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Kraft Dinner Complaints & Reviews

Kraft Dinner / kraft dinner

Nov 7, 2017

So I bought KD Kraft dinner original, upc#68100 05861 and followed the directions on the package, I have to say it was the worst macaroni I ever ate, refused to eat it or feed to the grandchildren, it has changed, it was mushy I cooked it for 7 mins it tasted horrible even the cheese has changed, not sure what the heck your doing over there, but I will NOT be buying this product again, and the price for such crap well its not worth 25cents... very disappointed.. you should change the name to "CRAP dinner" more suitable... just another question what kind of pasta is that??? And I bet I am not the only one that has complained either...

Kraft Dinner - Ontario, Belleville / missing ingreadence


I had bought a case of kraft dinner from no frills.I was missing 2 pouches of cheese out of the boxes.