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Employees Complaints | Page 8

Dollar General / unstoppable febreze

Kynthia Garner on Dec 22, 2018

Went into pick up my all the products I need for my coupons then get in line to check I asked Mary Adcock as her the clerk at the time of me checking out I asked her to scan 2 and scan my coupons so I can see my savings.. Mary than looked at the coupons and said you can used only 1 coupon...

Eddie Bauer / customer service

Dana E. on Dec 22, 2018

Went to the outlet store in spokane valley washington today. Had several items that I was purchasing for christmas presents. The line was very long. I had to use the restroom and it was urgent as I take medication that is a diuretic. I asked to use the restroom and was told, "we don't have...

Dollar General / service

Rhondasutton on Dec 22, 2018

Store #3939 in spiro oklahoma has 1 employee on duty currently. At 1 point. 12 people in line waiting to be checked out. Many left because of line. Its weekend before christmas which means ur management team that schedule are incompetant. The poor old lady working is doing her best. But...

Petronas tambun / staff

trah mael on Dec 22, 2018

22.12.2018, 17:30:28 - Kepada manager petronas Tambun, your staf yg bekerja shif petang waktu tersebut telah menipu saya. Saya beli kad touch n go, your staf bagitau harga kad kosong rm10. Kemudian saya ckp saya mahu topup 50. Total saya bayar rm60 (topup 50 + kad 10). Then, bila saya...

Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines / Saudia Airlines / rude employee

Olu Albert on Dec 22, 2018

Greetings! I have been patronizing Saudia for almost 10 years because of their hospitality and good customer service. Yesterday (21st December, 2018), I boarded a flight 840 going from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur. I encountered an inappropriate and rude treatment from a Saudia employee from...

Swissport International / ground staff service

Sarah_Taylor11 on Dec 22, 2018

Swissport InternationalGood morning, I am writing in regards to the extremely unprofessional service I have received whilst checking in to board my flight to Dublin (FR535). The colleague, named Antionello was not only rude to both myself and my partner, but extremely intimidating. As a frequent Ryanair passenger, I do not accept this level of service. Regards Sarah

Aeropostale / management/scheduling

Skylyr Graham on Dec 21, 2018

My name is Skylyr, I work for Journeys. I have an associate that works for Aero, and myself. This associate has called me crying because her manager (Heidi), continuously schedules her when I do. Heidi is informed of her shifts here at Journeys because I do my schedules before Heidi doe...

Avenue / an employee was very rude

Linda 75 on Dec 21, 2018

I was at the Avenue in Torrance California off of 190th in Anza when a store employee Had to look me up so she need at the phone She asked another employee E who was on the phone if she could use it and the employee who was on the phone I believe her name is Ellen Was very rude came and...

Dollar General / customer service

ShirleyE48 on Dec 21, 2018

When I went to check out the girl with dark hair, glasses, and a lip piercing was extremely rude. There was a line of customers waiting to be checked out but she just stood at the back side of the registers looking down. After a little while I pushed the button and then she came up to...

Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / rude employees

RacGet78 on Dec 21, 2018

When I go into my local Kwik Trip I am use to smiling faces that greet and thank you. Unfortunately that seems to have changed. There is a new employee at my local Kwik Trip and he is extremely rude, impolite, and condescending to customers. I have been waited on by him twice now and each...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / indian head viresh shah is unethical, liar, fraud, corrupt, crook and mentally sick

aneha-christ83429 on Dec 21, 2018

Ever since Viresh came to iBASEt (The IT Director Jasdeep Mann brought him and he joined as an employee in Management team), bad reviews started flowing on internet. Viresh a.k.a. Kali Mirch, used to deploy non branded / pirate hardware as a measure to cut costs in his previous company...

iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd. / viresh is virus — really risky virus

Shivpatel893 on Dec 20, 2018

Replace 'e' by 'u'... Yes, you are right! He is a virus! He is the worst person I have never seen in my life! No vision, no ethics, no management, Viresh is worse than the lowest people of society such as criminals, drug mafia, prostitutes and pimps. Those elements of society do wrong...

Woolworths Australia / woolworths truck driver

innocentdriver on Dec 20, 2018

Whilst driving along the Bruce Highway, between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, yesterday afternoon (20th December, 2018), I experienced road rage from a Woolworths truck driver. The truck number plate was 004UFG. For 5-10kms this truck was tailgating me so closely that I could not even...

Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug / rude employees and wrong hours listed on internet for months

Estee Lauder on Dec 20, 2018

Store is listed as 24 hour open. For at least 6 months many customers go there and the doors are locked at midnight. Tonight I was rudely told 3 timed the store was closing in 5 minutes. He obviously didn't want me in the store. I ran for milk and checked out before others who were still... / delivery

Arafa on Dec 19, 2018

Hello, I've ordered some items from Jollychic, and my parcel was in Kuwait 21 November.Nobody deliver that to me, so I start call them from 26 .11.2018and until 14.12.2018 and request delivery, everyday by myself.I called your company in Kuwait and explain them, I need to recieve that...

20816 LP 494, New Caney, TX 77357 Valero / rude employee

mike smith on Dec 19, 2018

I had stop into my local valero station and got some gas and when in to pay for it and an old man was buying some lottery tickets. The man told the worker what he wanted and he handed the ticket to the man. The man ask where was the other lottery ticket and the man told him again what he...

A'gaci / a very bad uncomfortable experience

Jamiehgavsgs on Dec 19, 2018

I was at agaci miami florida international mall and i was in a verg awkward uncomfortable situation where i was standing infront of what i think is the store manager she was i think chinese medium height black hair. She was talking to a worker infront of me in a very rude manner she said...

Canada Post Corporation / parcel returned to sender by mistake

Gigi002007 on Dec 19, 2018

I had been having issues with this one package from the get go but Canada Post made the problem 10 times worse. First, it took forever to be shipped from Amazon (which is a whole other issue in itself), and when it finally was, there were all the Canada Post delays causing it to miss the...

LBC Express / lbc delivery & customer service

Sarahpot Fajardo on Dec 19, 2018

[protected] I would like to file a formal complaint to LBC San Fernando La Union for believing the receiver's neighbor that the receiver of the package does not live there anymore (change address) and not trying to send it back again and just decided to send back the package to the place...

Dollar General / very rude manager

Noahchance2014 on Dec 19, 2018

Today I busted a dollar general store where I was not only very pissed off but rudely bombarded by the "manager". After following me and my sons to the bathroom upon exiting she proceeded to tell me she didn't hear my son wash his hands and that in her store no child would be running...