Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Buford, Georgia, United States

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers / oil change service

Oct 08, 2018

I did oil change at express oilchange buford GA store in 10/08/2018. I found they didn't change oil filter for me. I drove back and talked with manager ED. He go down check it and clean the old filter, then told me they changed filter, just dirty.he said we alreay changed filter, I can put...

GPS Roofing / roofing contractor

Oct 02, 2018

A Hit and a Miss! You won't find this company on Google. Read the reviews. Home Advisor only publishes reviews after the doing business with the contractor. Had Guillermo come out and give estimate. Estimate contained and lot of inconsistencies. Promised to meet to clear up the...

Chrysler / customer service/service/repair

Sep 27, 2018

Hello, My name is Sabine Elbert and we are customers of Mall of Georgia Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram. We had our cars serviced at your place a couple of years ago and left then, because we were not satisfied with the service. However we were happy with our Town and Country for many year...

Autonation / streamline recon

Sep 19, 2018

I wanted to enlighten you that Streamline Recon does not do background checks on their employees and sub contractors. The AutoNation at North Point Chevrolet in Buford GA has an employee by the name of Ferrell Ware, a technician with a shady past on his criminal history, Grand Theft Auto...

Hobby Lobby Stores / christmas trees

Aug 24, 2018

i just have to ask a question real quick... WHY ARE HERE CHRISTMAS TREES UP FOR SALE IN AUGUST!!!. i know what you're thinking, " bro ur crazy, we need buisness". Well whoever came up with this sales gameplan needs to 1-dig a hole 2-put themself in it and 3- cover your self with dirt and...

Home Depot / lg refrigerator

Aug 09, 2018

Purchased a new LG refrigerator for approx $2200, which was delivered on 7/28/18. Since delivery the ice dispenser has not worked. LG sent someone from Sears out, who could not fix the problem. Now Home Depot is giving me the run around and each person at HD that I spoke with has done a...

United States Postal Service [USPS] / antique taken from front porch

Jun 23, 2018

Late October 2017, I received packages via USPS. Unfortunately, my husband's mother's 100+ year old hedge clippers were taken the same day. We are both surprised and dissappointed. The person taking MUST have know the value of the clippers. Both financial and the user's value being...

Autonation / egregiously poor customer care

Jun 23, 2018

I spoke to someone at your office, weeks ago, regarding egregiously poor service from your AutoNation VW location in Buford, GA. This was regarding an extended warranty contract that needed a major revision, due to having been screwed up by their office, at the time of VW CC purchase (07...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / portion sizes

Jun 18, 2018

Chipotle has always advertised fresh organic and plentiful ingredients... but now it feels like they are taking advantage of their customers' loyalty and have not only gone up on prices but ALSO started skimping on portion sizes. Why is it that a serving size of chicken is a chicken breast...

Fox TV / lucifer tv show!

May 11, 2018

Why cancel one of the best shows you guys have going on if not the best! The past few weeks I've spent endless hours watching and trying to catch up, and finally once I'm starting to be all caught up, you guys pull the plug on the show! Not just me but millions of viewers are distroyed by this decisions! Please rethink about it and bring it back!!!

Allstate Insurance Company / vehicle damages

May 01, 2018

Claim#[protected] My claim claim was filed 4 /14/2018 The initial Adjuster Maegan Zimmerman passed the file onto Justin Nash on Friday 4/27/2018 due to injuries. As of 5/1/2018 4:08pm there has not been a response from Justin Nash. I called the Allstate office today 5/1/2018 to confirm that a...

Rooms to Go / bedroom set issue

Apr 17, 2018

Purchased Bedroom set on 3/19/2017 which is barely out of warranty. One of the side boards started cracking about 3-4 months and to be totally honest I only started paying attention to it a couple of weeks ago. I called Customer Service today and all I go it is 28 out of warranty, so nothing can...

Insider Pages / free listing

Apr 09, 2018

We have a free listing for our business and we aren't able to claim it with the existing email address. How can we update the information on that listing? Email address is: [protected] or [protected] Company name: PeachState Refrigeration and Appliance PRO Phone...

