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Rallys.com / Workers are rude

KB4162 on Jun 26, 2017
I live in Lexington KY and have visited the Rally's on Richmond Rd. The workers can be rude at times. My husband stopped by there on 6/26/17. When he pulled up to order he was told to look over the menu and would take his order in a second. After several minutes a car pulled up on the...

The Salvation Army USA / Discrimination

Victoria Salazar Ramirez on Jun 26, 2017
Just left the store located at 74-76 Salem NH, I came to pick up 2 file cabinets that had been purchased on Thursday June 22, 2017. As we were loading the cabinets in the car we needed to buy rope to close the back door, there was nobe at the store so I proceeded to buy 3 ties. As I...

Stater Bros Markets / Rude customer service

Slou on Jun 26, 2017
Good morning, I usually am not a consumer to complain but my experience at Stater Bros Store #23 in Yucaipa was upsetting. I went in with my toddler for fruits and random groceries. In all I had 6 items so I proceeded to the fast lane check out that had its light turned on. I had a few...

Dollar General / Management

New2couponing on Jun 26, 2017
I am a very frequent shopper at Dollar General. I have been shopping our local Dollar General for years. It's close to my house and I love it over Wal-Mart or Family Dollar. However about a month ago I started couponing. Not sure of all the ends and outs, so I joined a group. Well the...

Hardee's Restaurants / Bad Customer Service

Saniah Parker on Jun 26, 2017
The lady who took my order was very rude and I simply just wanted her to explain something on the menu. And she responded rudely like she didn't want to be there. I really would not go back there ! I was trying to order 2 $5 big bags & wasn't sure what all came in it, because when I made...

Autozone / Scott the manager in ronkonkoma

Stevevvovchik on Jun 25, 2017
Today I had to return the brakes with the warranty and since I was there I had gotten the check engine light looked at so I can buy the parts to fix it. I was already in the store for 20mins and stood on line and all. Now as I was getting help by Laura who works there and is one of the...

Valero / An extremely Rude Employee

CherryCiroc on Jun 25, 2017
Yesterday day approximately between 3pm and 5pm, I went to the Valero in Hot Springs, store #1781 and I briefly parked so I could use the restroom and an employee by the name of Jerry was extremely Rude and disrespectful and he was making himself intimidating and this makes me not want to use the location anymore, and also write on my blog about it

Dunkin' Donuts / Customer service

Simp2 on Jun 25, 2017
I'm a fan of Dunkin, but I will AVIOD THE DD IN CENTREVILLE MD OFF OF LIBERTY RD. They have the absolute worst customer service and should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Most unfriendly, unprofessional mic and window service I have ever witnessed. The two females working the window...

Albertsons / Albertsons worker stunk of cigarette

Me. Beckett on Jun 24, 2017
Few days ago I was shopping at Albertsons in Hobbs New Mexico. I was in produce section looking to buy some fruit and vegetables trays. A lady came out with some trays from the back . When she got next to me I could smell the stinch of cigarette smoke of off her. To think she fixes those...

CVS Pharmacy / service

Marci Ortiz on Jun 24, 2017
On 06/23/2017 I went into store #5134 CVS on Cropsy, not only the employee but the management in this store are rude and this isn't the first time the people you have working for your company has been disrespectful. Simple things like turning in bottles threes always a attitude and by the...

Dollar General / employee named amanda I believe

tony1968 on Jun 24, 2017
I shopped your store on Garden Street for 5 years then sold our home and have shopped your Harrison Street store for the past 6 months where I bought a new home. My wife and I shopped your store and my wife likes to look so I go off on my own she had a shopping bag that she uses and when...

Family Dollar Stores / Two Employees at store 07932

Fillmore4 on Jun 24, 2017
I came into store 07932 Today May 24, 2017 between 3:30 and 4:00pm i made a purchase in a total of $18 the cashier cash me out didn't give me a receipt I let her know she argued back and forward telling me she did I asked her for a manager and to return my things the two women stated they...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / Customer Area

MelissaIvet on Jun 24, 2017
I went to the Carl's Jr. in Yuma, Arizona on 16th street and it was absolutely disgusting in the sense that the lobby was filthy. The floor was black and there were flies everywhere. Asked two separate times for them to wipe the table down and both times the gentlemen walked slowly over to...

Dollar General / I am want to make a complaint on an employee

Outlaw Jesse James momma on Jun 24, 2017
At fort Payne Alabama the employee misty bates is stealing from the store and she is very rude and is taking pain pills with no prescription she has her niece come by the store that misty works at and get 3-4 of the bags of tolite paper and 2 bags of the paper towels like 2-3 times a week...

The Salvation Army USA / Customer service

ZJJohnson on Jun 24, 2017
Everytime I enter Salvation Army on 5700 State Street here in Saginaw employees never greet you. Thee only time you encounter any managers or employees if their following you around like you're stealing. I feel so insulted! Retail therapy is my escape I'm a hard-working individual and it'...

Meijer / Alcohol service

Elizabeth83 on Jun 24, 2017
This is the fourth time I have been denied the sale of alcohol. I work at the bdubs in the same parking lot so I often walk in late. Of the four encounters attempting to buy alcohol, I had one drink, once, prior to entering the store. My brother and several friends have encountered the...

Smallwood Village Exxon / Manager Jorge Barron

Jonathan J Cuellar on Jun 24, 2017
My name is Jonathan James Cuellar I'm a previous employee of Jorge Barron I was hired over a year ago as a mechanic and recently I looked for employment elsewhere the day I gave Jorge Barron my 2 weeks notice on 6/6/17 @ 6pm the end of business day he told me not to return when I inquired...

Captain D's / Customer Service

customer3590 on Jun 23, 2017
I was at one of your locations at Merchant Dr in Knoxville Tan. I ordered a lot of food and one of the employees lost my debit card!!! I ordered the food, paid for it. Then I decided to order some more food and I gave my debit card (a second time) to the cashier to pay with it and she...

Subway / A employee named GABY

Sallyjoe1 on Jun 23, 2017
I came in and got my daughter a 6 inch sandwich and I had told the employee to out only a tiny amount of both mayo and mustard.. she failed to do as I asked an when she did I asked her kindly if she can take a little off cause it was to much.. she scuffed and replied "your kidding right"...

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation [APSRTC] / 5056 .

Skumarv22 on Jun 23, 2017
I was in a assumption that people are not using super luxury busses because of limited buses...now I feel it's not correct..it's because of stopping bus at multiple points even there is no apsrtc counter. Literally they are calling people where lorry cleaners shout at centers for ticket...
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