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Con Edison Complaints & Reviews

Con Edison / business operation

Apr 9, 2019

About 3 days, there are ConEdison workers working directly in front of my business establishment, to which, NO advance notice was provided; of their work on the sidewalk directly. No notice posted on my business gate or any of the other businesses either. I am unaware of a start date or finish date and I was NOT able to open my business because of this inconvenience.

Con Edison / light / gas bill

Mar 15, 2019

Coned been swnding me monthly bills on low amounts today March 17 2019 they send a bill for over a thousand dollars they claimed that is from January 2018 to the present time due to building not giving them access to the meters which is lie cause I spoke to the superintendent of the building and he confirmed that coned has been here to do the readings regularly I want a full investigation into this matter

Con Edison / coned repairs and loose steel planks in the streets

Feb 28, 2019

We need help. It is our understanding from 311 that your Con Ed team are the ones fixing something in the streets underground at the intersection of 38th and 2nd Avenue NYC for the last 3 months. The Con Ed workers never secure the huge steel plates they place over the holes they drill. We have complained and called 311 and the Mayor's office repeatedly for 3 months. They finally told us it was Con Ed's responsibility. Con Ed fixes one section and then jackhammers another. The plates they leave behind over the hours clank clank clank 24/7. Our building is 2 blocks away from the Midtown Tunnel...

Con Edison / unethical behavior

Feb 20, 2019

I have reason to believe that con edison employees are the ones using unethical behavior trying to get people into paying them money. On Feb 13 and Feb 14 2019 on my caller ID shows that con edison is calling me from phone # 800 752-6633 that they will shut my electric within 30 minutes if I don't pay my bill. My bill was paid the same day it was due. Again on Feb 19 2019 around 8pm 800 752-6633 called me and said the same thing and gave me another number to call 800 338-9809 a guy named Joe picks up and says that your payment hasn't cleared. I called con edison automated and said that I owed...

Con Edison / trying to contact them to change billing information to pay is awful.

Feb 9, 2019

I'm trying to log into the online account to change my billing information and 1. the system doesn't work. I try to log in and it doesn't accept my password and when I ask to reset I don' get the email reset. 2. The phone says the callback time is 81 minutes. 3. the autoanswering machine says you can answer is actually not working. So to pay on phone I cant' even call someone to change my bank account to pay. To pay online I can't log in and don't get my reset password email. Yet they say I have to pay or the service will be cut off. They make it so hard. Terrible IT, Terrible service, I really wish there were alternatives to this horrid system. Useless.

Con Edison / electric line down

Feb 2, 2019

Incident Address: 7503 fort hamilton pkwy, brooklyn Our heater was out of power all in sudden at night on 1/31/2019, we suffered from extreme cold weather through the whole night. We checked all the circuit breaker and all the switches we could possibly think of, and we found out there was an electric outrage happened to the house. We called ConEd the second day morning and reported the incident. First, they said someone will be here between 1 to 3 hours. After more than 4 hours wait, no one showed up, and we called again. They said the crews are really busy, but they will be there soon. we...

Con Edison / electric

Jan 31, 2019

I moved in a 3 Family building in 2014 I signed a lease saying I was responsible for light and gas. I took lease to Con Edison to show I am not responsible for any additional charges. Con Edison Continue To bill me. The Landlord said he called several times to have them put it with hall lights they never made changes. Because of this my lights were in jeopardy of constant shut off when in fact I was owed a refund for all the money I have paid on account I was not responsible for. It's disgusting that Con Edison found it easier to get paid by me the consumer, holding me and my family hostage to...

Con Edison - New York, Manhasset / employee complaints

Jan 3, 2019

I am calling on con Edison to please investigate Narindra ramdeen. He is a ticking timebomb. He punched my tires in the city in July of 2018, luckily I got his plate number. He was wearing his Con Edison uniform shirt. I reported it to the police he was arrested. I looked him up and he has multiple complaints. How is does con ed hire crazy individual to endanger innocent people"s life?

Con Edison - New York, Long Island City / steel plate covering a vacant coned vault.

Jan 3, 2019

There is a steel plate covering a vacant ConEd vault in front of businesses 170 W 233rd Street. It sticks up over an inch from the sidewalk and isn't good for aesthetics or safety. This is a major issue and is unsafe from different angles. No one has been able to fix the multiple reports on this matter. Not only this could lead to someone falling but also the tar contaminating the floors inside of the businesses.

Con Edison / electric line coming into building

Dec 31, 2018

I have called numerous times and each time have been given a different Ref#. There is a line down coming into building and not enough voltage. 2 fridge broke down, 2 split unit down, Wash/Dryer down, partial power outage on 2 floors. We need permanent fix. Who replaces fridge and medication for diabetic with kidney failure. 685 Degraw St Brooklyn Ny 646-314-3310. There is supposed to be 2 lines coming into my apartment building and one line is dead. They bridged the line and it is overloaded if power goes out the entire building will have no electricity. It is not summer time where AC usage can be blamed. I need permanent fix. All appliances are malfunctioning

Con Edison - Connecticut, Brooklyn / restore power

Dec 17, 2018

This message is to complain about the Con Edison system to turn-off and restore power. First, The was no notice at any time period of services to be turned off on the date they were turned off by Con Edison. Someone working for Con Edison on Thursday, December 13, 2018 morning entered my apartment building without notification to turn the power off. There was no notice left on my door or in the apartment building about the turn-off service. I spent the entire weekend of December 13- December 17 without power in my apartment. This was a mistake by Con Edison and Human Resources Administration...

