Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lake Mary, Florida

Remington College / transcript department

Jan 9, 2019

To Whom This May Concern, I am very displeased with the transcript department, specifically Christina Boccard and her direct supervisor, Anekia Smith. On January 3, 2019, I requested a transcript to be sent to Southwest Tennessee Community College. On January 9, my request was denied and...

Taco Bell / service

Jan 7, 2019

I was at the Taco Bell in Lake Mary FL during my lunch break. It was the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been to. The line for the drive though was so long, that I decided it might be faster to go inside. There were 4 people ahead of me that had ordered and were still waiting. we waited...

Chili's Grill & Bar / service

Oct 25, 2018

I am a 35 year old PHD student at a nearby college. As we do on a normal basis, a group of us arrived at approximately 9:50pm. I was denied the purchase of an alcoholic beverage because my only ID was a photo of my valid US passport. The waiter told me this was against ATF-regulation...

Ross Dress for Less / employees

Oct 2, 2018

I went to the Ross in Lake Mary and there is not one customer at the register and the employee asked me to walk through this line which is like walking through 50 feet of line instead of just moving the rope so I can go under the rope and then I see the manager so I ask him and he agreed...

Richard J Rokowski, LLC / scam

Jul 22, 2018

BEWARE SCAM!!! This man is a professional scam artist!! He has several active warrants for his arrest for Theft and Fraud regarding his carpet company. He has also been arrested for this in the recent past and even investigated by Orlando Action 9 news!! Google him and you will see. He...

Einstein Bros Bagels / service

Jul 15, 2018

This morning I went to Einstein Bagels in Lake Mary Florida at 7:25 am. I walked in and there were a few people in the place and three workers. I went to the counter and asked to place my order. I waited 4 minutes four minutes for someone to wait on me even though there was no one else...

Lavish Beauty / eyebrow microblading

May 2, 2018

went to her charge 100 to hold your spot said it would be 4 hours took 45 mint she did semi so wont last it lasted a month called her to ask her why she said that I did something wrong I paid 600 dollars and have to pay for a touch up she would not allow to come back in and address my...

Wawa / customer service

Apr 18, 2018

Frequently I visit the Wawa located on 3510 Us Hwy 1792 in Lake Mary, FL. I am newer to Florida and have only been visiting Wawa for a short length of 2 years. I have to say, the customer service at this Wawa is usually excellent but there is one employee who has a somewhat bothered...

Printerpix / photo books

Mar 5, 2018

I ordered 3 photo books from PrinterPix on 1/14/18. One book shipped withing a a couple weeks but is not printed properly and damaged in shipping. The remaining two books have been listed as "In Production" ever since then. It has now been over a month and half and all attempts to have my...

Hertz / politics

Feb 27, 2018

I am a vet, a physician, and an NRA member. Done with you. Will instruct my assistants to eschew business with you due to your foray into politics. I hope that the Administration will find some way to punish you. If you had thought this through a little, you might have discovered that...

Papa John's / wrong pizza order

Jan 17, 2018

Hi, My name is Major, #0472. I went to my history to reorder a large 2 topping and when I ordered I noticed It said gluten free as a new selection before I checked out. I selected it and when I got my pizza it was a small. I called about it and tried to get another one but I was told it only came in small and could not get another. I didn't know.

Journeys / horrible customer service

Jan 6, 2018

i bought shoes for my partner for christmas on dec 15, 2017. they were too big and we exchanged them once for a smaller size. the smaller size was still too big so i went in again to exchange on jan 6, 2018 and they refused to exchange because they "had been worn" but they hadn't! they...

Printerpix / Dreadful business

Oct 11, 2017

What. A. Trash. No, seriously. Please, get your stuff together and fix your service. How long are you going to make mistake by mistake and confuse orders? I guess I'm speaking for all of those people who got wrong orders. I'm one of them, by the way. I got a blanket with someone else's'... / Avoid them

Oct 11, 2017

If it's possible don't buy anything from them. Or you will really regret it. They are very irresponsible and unreliable. The quality of the inks leaves much to be desired. And needless to mention that the inks are not cheap. So assuming how much they earn from selling the inks, we can say...

