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Employees Complaints

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Coles Supermarkets / customer service & staff

Kath murphy on Apr 25, 2018

I shop at Coles south Grafton. I'm making a complaint about two staff members Kelly O'Shea & Adam Bevan they are very rude. As I asked them a question they snapped my head off. They are spreading rumours about the female security officer who used to work there. When they don't know the...

Vons / employees

Mad customer 1112 on Apr 24, 2018

Bad experience with cashier. Treated me poorly. Was considerably nicer to white customers. Did not speak to me while scanning my items was only talking to the customer behind me. Was very rude. Talked to me like a dog. I was not happy with this interaction. Very embarrassed. Please do...

Hungry Jack's Australia / customer service

Andrew Bryant on Apr 24, 2018

hello I went through drive through with my kids and wife and went we returned home we rediscovered two burgers missing in the order so I contacted store only to be abused by superviser and when I ask for her name she hung up and would not answer phone again so I went into store to see...

Dollar Tree / I am complaining about a very rude cashier

Generally on Apr 24, 2018

She threw my money at me and told me to get out of the store she works at the153 dollar tree and her name is bobbi i just hope that my complaints can be heard she was quite rude to the customers behind me as well please do something about her i would hate to stop going to the dollar tree...

Hobby Lobby Stores / employees profiling because of appearance

Samantha King on Apr 24, 2018

Hobby Lobby StoresTo whom it may concern I was shocked by your employees at our local location. Me and my husband were doing some craft shopping as we entered your store we were uburtly approached by two women immediately upon entering asking if we needed assistance. As we politely said no and continued on to the...

Caseys in Harrison AR / donavan

Shylah on Apr 24, 2018

When one his employees come to the shore by Kum and go and there is two people pose to be train and the you are being like you was not there and paying attention to the other girl being train to and you have question and he will not answer your question the guy that I am talking about is Thomas and Donavan when you tell him about it he defends thomas

Vodacom / service from your call center agent who called me today.

Sagaree on Apr 24, 2018

I am very disappointed with the behavior of ur call cente upgrade department. Today I received a call from one of your ll agent would was keep tell me to upgrade. When I told her I am not interested. She started to question me. I thought the customer is always right. Guess that's not with...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / customer service

Angiedm Smith on Apr 24, 2018

I received notification my package was delivered on 4/17/18, unfortunately it was not delivered to the shipping address instead it was delivered to Amazon and signed by the dock person. I called UPS customer service on the same day and spoke with a rep who advised I would receive my...

7101 Melrose LA CA / service line.

JessBalan on Apr 24, 2018

I came to eat here with my family. At around 1:15pm on Monday April 23, 2018. The service was not ok we didn't even get a hello nothing. The girl on tortilla was doing ok she at least she told us ‘I'll be with you in a second' and I said it's ok, because i wasn't in...

Rural King / manager

Jhines72 on Apr 24, 2018

I was in the Sweetwater Rural King early Tuesday morning. I was in the clothing. I had asked a young lady for help and she explained to me she was off the clock. Understandable. As I walked away I heard I'm assuming, a manager tell her "we don't pay you to stand around and talk" she then...

Hobby Lobby Stores / customer service

leeny on Apr 23, 2018

Hello my name is eileen bradley, I shop at my local hobby lobby often. Most often, because I work puzzles and have them framed at the "frame shop" in there. My most resent visit 4-23-18 approx. 7-30 pm a young lady around the age of 25 yrs old, brown hair, medium weight (didn't get her...

WakeMed Health & Hospitals / orangetta kelly-shellie is responsible for my son's death

Kathleen Droese on Apr 23, 2018

My son Joseph M. Droese was employed by Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin by working in Goodwill Laundry in 2005 to 2006. He was doing a good job in Goodwill Laundry until Orangetta Kelly-Shellie became the new laundry manager at Goodwill Laundry. When Orangetta Kelly-Shellie...

Dollar Tree / employee

Zoe Holt on Apr 23, 2018

I went shopping at my regular dollar tree in CA. I had a cart full of items that matched my coupons. I got up to the register and the cashier was super rude called me names. Said comments like "can you not read fime print" the coupon said 1 per transaction. It never said 1 per day so I...

The Salvation Army USA / unprofessional employee and hostile behavior

Mjuju on Apr 23, 2018

The Salvation Army USAI would like to just announce for anyone around this particular facility that if there is an employee working around achild or children and vulnerable people who relies on the help of those from your organization, I do not think someone who finds joy in fighting on the streets is the right...

Pizza Hut / service

carla behm on Apr 23, 2018

You need to have a policy and enforce it for your delivery drivers to not park in customers driveways. This is the third time I have had to spend 45 minutes or better cleaning oil off my brand new driveway. I have talked to the manager about this with no results. I want to know what you...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / unethical behavior

SC3 on Apr 23, 2018

4/17/18, tracking number: 1Z2E310398427841 I would have submitted this complaint sooner, but I had no time since last week. I have been dealing with this delivery driver since my employ at this company, and my work/living situation is unique, I work security at the apartment I live in. I see...

Caridad Louie's Restaurant / the service of their servers

James M Parker on Apr 23, 2018

On April 23rd at 11:30 i was in this establishment looking to buy lunch after my dialysis treatment. As in standing there i had maybe two people ahead of me. As in standing there the servers are serving everyone that's Spanish in the restaurant. I'm standing there and standing there, mean...

Service / two men kissing

Patricia stanley71 on Apr 23, 2018

There were two men kissing in the back of restaurant while I was placing my order. My 7 year old witnessed this also it is very disturbing that this goes on in a workplace I have many years experience in the industry and this behavior is unacceptable. If not resolved I will be forced to...

Aegean Airlines / item lost from check in baggage

Khin Yee Mon Tun on Apr 23, 2018

I have trouble with the above information of item loss. We have bought an extra check in luggage 23 kg with the name of Ms Hayman Nyo Oo (MC788826). I have made checkin buggage from Santorini to Nice (transit in Athens) on 19 April 2018. Once I got to Nice Hotel where I realized my jewelry...

Tim Hortons / customer service is amazing at this tim hortons location

Luann Lanteigne on Apr 23, 2018

Tim Hortons in the Canex Mall in Oromocto NB CFB Gagetown has the best staff you will ever come across. There have been many times that I have walked in and the lineup is doubled but the girls work hard and the wait is short. The wait is worth it anyway as you will get your morning coffee...


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