PacSun / manager

Dec 19, 2017

There was an incident on Saturday December 16, 2017 at PACsun in Buford, Ga inside of the Simon mall. Myself and a couple of other customers inside of the store witnessed manager Faith yelling and pointing a hanger in an employees face. It didn't sit well with me so I decided to let her...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / uncooked chicken

Dec 15, 2017

Went to the steak and shake drive thru and after receiving food 30 min later got home and started to eat the spicy chicken sandwich I got. It had a nasty texture but was not red. The texture was as if it was cooked to a point of not being pink but was not fully cooked. I had my fiancé taste...

Red Lobster Hospitality / our server charged us too much

Nov 06, 2017

My husband and I ate lunch on November 4, 2017 for our anniversary. We used 2 gift cards I'd gotten after undergoing surgery for cancer. Our server deducted one gift card for $25 and claimed the other card value of $50 did not work. He gave us back the wrong card so when I went to use it...

JCPenney / customer service/mark jalaly, service manager

Sep 04, 2017

On Monday, September 4, 2017 I went to the JC Penny at the Mall of Georgia in Buford, Georgia. I have been a long time customer of JC Penny. I have never had a negative experience. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect. The sales associates have always gone out of their way...

ATT Uverse / internet

Jun 23, 2017

i have been having issues with my internet for a very long time, i have called on numerous occasions were they told me the problem was on att&t side like the removal of a jumper and upgrades being done, after a while i still had problems with slow and sometimes no internet, called help...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Jan 06, 2017

I ordered a pizza on line. I ordered half supreme and half Pepperoni. Apparently when I was ordering on line, the only items that were checked we Pepperoni, Beef and Pork so I unchecked the beef and the pork, When I picked it up, the whole had supreme minus Beef and pork. When the employee...

City Of Buford Gas / Natural gas service

Dec 08, 2016

City of Buford gas requires a $235.00 deposit for any customer signing up for new service or moving into their service area. This is an exorbitant amount, and it applies regardless of the customer's prior credit or history with their company. Even customer's in AGL's service area who can't...

Walmart / product protection plan.

Aug 01, 2016

I purchased a Snapper lawn mower from Walmart in Buford Ga. on March 25, 2015 and bought a 3 year product service plan from them. This past July 27, 2016 the mower failed to start. I contacted the protection plan company, which is Asurion. They took my complaint on that day ; I also filled...

City Of Buford Gas / Unfair Practice of Deposit requirements

Jul 07, 2016

I have been a customer in great standing with City of Buford Gas for 13 years. I called today to transfer my service to a new address. I was told there would be a $235.00 deposit added to my first bill and there was no way to waive this fee. I thought I would check other companies for a...

AT&T / u verse

Apr 28, 2016

I did request for uverse TV for my home on January 29th, 2016, after several attempt because of connection issue they were able to do the installation on February 18th 2016. After I receive service I wasn't happy with it at all. It was getting frozen every 2 min, I was surviving. I...

CCI Eldora Six piece set / Return Policy

Jul 08, 2015

My husband and I went to the Buford HH GREGG two weeks ago and purchased a outdoor table and chairs for our patio we brought it home and put it together because they charge for that service. We noticed in the last two weeks that the tiles are very unstable on the top of the table and they...

Sutherlin Nissan Mall Of Georgia / deceptive business practices

May 01, 2015

Outrageous behavior Earlier in the month I received an undated letter for “urgent safety recall” for my nissan pathfinder for passenger bag air inflator. Nhtsa recall 14v-360-1. The letter indicated that this was the second notice and included a statement: “nissan strongly recommend... / They didn't provide info and no delivery

Dec 24, 2014

Don’t buy from the scammers from the company I placed order and waited for the confirmation email or the tracking number, but this scammer didn’t provide any info about my order. I sent multiple emails and asked about the status of my order, but no...

Bodyplex Buford / FRAUD

Aug 26, 2014

Bodyplex Buford created a contract with my minor child and charged an unauthorized credit card - no problems - MasterCard reversed all of their charges, refused future charges and refunded any money's this POS business took from me fraudulently - - DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE AND...