Printerpix / Never delivered

Sep 21, 2017

I bought Mink Touch Blanket with an express delivery. It's been 3 weeks and still, there's nothing. I found out that they didn't even send anything :( Asked for a refund and have to wait for 2-3 weeks more to get my money back. Why so slow? You were very quick in taking it. Your customer...

Duke Energy / electric

Sep 13, 2017

Duke Energy you have proven to be the worst electric company that is out there you have no business being in Florida you have no knowledge of what the heck you're doing get out of our state get somebody that knows what they're doing you are driving people and families crazy you have no concern or care all your customer service does is hang up on us

Regus Group / being overcharged

Aug 22, 2017

Signed a one year lease with Regus offices in Lake Mary Florida in May 2017. I opted out of kitchen services because I do not ever use the office. It is only used as an address for my company so it isn't being ran from my home. Every month I have been charged for kitchen services that I...

American Home Shield / service contract

Jul 19, 2017

If you are considering AHS, please don't. This company will do anything to deny your claim if it is substantial. They will even accuse you of fraud rather than pay the claim. I have two homes under AHS protection (a joke) and when an A/C broke down, and turned out to be the compressor and...

Printerpix / Slow delivery service

May 16, 2017

I have ordered a canvas print for mother's day. That was my first time ordering from them so I wasn't sure how long it could take and decided to order in advance. My order was made month before mother's day and I thought that was enough time to deliver to my location, but unfortunately my...

Duke Energy / disconnected

May 11, 2017

My power was turned off 10:15am.. You service guy was outside disconnecting and he was asked by my husband to please wait 1 second while he paid .. he didn't listen and turned our power off.. I am Disabled!! My medicine in the refrigerator is very expensive... I have called several time...

Printerpix / Metal Photo

May 8, 2017

I ordered a Metal Photo (similar to the canvas photos) at the beginning of April for my daughter's bridal shower. The shower was last weekend and I still have not received the picture. I tried to call and cancel the order, customer service was going to charge me $10 to cancel. Why would I...

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain email address deleted!

Apr 29, 2017

They deleted my email address!Then I had to hold for 4.5 hours on the phone as a "Raymond Shamood" (a supposed Supervisor) initially refused to come to the phone, then promised to call me within 5 minutes (so we held the line for him to beep-in), then he promised he would call within 48...

Printerpix / All I want is my money back!

Mar 15, 2017

Ordered a photo book from them and when I received it I was terrified with its poor quality. Photos were very dark and printing was terrible. I contacted PrinterPix and demanded to fix everything. They agreed but asked for some extra money and since I had no other choice I paid. I did not...

Rooms To Go / poor quality products

Feb 27, 2017

I was asked on Twitter by @Roomstogo to fill out this complaint form: I purchased the Highland Park Pearl 5 Pc Counter Height Dining Room set and within the first year I noticed the set was not holding up and looks horrible. With normal daily use the material on the seats, especially the bench... / Clickinks: reported "out of stock"; charged $ 228.51 and no refund received!!! Fraudulent and deceptive practice

Feb 12, 2017

I have done precisely the same thing as apparently others, per complaints filed. I have purchased from at their prompting, not mine! My credit card was charged $ 228.51 for Lexmark toners on Feb. 2, 2017 and I was almost immediately advised by a company email that the item... / grey sweater jacket

Jan 28, 2017

I have ordered this jacket twice! Ticket # T4463946285 is the first, I ordered a 3X n it was way too too small for it to be a 3 X, I explained to you but you would not refund my full money!! I then ordered it again order # W1701120136591831, I ordered it in a 5X but you send me the wrong...

Coast Dental & Orthodontics / Crown - company will not take responsibility for messing up my tooth

Dec 8, 2016

In 2014 had a corwn put on the tooth based on oral evaluation, since i had already had a root canal done the practice did not check if it was done properly. in 2015 went for a cleaning to another dentist and was told the crown has a gap. This basically means it was not put on properly...

