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PlayPhone Complaints & Reviews

PlayPhone - California, San Mateo / 3000 Playphone


Sprint allowed this company to bang me out of 9.99 a month for 2 phone lines for $120 dollars. Sprint acted as the collection agent for this despicable company and allowed this disreputable company to unlawfully rob me out of my hard earned dollars. Shame on you Sprint for allowing this scammy company to fleece your own customers. When I called Sprint to resolve issue, I was told they do not get involved with third party charges, yet they collect the money for these mafia style hoodlums at Play phone. This company should be BANNED from any app store- they have no phone # to reach them out and...

PlayPhone - California, San Jose / Unauthorized Subscription to Ringtones & Wallpaper

on2urscam on Apr 23, 2011

On 3/27/11 I received 4 consecutive calls in the a.m.. They were all unanswered texts and were ignored. All 4 came from 99555, which turns out to be this Playphone, Inc. company. This company, without my authorization, subscribed my phone to a service of theirs (ringtones & wallpaper) for $14.99 a month and would be charging my account again on 4/27/11. 03/27/2011 Wallpapers and Ringtones 99555 MT PlayPhone Inc. 17281 04/27/2011 14.99 0.00 14.99 On 4/14/11 they dropped me another text message that was also ignored, as I did not know at that time I had unlawfully been charged. Thi...

PlayPhone / not authorized do not want

These people sent me a text message to mt cellphone. I don't normally texr and the number didn't look farmiliar' so I just deleted it. This was on my August 2010 bill along with four other similar ways of charging me through mt AT&T bill. This happened again in September, so I contacted AT&T and they told me they would remove the charges, which they did. I also had them cancel my text messaging and web use. They were supposed to take care of unjoing me from this scam, and once again I have been cahrged $14.99 for the third time. Please unsubscribe me and stop adding charges to my bill including the $14.99 for this month. Peter C Small Jr. AT&T member

PlayPhone - England, Kent / Scam messages

This company is sending me scam sms on my mobile phone number. I have never subscribed it, and this is causing me an inflated phone bill every month. It wants me to download credits/ which I never far. How can I get rid of this scam...

PlayPhone / Unauthorized billing


They are at it again! Approximately 6 months ago, I was charged for downloads I did not download. I called AT&T and they were very helpful. This month, I was charged for games and subscription service I did not subscribe to! I did the "STOP" text to 77888 and received the message "You are not subscribed to this service." So why am I being charged???? (To make matters worse, it's a WORK cell phone, so I have to pay the company!)

PlayPhone / Fraudulent activity


It seems that if you take an IQ test on the internet, it ends up that it enrolls you in a monthly service on Play Phone for $9.99 per month. Evidently, it takes virtually nothing to enroll but to get a refund requires copies of phone bills etc. all of which will take months to reverse. Users beware of giving your cell phone out over the internet for 'free' results or you too could be ripped off by such a scam.

PlayPhone - California / Fraud

I was reviewing my cell phone bill and noticed that I had a surcharge for Ringtones from Playphone. Since I never use the ringer or download anything I knew that I didn't signup for the service. So I call my cell provider (Sprint) which couldn't do anything. So I tried to get a hold of the company directly. That is when the nightmare began. I called them and there phone prompt system is a beast to get thru. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get a hold of someone. I finally get a hold of someone for them to tell me that I must have signed up for the service. I told them not...