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acai berry pro Complaints & Reviews

acai berry pro / FRAUD


I ordered a free trial of this product called Premium Acai Berry. The company said that they would put charges on my credit card, and then refund the money, just to insure billing. I agreed to that. I received the product in the mail in April of 2009. It also came with a box of Chia Powder Supreme. I didn't realize that I had signed up for a monthly issue of it, until I saw a charge come through on my account one month later for $88. I contacted the company immediately, and told them to stop the payments, and to quit sending me the product. Now, in all fairness, I didn't give the...

acai berry pro / scam illegal transactions


After I order this product I only had to pay $1.98. I was charged twice. I paid through my credit card but apparently they did not receive the payment so I paid through my check card.I was then debited three times for I product I only received once. I called the company about eleven times and it is my belief they store your number and don't answer after they "allegedly" canceled my order. The charge appeared then disappeared then appeared as twice as much three days later. Total and complete scam. I called my bank and was required to sign an affidavit to prosecute.

acai berry pro - Florida, Miami Beach / UNAUTHORIZED WITHDRAWAL


The Acai Berry pro was shipped from Advanced Wellness Research Inc, 3 17th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651-4350 but the company name on the bottle says Miami Beach, Florida. I ordered the "free" trial of this product and the "free" 30 day supply of Colon xR and was ask to only pay shipping. It arrived and I have not used it, but my checking account was debited the shipping charges and an unexpected $78.00 and another $78.00 from the Colon xR (for nothing) and $78.00 from the Acai Berry. I looked online and found this is happening to lots of people and I really feel dumb. I went to the bank and they...