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Hearst Magazines / magazine subscription I didn't agree to

Katland Kat on Oct 1, 2017
Don't know my account number I entered a contest online that said no purchase needed but right away I got an email saying Magazine subscription...I immediately replied back saying I did not want it. Couple of weeks later I get a magazine in my mail box...same day I took it back to the postal station and sent it back to you with a note saying I did not want this and can not afford another bill. Again I am saying this to your...cancel the account stop billing me for something I didn't agree to and have sent you back what you sent me so no bill. If you send me more of them I will just send them back and take you to small claims court over the cost of mailing them back. Stop it now Kat

Hearst Magazines / Online contest entry results if fraudulent magazine subscription

LaC-P on Oct 3, 2016
A very short while ago, I entered a contest for wining an oven based on an email I received. Within minutes I was notified that I had subscribed to Elle Décor magazine, a Hearst publication. When I tried to cancel I learned that there is no phone number listed under customer service, AND the only way to contact Hearst publication online is to wait until I receive the first magazine and use the info printed on the label to effect contact. I rechecked the email contest offer, read the contest rules, and it states clearly that no purchase is necessary, and nowhere does it mention an obligatory magazine...

Hearst Magazines - Illinois, Lemont / unordered magazines

1organicfarm on Jul 28, 2012
for the past year i have been receiving many magazines i never ordered and receiving bills for them i have already spent quite some time looking online and sending invoices back with notes telling them i never ordered their magazines last year after many hours of calling i finally contacted on individual who was able to cancel all subscri[tions and stop delivery after a peaceful 4 or 5 months without all the unwanted magazines arriving they have started again except this time different magazines i no longer have the number i used about a year ago that was able to help me and stop all magazine...

Hearst Magazines - Iowa, Harlan / fraudulent orders

mamabearaz on Feb 21, 2012
My daughter and I ordered online through a company called QSP, which partners with schools to have part of magazine proceeds go back to schools, for a 1yr subscription to Seventeen Magazine. Placed order 10/04/2011 and paid directly with credit card through QSP website. Shortly thereafter, started getting "past due" notices from a company called "Hearst magazines". We were unfamiliar with this name, but noticed at bottom of statement not one but two 1yr subscriptions to Seventeen magazine!!! We didn't think too much of this, assumed company's wires must have been crossed and that our...

Hearst Magazines - South Carolina / sending magazines I did not order

Fran S. Schultz on Apr 29, 2011
I did not reorder the Redbook but when I have ordered the redbook I pay in advance, and never order any magazine, without paying right away. I have many magazines that say I have a ordered these magazines. Some are honest and let you cancel by phone, or on the Internet, where do I find a way to stop Hearst sending magazines I did not order. Please cancel all magazines. Thank you.

Hearst Magazines - Colorado / subscription scam

MSStates on Mar 1, 2011
I am so sick of the Hearst Magazine Corp. I received 4 subscriptions with them as a birthday gift. I canceled the subscriptions before the automatic renewal and am now constantly getting their bullying letters trying to trick me into resubscribing. The latest one stating "Your delinquent account with us has been brought to my attention for collection. . . .Take a moment now to settle your obligation with us. . . " I have no obligation with them and despite liking their magazines doubt I will subscribe with them ever again and their letters that are on the brink of harassement.

Hearst Magazines / subscription fraud

The Good Housekeeping Magazine web site posts several sweepstakes offers (contests). To enter, you type your name, postal address, & email address onto a form. Presto! You're just subscribed to Good Housekeeping. Even if you select an Unsubscribe link, invoices start coming. This is fraud. I no longer trust Good Housekeeping - & they pretend to be consumer advocates. Ha! Not true.

Hearst Magazines - Iowa, Red Oak / unauthorized billing

I received a letter from Hearst Magazines basically threatening my perfect credit rating by accusing me of not paying for a magazine subscription to Veranda Magazine. I know that I did NOT subscribe to this; I have had a subscription to it in the past, but I always pay for magazine subscriptions on the front end. I know that I did not order this and ask them to bill it to me. According to their complaint, the subscription begins on March 2010. I cannot find a phone number or website or email address anywhere. I am furious. I will never purchase another product by Hearst. Thank you! Whitney Sitzler whitneysitzler@aol.com

Hearst Magazines - Pennsylvania / &Invoice for subscription&

I just read another complaint that is exactly the same as mine - The extent that this company would go to in order to shame me into sending money for a subscription that I did not order is disgusting. The notice states, "We extended you the privilege of paying later for your subscription. By entering into this agreement we anticipated that you would remit a payment when billed. ... We must now insist that you send us your payment immediately." Of course there is no phone number to call. The invoice lists my account number as 0230003899. I want these notices stopped immediately.

Hearst Magazines - Oregon, Portland / Past due notices

Recieved a letter from Hearst Magazines today stating that I did not send in payment when I indicated on a subscription card that they could "bill me later". This was in Oct of 2008 and it is 9/23/09. After spending a good hour on line attempting to find a phone number for Hearst--I called the folks at Food Network Magazine and was told by the agent there that Hearst owns them and that she could help me with my Good Housekeeping issue. I told her that I sent in payment Oct 22 2008 and that I have proof that the check cleared my bank. She told me that the letter was for an automatic renewal--i...

Hearst Magazines - Florida / Subscription &Bills&

I received a pretty threatening letter from G.L. Vaulk, whoever that is... "Dear Subscriber: "When you ordered your subscription with the convenience of being billed later, we fully believed you would send payment upon receipt of your invoice. Since we have no record of your payment at this time, your good standing with us is at risk." It goes on to tell me that I can send them money and we'll be best friends again (in other words). Well, Ms./Mr. Vaulk, explain this for me: Let's say that you're right and I said that I wanted to be billed later and I received an invoice...

Hearst Magazines - Kentucky, Walton / Cancelled subscriptions after automatic renewal

O'at Home magazine and Womans Day magazine were both renewed automatically and payment was deducted from my checking account. I telephoned and cancelled the next day .. Jan. 27/2009 for the Womans Day - confirmation # given me is 139948478. I cancelled O'at Home on Jan 28, 2009 - confirmation # 140019040. It is now April 3rd and still no credit has been rec'd in the checking acoount of $29.00 and $24.00. What in the world do you have to do to get your money back. All you get is a computer generated voice when you call.

Hearst Magazines - Alabama / Subscription/renewal scam

I received a subscription notice to Good Housekeeping, a magazine I have not received and have not ordered. I returned it marked CANCELLED. I have now received several letters from G. L. Valk of the Subscription Service Department that were threatening and irritating. I did not subscribed to this magazine and have twice returned invoices to cancel. Upon examining the invoice I noticed it is for a subscription that starts January 09. I know magazine subscriptions are down but targeting older people, such as myself, and sending letters that sound like you're past due and about to be sent to collections for something you didn't order and is a FUTURE subscription, is unconscionable.
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