Con Edison - California, Highland / over charging me a deposit with

Nov 28, 2018

So I barley moved her to highland on July4th 2018 i only been here 4 months and have already been forced to pay a deposit of 105 now there asking for 250.. I'm a single mom and on assistant because i can't work till my doctor releases me and this is so hard for me to pay😰 like why do these people take advantage of the poor people my kids will not be having christmas

Con Edison - New York, Bronx / customer service

Nov 26, 2018

Horrible customer service on the phone 1 hour waited over 20min to get representative then 10 min into the conversation with the rep I requested a supervisor and the rep insisted the supervisor would not be able to help me further. While i'm on the phone she continues to type back and forth with the supervisor. I hear the keyboard loud in my ear. The supervisor gives her a different/better option of course to offer me. 195down to start new agreement but if agreement is broken for any reason I would not ever be eligible again for one. I decline the offer numerous times. I have small kid...

Con Edison / I am complaining about service

Nov 15, 2018

My service was disconnected while a snow blizzard today November 15 2018 at about 1pm I payed amount needed to turn service back on before 5 or next day. I was told my service will be back on same day after my payment. It's ahout 8pm now I called in because my service is still not on and was told it won't be back on till next day because service in the Bronx Westchester area is closed already! So they lied to me and made me wait so long . I explained to them my food will get spoiled that I have in the fridge I explained my daughter is asthmatic and also I need to turn on my heaters my...

Con Edison - New York, New York / electricity bill roll over from 2012

Oct 22, 2018

Goodmorning, My account number : 58-8906-0090-0016-5 Currently have a roll-over bill from a cabin apartment in 2012. The cabin apartment did not use gas or propane, the oven and water heater, and any electrical heater I used was electric. I went to Westcop ( we are living in Westchester county, New York) and they stated that because we don't use gas they couldn't help. Now have a shut-off notice for bill of $4, 000.00 (four-thousand dollars). I am a single mom to twin boys, child support is $142.00 (one hundred forty-two dollars ) a month . How do I get someone to adjust this colossal bill from 2012 ?

Con Edison - New York, Pelham / gas meters changed and one tenant complain about gas smell

Oct 11, 2018

Last week around 10-3-18 1 - They changed two gas meters in the basement - Classic Appraisal and tenant on 530 Fifth Avenue - 2nd Floor - Pelham, NY 2 - They never turn the hot water on - so tenant on 2nd floor apt had no hot water for 2 days - 3. - Classic Appraisal had an odor of Gas - since Friday - 4. - Your workers were arguing on the premises of our Business - 5. - We called our plumbers to check on the smell of gas in our Basement - and they found a leak - since your workers, we had this odor - and our plumbers had to take care of the problem - gas leak We are waiting for your respond on...

Con Edison / wire repair, concrete repair, blocking driveways, trip hazards, on a condo property

Aug 23, 2018

Not to be a pain, I'm condo board member at rolling hill green, You have been doing some work at 324 Rolling Hill Green for no less then 8 months, The side walk had new cement work done last year and is destroyed it has a metal plate over a hole you have dug up no less then 3 times already, People are tripping on the plate that has a lip around it, pavement is all over the cement etc, Look i just watched 5 trucks here today alone never mind the last 2 months, one removed the plate to drain out water in the whole the put plate back over hole, another one removed plate and just looked, replaced...

Con Edison / complaining about a driver.

Jul 23, 2018

Today @ approx 905 am at 36st and 7th ave, one of your drivers in the con Edison truck was reckless and very rude. Driving has certain expectations and this driver didn't have it and was also reckless. He was in the car No. 27018. He was a white male blue eyes in his late 20s. I would advise he take an anger management class and learn to be polite. His mannerism was very degrading and really embarrassing to say he represents coned. I do believe it is important you train Anyone that is driving your cars or in uniform to follow certain code. I spoke with the traffic police officer that wa...

Con Edison - New York, Brooklyn / refusal to refund $1,900

Jul 12, 2018

When we bought a house in Bay Ridge, we signed up for ConEd autopay. We were immediately billed for the previous owner's past-due bill, about $2, 500. ConEd promised us a refund check a month ago, but asked us to wait a month for them to generate the check. We waited the month, and have not received anything. I've called three times this week, every time I call they promise to mail the check the next day.

Con Edison / service removal and restoration

Jul 12, 2018

My service was disconnected yesterday on or about 13:22. I contacted their call center while the two was still there, paid 300.00 and made an arrangement for the remaining balance. The representativr was made aware that there are children under the age of 18 in the house, it is VERY hot in the apartment and it is unsafe to wait the 24 hour period they say they have by law. Therefore a call to me prior to coming is required so I can meet them there. Their field reply called me at 16:48 to tell me he was on his way and i received an email at 16:55. DE EN minutes later saying that they were unable...