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9:29 pm EDT

SummitWorks Technologies, Inc. fake greencard and h1b documents

The company and candidates are using Fake Greencard and H1B documents to apply for jobs. They sent multiple resume to me with fake greencards. Once candidate was even boasting to me that she was able to cheat her way to get into Rutgers University as a .NET developer.

I am calling out to other recruiters who have received fake documents from Summitworks to post here. I have so far received three candidates who are using Fake documents.

I received the resume of Lavanya Annamalai with Fake Greencard. She is still on OPT.

I also received Ravena, Rishi and Suresh with fake H1B documents. They are also on OPT.

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2:22 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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This company will show you dream with salary hike and green card, but once you join them, they will use you in their best way (like a slave). One of the highly unprofessional and unethical company to worked for. There are many people who worked in this company and suffered for months/years. If you really want to see your life happy, either stay back in India or join some-other company.

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