Tech 1 Auto / Negligent Auto Repairs

Jul 15, 2014

Prior to June 2, 2014 I spoke to Dmitri Negru owner of Tech 1 Auto of Buford, Georgia to do work on a 2006 Dodge Stratus that I had purchased with a bad head gasket. I purchased the car to repair and resale. We had agreed on a price of seven-hundred dollars for labor plus part...

American Hole in One Insurance Scam / Rip Off Over Charging

May 17, 2014

American Hole in One Insurance scam is the simple fact that they have been overcharging practically double billing the American Public mostly Charity Benefits and GMC Car dealers through. I have worked for GMC and for many years we stated to shut this program don as it was a reckle...

American Hole in One Insurance Scam / Overcharging RipOff

May 10, 2014

American Hole in One Insurance Complaints against is that they run a scam against the American public using taxpayers dollars with GMC and TARP. What they do is charge double calling it a GMC Hole in One Insurance Golf program. In reality it is a double dip. They charge the local dealer the...

USA's Finest Publishers / Defamation slander person info w/o authorization

Mar 06, 2014

I am being slandered in a harmful way. Everything that is up here on me and my company USA's Finest Publishers is all false allegations and now is becoming a libel defamation lawsuit against the person who has been harassing and defiling my companies name. This is being done with...

Bojangles / rude service and deceptive business practices

Jan 29, 2013

I had been a regular patron of the Bojangles located on Buford Highway in Buford since it opened a few years ago. The staff had always been so very courteous and attentive. The food has always been fresh and hot. A couple of weeks ago I go in an order sausage and biscuits. I take a bite...

AT&T Uverse / installation issues

Jan 16, 2013

I moved into a subdivision that is under construction in the beginning of December 2012 and placed my order for AT&T Uverse. I was told I it would take 2 weeks. I then got a call to say they could only get to me on December 31st. Two days before that I got a call to say that they would...

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet / financing

Sep 29, 2012

due to our bad credit we went there because of there advertising to get people financed with bad credit. after being there over 8 hours they said they had us financed. then 10 days later they called and said we had to return the car because they could not get us financed. they kept part of...

Smart Style Company And Sylist / stylist not knowing how to do hair

Aug 11, 2012

I went to Smart Style in Buford, GA at a WalMart center and had my hair washed styled and trimmed. My hair is natural and the young lady informed me that she specializing in natural hair. I made a(n) appointment for the young lady to do my hair, and her name is Lex at the salon, after...

L Wells & Associates / Does Not Pay her Employees

Mar 06, 2012

Leslie Wells does not pay for hours worked. Leslie will make promises about "the check is in the mail", and " oh yes I have sent your check" and will string you along for as long as she can keep you working for her. Leslie Wells does send you a 'contract' that you will be paid...

Toyota Mall Of Georgia / scam

Aug 26, 2011

I took my car to Toyota Mall Of Georgia for an oil change. The machanical damaged the bolt and the oil started to leak. They then told me I need told change the oil pan because the pan had a dent. After I paid over $600; I took my old oil pan to show my machanical. He got a bolt and...

ACS Education Services / Suspect Accounting Practices

May 28, 2011

Wells Fargo financed my student loans and the loans were %400 paid ahead. Suddenly ACS Education Services bought the loan. ACS sent a letter demanding payment although the account was paid $500 in advance. I sent an email over tot their CEO Lynn Blodgett lynn.[protected] to ask...

Wendies / Racism

May 06, 2011

I work at wendies and just got fired because the white general manager was looking at me to become a manager and said that the guy that had worked there for a year wasn't do his job right. I used to work at Wendies before I went to this Wendies by the mall of Georgia and I was just...

Petco / no customer service

Apr 29, 2011

On 4/28/11 @ 11:55 am, i went into the petco store @ the mall of georgia. i was their to purchase a battery for my dog's petsafe collar. i had called the previous day and confirmed that they had the item in stock. i asked the employee, raynisha, for the item of which was locked in a...