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Hotels.com / howard johnson whyndam im very upset

Michael Geez on Aug 17, 2017
Hotels.comwell see this is what happens I was cool with the first night guy that was here even though it took him so long and I was the first one there to get checked in before the other people just came in he's not he knew that I had to go find him and so tired I just want to relax cause you...

Apple / service

Amanda Chini on Aug 17, 2017
This morning at approximately 5am, I ordered a Grabcar from kyoKL at Mandarin Oriental to Pantai Panorama Condo. I left my phone in the cab, it's offline and not on at the moment. My friend who saw me leave kyo, said it was a blue myvi, so I'd really appreciate you guys trying to find my...

Quest Diagnostics / service

Patricia Flanery on Aug 16, 2017
On 9/16/2017 at approximately 4:20 p.m. I arrived at the Quest Diagnostics lab located at 150 E. El Camino, Sunnyvale, CA for a blood draw. I had an appointment with my PCP who ordered the blood test. After my appointment I went straight away to Quest. I asked the phebotomist if I was too...

Menards / charged wrong price, employee rude

Jolayne Miller on Aug 16, 2017
MenardsOver a weeks time I bought 6 door knobs. The sticker price on the items were $24.99. I was getting a receipt ready to return one of the door knobs, so I could get a different style, when I noticed I was being charged anywhere from $26.99 to $28.99 for the door knobs. When I brought it to...

Dollar General / rude employee

Vicki0414 on Aug 16, 2017
No one was at the register when we went to pay out, we waited for at least 5 mins or more. When she finally showed Up, she was on the phone and didn't get off while scanning items. Told me my amount, I slid my card and went to walk out and she made the remark that the payment wasn't done...

Gander Mountain / firearm sold to me and resold to someone else

thekid001 on Aug 16, 2017
On August 11, I went to GM and bought a 1911 Remington Hand Gun. I did the background check and paid for the gun with my credit card. The background check was delayed. I called On 8/15 to ask about the background check and they said it still hadn't came through. I went by today a guy told...

LBC Express / lbc d. guevara mandaluyong branch

Marga Blake on Aug 16, 2017
I would like to file a formal complaint against your LBC D. Guevara (Libertad) branch. We have tried returning zalora packages to this branch but they refuse to accept it and give the excuse that they are "offline". This has happened 6 times already. Other branches accept these package...

Coles Supermarkets / customer service

Daniela Ceccato on Aug 16, 2017
On the 12 August I made an inquiry at your Pacific Fair store to speak to the store manager. A staff member advised the manager was not available and directed me to the 2nd in charge, Cheryl. She advised me she was not able to disclose that information. I respect the store's security law...

H‑E‑B / checking out

Samantha Garcia on Aug 16, 2017
Today when I was checking out, with Maria and she was just absolutely rude when I was trying to check out. I bought about $128 in groceries. And I'm very unhappy with the customer service she provided. When I was trying to ask how do I use the online coupons. She became rude and talked to...

Family Dollar Stores / customer service

T_dido on Aug 16, 2017
I have been in this store multiple times and since the new manager and assistant manager has been there the wait is just ridiculous! A couple weeks ago I watched the store manager take a call on her cell phone for approximately 2 minutes before even saying she had to go because she had a...

Motel 6 / rude, disrespectful treatment and bad room accommodation

Lawrence D Fehrenbacher on Aug 16, 2017
I recently registered at a Motel 6 and requested a non smoking room. I went to the room and after about an hour I couldn't take it anymore. The room reeked of cigarette smoke covered in some kind of air freshener. I went office to complain and request a refund and they refused saying...

Shell / check

Bobbijean erikson on Aug 16, 2017
Hello my name is Bobbijean Erikson, I've been trying to get in contact with someone in the shell's home office. I worked at the oxford valley shell here in Pennsylvania. My complaint is supposly my check had gone back to home office because I "quit". Now I did not quit, I had called out...

Dollar General / sales person at store #14321

Marybyc on Aug 16, 2017
While in the White Lake for the fifth time this week, my young granddaughter knocked down a cardboard display of dial products. When I explained to the cashier what happened she made a face at me! Input my items down on the counter and fixed the display and put all the items back in place. I...

WageWorks / customer service

bitus on Aug 16, 2017
I have been retired for 6 years, and don't like to complain about things, but i must speak out on the knowledge of the products you service. i am enrolled in the premium reimbursement program with my previous employer. when my account was being handle by Benefit Concepts i had no problem...

Bank Of America Corporation / your employee sarah choi is under investigation by homeland security

Richard Choi on Aug 16, 2017
Sarah Choi might be the main person involved in Hoi King, Choi's case of Neutralization Certificate and birth certificate missing. Reason could be making real pass-port for illegal Chinese immigrant. Sarah Choi, (Oi King, Choi in Chinese translation) Bank of America employee (down town...

Racetrac / rudest employees ever!!!

OPrice on Aug 16, 2017
I go to the RaceTrac on SR 64 in Bradenton, FL on a daily basis. NONE of the cashiers smile, they are always playing loud music not suited for a public gas station and holding loud, personal, inappropriate conversations with each other while ignoring the customers they are supposed to be...

Lowes / hr

Chris Smith on Aug 16, 2017
At the end of July I was injured at work due to a store managers actions. I was out for almost 2 weeks then released for limited lifting. X rays showed a 2 inch separation in the shoulder. I am enrolled in nursing school and was forced to drop one of my classes due to the injury. This cost...

Dollar General / coupon favoritism

Jaky08 on Aug 16, 2017
Hello my name is jacquelinee and I would like to make a complain on dollar general. The store number is 14787 the address is 505 e expressway 83 Sullivan city tx. I have been going to this store almost everyday and trying to use my coupons but the employees only take out products to certain...

H‑E‑B / cashier - henry t

AriadneV on Aug 15, 2017
On Tuesday 15, 2017 I had the worst experience with a cashier name Henry T. He was throwing my groceries when he had marketed them down. I ask him the first time to stop throwing my things like the way he was treating them, I don't know if he was in a bad mood but he continued with hi...

Smith's Food And Drug Store 6130 West Tropicana / employee

Martha Wallace on Aug 15, 2017
I was recently at the Smiths Food &a Drug on 6130 west Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I overheard someone higher up in management, store director Jessica, talking to an employee using racial slurs and other profane things. I will NOT tolerate that in a friendly store I have been...
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