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Heritage Web Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah / consumer beware

Do not use this company!!! They are absolutly horrible and I am almost finished with a fight with them through the better business bureau. This has gone on for 8 months now. If you need assistance with your fight I will be glad to help

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah / fraud / ripoff / thievery

Hit web designs (formally heritage web solutions) is a fraudulent company that outsources their work to third parties, who "rush" the projects they're assigned. I personally bought a website and after a year of unprofessionalism, all I can say to anyone looking to have a website built for them is... Beware of hitweb!!! They do half-assed work and then charge you for it. After a year, my website is not done and doesn't appear to be done anytime soon. I'm in the process of switching to another company, something that I shouldn't have had to do... I'm out of $2, 500 usd for a half-assed...

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah, Provo / non-performance

My husband paid for and began working with heritage web solutions in january march 2009, he still did not have a working live web page, so he handed this project off to me to assist hit to get it done. To date, now december 30, 2009, he still does not have his website. We have been passed around to three different designers, we have waited months now to get a simple blog, I have contacted the sales department hoping to get some action, to no avail. I personally have created or located every piece of text and graphic for the site and have provided them to the 'designers'. I have a...

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah, Provo / monies paid for work never done

I hired heritage to build a web site for me. I paid them up front for building the web site and 1 year of hosting. I had to make monthly payments for them to build web site. I then pre-paid for them to upload 5000 items to the site. I also pre-paid them for a flash package to be uploaded. I also pre-paid for the shipping companies to be downloaded onto the site. I then had stroke and was hospitalized. According to the contract they were suppose to renew the domain name with net firms. They did not renew the domain name and netfirm pulled their stuff taking my site off the internet. Heritage...

Heritage Web Solutions / stalking

I made the mistake to contact them about a web design, fortunally I read all the reviews before give them any money, so I told them, no thanks. But now I recive 2 to 3 calls a day from 801-655-1600 (their offices) I have call so far 4 times to request to be remove fron that list, but keep reciving Calls anyway. Becarefull with this compay!!! They have a lot of bd reviews all around

Heritage Web Solutions / overcharged


I spent over two thousand dollars for 2 sites with the above company and the sites look like crap. The forum is not original it was taken from mybb for free but they charged me so much. Customer service can mislead you into spending money into getting things that they cannot even design. They have so many complaints on them everywhere so beware of this Company. I know another person personally who have the same problem because I was introduce to Heritage by that person before the site was done.

Heritage Web Solutions / unauthorized charges


I spoke to sepideh hanks at heritage web solutions on friday (1/23/09) regarding website design and hosting. She sold me on their services over the phone and emailed me the contract to sign. When I received the contract it was entirely different than what was previously stated over the phone. I immediately called back heritage web solutions and was told sepideh had left for the evening. I told the gentleman to cancel my account effective immediately. He assured me that there would be no charges to my debit card and that the account had been closed. Today (1/26/09) I checked my bank account...

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah, Provo / internet web building fraud and scam

This company is the truest of crooks... Please save your selfs. There is no lower # then a company that feeds and steels from new small business owners. Heritage web solutions specializes in getting your money and frustrating you until you leave. I have hundreds of emails and documents and over 200 hours of wasted time to end up out $1, 300 to mark strong who has stolen tens of thousands of dollars from people like you and me. He will simply send a copy of his terms of service. Heritage web solutions terms of service is over 50 paragraphs of your out of luck. It even says they don’t have...

Heritage Web Solutions - Utah, Provo / do not work with this

I hired hws to design a website for me in early may. I was very careful about explaining the details of the website to matthew kenison (sales associate). I drafted up a rough outline and block diagram of what I wanted on each page along with a detailed description of the functionality, all of which I explained to matthew on the phone. Matthew gave me his assurance that they could do the project for around $1, 200. Being bleary of working with a company in another state I made him structure in some payment milestones. I gave them a third down with a third due in a week and a half with the final...

Heritage Web Solutions / scam company!


My nightmare began May 9th when I hired Heritage Web Solutions to design my new internet business. Unfortunately, I did not search for complaints against Heritage Web Solutions on the internet. Being the optimistic type, I was only searching for professional web designers and hosting companies that seemed reliable, trained, and professional. My final decision to hire this company was based on their extensive and impressive internet advertisements. They sounded great, but little did I know at the time, that they had no intentions of helping me build a marketable web business that would...

Heritage Web Solutions / I will always hate these people!


These people are like a bad ulcer in my stomach. They leave a bad taste in your mouth and you have nothing to show for it. Have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for. If you really see an advertisement starting at $199 then you may just get a color and one page for that price. And another thing, don't take the better business bureau as your final research, check other resources like this complaint board.

Heritage Web Solutions / amazing how this company is frauds!


Just like everyone has stated, this company is really dishonest and not worth my time. I was at a meeting the other day and it was about 500 people that shared their ideas and business ventures. This one lady got up and told her story and what she was about to do as far as starting her business and mentioned this company called heritage web and their price. Well, as shy as I am, I had to get up and tell my ridiculous story experience with heritage and told them exactly what I been though. So many people were so happy to be saved this headache and said that they would spread the word about these...

Heritage Web Solutions / I had enough of heritage web solutions and had to move on!


I have been through alot with hertiage and it is my position that they absolutely care nothing about your website, must lest your feelings about what your going through with them or have gone through. We got your money and they keep your money. Anyway enough of the drama with heritage web because these people are liars, and thefts and so if you really want to get somewhere you may consider not wasting anymore time with these people. Because even if perhaps months, and months, and months and months later they finally complete your website, they make no guarantees that it will even work. They...

Heritage Web Solutions / rebuttal for brad stone of hws!

I wrote this in regards to Mr. Stone's Rebuttal of the Message I left on this board and the one I put on /link removed/ I Will Defend My Honor Against Mr. Stone's Rebuttal. I do hope everyone has taken the time to read all of my complaints against HWS. It is scary to think that people are suppose to sit back, not say, or do anything, after they have been swindled and lied too! Mr. Stone, we are not being vindictive! We are only warning others before they too, fall pray to your false advertisements and end up losing their hard earned money, by putting their faith, trust, and money in...

Heritage Web Solutions / a complete disaster!

Back in february I decided to start my own business and got everything in order from february through march. April came around and I said okay, well I got everything except my website. I knew I couldn't do it myself no had the time so I researched the web and up came this advertisement for heritage web solutions with an eye-catching offer of $199 and up. I contacted them, and locked into a packed of two payments of $279 with $60 a month hosting fees. I felt that the hosting fees compare to other companies were expensive but the package deal seem good and after one year you have the option to...

Heritage Web Solutions / take the money and run!


I wrote numerous alerts about Heritage web solutions internet fraud schemes on, dozens of e-mail responses were received by me substantiating Heritages business practices including fraud, bate and switch tactics, sub-standard web design, and failure to deliver web sites paid for. Hostdiscussions alerted me that I was not allowed to post any comments made by people who e-mailed me about Heritage (I posted the entire e-mails that were sent to me) most were from people who responded to Hostdiscussions postings. I asked Host to supply me with a copy of any rules that prohibited...