen, my husband went to work.

8. 23 January PM - The delivery driver called me and said that he could drop the goods off in the street next to mine. I called my husband who rushed home to meet the driver.

9. 23 January PM - After arriving home, my husband called the driver who told him he could not deliver the goods after all.

Sep 06, 2018

Kuehne + Nagel - kuehne + nagel representative complaint

A representative of Kuehne + Nagel by the name Omphile Lesejane has been providing my company with the poorest service I have ever experienced. We urgently need information from her that is required...

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Kuehne + Nagel - penalties from dubai customs

Hi Kuehne+Nagel had collected the shipment from Woodhosue International on 13.03.2018 for Gulf energy services Kuwait one of your customer in Kuwait & it was export shipment from UAE. Kuehne+Nagel...

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Kuehne + Nagel - being told fdw support no longer wanted

FDW have traded with K& N for some years. However one of my staff members was told by Kavan in Leeds office this week, that as K&N have won so little support in jobs as against quotes he is not...

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Kuehne + Nagel - lorry causing obstruction

I walk to work every day with my 6 month old baby in a pushchair and pass many lorries unloading barrels etc. Today I passed a Kuehne-Nagel lorry with registration FP67 YYN who was both parked on a...

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Mar 22, 2018

Kuehne + Nagel - rude driver/staff and dangerous illegal parking

22.3.18 - 7:40am approx K&N large vehicle parked illegally on junction of Christchurch High Street, Dorset (BH23) making a delivery to Coast Coffee shop parking in such a way as to force vehicle...

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Kuehne + Nagel - dangerous driving

Today 16th December 2017 11am I was driving on the m6 north through road works near sandbach services whilst I was overtaking in 50mph controlled zone one of your truck pulling trailer P235 had hi...

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Kuehne + Nagel - air freight service - slit slow shipment

Good Day

We are a customer of K&N in South Africa, distributing Mettler Toledo Products into Africa. Our latest shipment was handed over to K&N on 01-12-2017 as a 44 piece complete shipment from the Mettler Toledo shipping HUB in Netherlands.

As of today 12-12-2017 we have not received our complete shipment in South Africa with K&N part shipping pieces and leaving some behind in the Netherlands.

We find this totally unacceptable, 12 days for Air freight shipments (not received complete) is not the industry norm or the service we expect to receive from K&N.

See attached AWB and Load details.

To further compound this issue, we have a partial shipment that is pending for customs clearance but the documents don't match the parcels physically shipped.

We can't continue to use K&N as a service provider if this is the Air freight service level provided. We are yet to receive any of these items in this shipment and cant part clear.

AWB AMS13291010

Kind Regards
Grant Jelley
Operations Manager
Microsep (Pty) Ltd South Africa
Mettler Toledo Distributor Africa

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