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All My Sons Moving and Storage Complaints & Reviews

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All My Sons Moving and Storage - Minnesota, Minnetonka / STAY AWAY from All My Sons for a Move

wraduenz on Sep 17, 2015
We had George Hoffman from All My Sons in Minneapolis come out and give us an estimate. The guy seemed very honest and forth right with a good bid so we hired them after a full examination of our property. They sent 4 people to do 6 peoples work. We moved one city block and it took them 14 hours. They showed up later than promised and left at midnight. As they got tired they got sloppy and damaged many expensive items which they will not stand behind even though they came to the house twice and admitted to causing the damage. As they got tired they also just started stacking things in the...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Kansas, Wichita / Added fees and tardiness

TLHEWITT43 on Oct 19, 2012
All I would like to say is please read the reviews for this company, and believe ALL you read! I have already wrote as much as I can stand by filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs! And would like to also say-- DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS MOVING in the Wichita, Ks. area-- U will be here filling out a complaint due to added fees, which includes travel time, fuel charges, DOT surcharges, and much more than what it was figured for you to pay!

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Florida, Miami / Damages

WARNING - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you want all of your furniture and personal items damaged and destroyed. Used previously, fair price and average movers with little damage on inter-city moving. Used again for storage and long distance move, destroyed and damaged $15, 000 of expensive furniture and somehow they lost a $400 LCD Flat Screen TV. The owner-Mark Clair's comment was "you should have purchased the additional insurance if you wanted your items repaired or replaced-I have met my legal obligation by offering you $693 for damages". As the movers destroyed the furniture one by...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Florida, Fort Myers / Completely horrible moving experience

We moved approximately 14 miles from a condo in Fort Myers to house in Lehigh Acres. We spoke with All My Sons approximately 2 weeks prior to our move giving them a list of the furniture to be moved. This list included but was not limited to a 65" t.v.; king size bedroom suit with headboard, footboard, 4 pillars, armoir and night stand; kingsize bedroom suit with head/footboards, triple dresser with mirror, two night stands. All in all there were approximately the equivalent of a 2 bedrooms and a living room. Our items didn't even fill up a truck. Two men arrived approximately 2 hour...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Texas / Lazy, Destructive, & questionable billing

All My Sons moved us from Flordia to Dallas, TX and the expereince was terrifying. Not only did they destroy priceless family heirlooms, but the also charged us multiple times for the same service and although we have long since paid in full (all of the erronious and non-contractual fees) they still call from their collections department. The movers were lazy, taking frequent smoke breaks and cell phone breaks (leaving me and my husband to most of the actual moving) but they were destructive and ruined beyond repair most of our furniture (and then refused to pay for the repairs). This is a...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Georgia, Roswell / Horrible Movers

Movers arrived 3 hours late. 2:55pm – Movers arrive. I went outside to meet them and the first thing the driver asked was “How much stuff do you have to move? Is it a lot?” I told him the size of our apartment and he started sighing and rubbing his face telling me that they just came from North Carolina and are tired and he can’t believe the “Office” are making them do this move. 3:10pm – After 15 minutes of backing up and aligning the truck, some more complaining, and a while of sitting in the truck, the guys finally came into the apartment. They walked...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Texas, Dallas / Customer Servise

Sales person confirmed a 7:30 AM arrival. By 12:20 PM we had placed 5-6 calls and been told that the crew would arrive within an Hour and a half, then an hour then..."call the sales person if you want any help" of course sales person does not answer. This is common in this industry but the level of disregard for the customer from this organization is a new high. Do not contract with All My Sons Moving and Storage.

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Texas, Dallas / The business as a whole

All my sons is a horriable copmany to work for and move with. Lets start with the moving part...None of their employess are drug tested and they are only insured to move you once items are broken there is no insurance to cover your items. Read your contracts! Once they break your items it limits them to .60 cents a pound, so i.E. If you have a flat screen t.V. Which weighs about give or take 150lbs your only going to receive about 90$. This company makes millions of dollars a year and for thoes hard working people in the call center booking thoes moves some are getting paid 8.50, some 10.00...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Texas, Dallas / Terrible company

I contracted with All My Sons to move and store the majority of belongings from a three bedroom, two bath home. All My Sons employees packed the majority of boxes, transported them from a clean, quarter million-dollar home to their storage facility. Two and one half years later All My Sons employees delivered these belongings to my new home. During this timeframe, I paid All My Sons $10, 400 in moving and storage expenses. All monthly payments were made on time and All My Sons employees assured me that my belongings would be safe, handled with care by quality professionals and stored in...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Texas, Houston / quote one price than charge a higher price once showed up and also allowed employee to call and offer their personal services without my permission

I called all my sons moving and storage on February 23 I told the person on the phone that I had a few things to move and if they can do it on one hour, I would hire them. I had another company with a 2 hour minimum, but I believe the items inside the apartment include 3 wire standing rack, 2 piece desk, a printer, 1 box, 1 table, 1 ottoman, a two draw filing cabinet, and 2 wooden chairs can be moved in less than one hour. I told him that the other company was charging $85 an hour with a two hour minimum, plus $30 trip charge. He told me that his charges were $84 per hour with a $84 trip...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Utah, Salt Lake City / Dishonest and Unreliable

We called 3 companies to get bids on moving a pool table from Salt Lake City to Philadelphia. All My Sons gave the mid-price bid at $1085 minus a $25 coupon. When the movers showed up to pick up the pool table they wanted $264 extra as fuel surcharge (in December when gas had dropped to $1.44 gal), putting the new price at $200 OVER the bid by the highest original bidder. We told them we were canceling the move, even though their movers were there ready to load the truck. After much complaining about "the manager won't like this, we aren't even going to make a commission on thi...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Florida, Jupiter / Refund check

I settled with All My Sons on a move from Indianapolis to Ft Myers. They were to issue me a refund check. On 12/18/2008 I sent them their noterized form letter acknowledging full and final claim. The form stated upon receipt I would be issued a check for the amount agreed upon. They received the form on 12/23/2008 per their office. I called the middle of January to inquire about the check and was told that there was a 20 day waiting period but I needed to speak to a person that was not there and to call back. I called back around 20th of Jan. and was told that there was a 30 day wait period...

All My Sons Moving and Storage / Fraud and scam

I moved to San Antonio from Ft. Worth using All My Sons out of Dallas. We thought these were nice enough people on the first day of packing. We were warned by the crew on the second day of packing that the day 1 crew 'liked our stuff too much and had to be replaced.' They asked about the value of a couple of items that we didn't think too much about. We fed the movers every meal for three days of packing and loading and ensured they had plenty to drink. I started getting concerned when the crew chief said he thought he could get the items into one truck (it took 2 1/2...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Colorado, Denver / Bad service

On approximately July 31, I engaged All My Sons Moving & Storage (4330 E. 48th Ave., Unit B, Denver CO 80216) by phone (via an Internet inquiry) to move my belonging from 1120 Antelope Drive West in Bennett, CO 80102 to a home located approximately 2 blocks away at 983 Pinehurst Court, Bennett, CO 80102 at 8:00 on Aug. 4, 2008. After a series of questions, the woman I talked with provided an estimate that the move would take 3-4 hours, with a three man crew, at a rate of $117.00 per hour + a one hour charge of $117.00 for drive time. She indicated at that time that all furniture would be �shrink-wrapped.� I...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Florida, Jupiter / Incomplete Delivery /refusal to return paper work

Pressured to sign and complete paper work before job was even started . Workers tried to run out the door ; not even saying delivery complete( it wasn't). I didn't have my sofa ($3600) and three glass tops to tables ($ 250); the workers were rude demanding I sign the papers that everything was ok and I could add a note of the missing items. I said I won't sign anything and I want back the signed slip for the charge of the "completed " delivery. The worker and angrily refused to give me my charge slip and jumped in his truck and speed away. When I called the office ; I wa...

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Florida / Never showed up

They said they were coming between 8:30-9:00 AM with three men.The move was in Boca Raton, and was basically down the block. They didn't show up until 4:00, and was with 2 men. I called them all day, and when I told them I was going to lodge a complaint, they said they would not come at all. At that point I called another company (White Lion) who said they would be there first thing in the morning, and they were. All my sons were completely unprofessional, dishonest, rude, and made my move a nightmare. Luckily, the company that bailed me out was totally the opposite, albeit twice as much money. I can only say... you get what you pay for.

All My Sons Moving and Storage - Delaware / Damaged and missing furniture!

My furniture was picked up in NY on 8-18-2007 and delivered to my in-laws house in Ohio over 2 months later after a scenic tour through a warehouse in Florida. The movers intimidated my poor mother-in-law into paying the balance of the move, which was $500 over the estimate (how hard can it be to figure out the cost of moving 10 pieces of furniture from NY to OH?) for everything in advance of unloading the truck, which they did only to find that the couch was missing, the chairs damaged and the leather footstool has paint on it. Oh, and no refund, just a smile and a wink – “fill...

All My Sons Moving and Storage / Horrible experience!

We were moving only 4.4 miles, but thought it a good idea to let professionals handle the big stuff. I saw the impressive 2-page ad for All My Sons and arranged for three men and a truck. The three men(who all spoke a little English), were shown the large items we wanted moved. The process moved very slowly as they completely mummified everything in shrink-wrap for the big four mile journey. They seemed more interested in moving the small things and had little regard for our priority for items to be moved. When my son showed them his desk to be moved, one of them said, "no, I'm just here...
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