Sedgwick / mistreatment

Mar 18, 2016

there no pros Elisabeth Gurry and Jennifer Brinson are rejecting claims do to personal conflict with claimants Elisabeth Gurry and Jennifer Brinson are rude do not call claimants back and if a claimant complaint they make it their personal business to make sure the claim gets rejected...

Coast Dental / front tooth veneer

Mar 9, 2016

My wife was told she needed her front veneer replaced due to a hairline crack and was told while she was under heavy pain killers that our insurance would cover 50% of cost. My wife paid the difference and the work was done but the veneer color does not match. They refused to correct the...

Printerpix / Bad company

Jan 19, 2016

I had a horrible experience with PrinterPix. I purchased a coupon and wanted to buy a coffee mug with it. I spent nearly two hours chatting with two different printerpix representatives. I wanted to put two pictures on the mug, but they told that they can put only one picture on it. They...

Printerpix / Coupon/customer service

Jan 7, 2016

I bought a coupon from them, a certificate for a metal print back in October. At check-out, I found out it was a trick - they were charging me an additional and unexplained sum of 9 dollars that I did not expect or agree to pay. I wrote to them twice with NO response. Kept getting...

Printerpix / This is the worst company ever!

Dec 23, 2015

This is the worst company I ever dealt with. I made an order twice on this site and both times it has taken over eight weeks to get my items. After three weeks I sent a message asking where the order was and never got any response. When my books arrive one was damaged! I called PrinterPix...

Click Inks / Refund

Oct 29, 2015

Hello, I was shipped an order, PL-CI100114115 [1154284] TAX DATE 06/22/2015 that did not fit my printer, which I returned for a refund, $40.82. I called Click Inks and received a refund number, RM-CI100031587, to use with my returned inks and all emails. I got an email from them that on... / Will not refund

Apr 22, 2015

I ordered 3 cartridges ...but did not realize they were refurbished. Upon receiving them I called the company to return. I got a return number, went to the PO and got a tracking number and off they went ...2 months ago. The tracking said it was received to the company, but I have not...

Loving Donaton, Inc. / Scam Alert!

Feb 5, 2015

SCAM ALERT! Loving Donation owned by Deana DeGroot is the opposite of the word 'loving.' She claims to be a nurse and has a homepage that expands on her great concern for indented recipients' welfare. However, she and her company are a fraud and will take advantage of those... / Seller couldn't provide the order within definite period of time

Dec 24, 2014

I created photo calendar on the website After that I paid for it, and the seller provided the confirmation info. The delivery should take 3 weeks, but I waited 2 months and still haven’t received my order from them. I sent emails and asked the seller about the... / The rep stopped to communicate with me and impossible to reach them

Dec 22, 2014

I spoke with the online agent from the website I sent my photos for printing, but this scammer decided to mislead me. They took my photos and money, but after that all communication stopped. All my attempts to contact them failed. I have no idea what to do now, so I...

Healthy New Beginnings / They started to charge me for the trial, but it was for free

Dec 10, 2014

The free trial of the company Healthy New Beginnings is total rip off. They offered 30 days free trial, but after 10 days they started to take money from my account. I cancelled the trial and asked to return money back, but they offered me to get the product completely for free. It wa...

Healthy New Beginnings / Don't order trials from them – they will take extra money from you

Nov 22, 2014

The company Healthy New Beginnings is total rip off. I ordered trial from them and I haven’t received it within 14 days. After 14 days the seller started to charge me. I haven’t received order and I tried to explain it to the seller, but he refused to listen and told me some...

Healthy New Beginning Inc / unauthorized charges

Oct 12, 2014

I ordered a trial of garcinia cambogia for 4.95. They charged me 4.95 then on a seperate transaction charged me 49.95. I called n talked to the supervisor who argued w me saying they didnt take the transaction. I had to call my card company n put them on a conference call w thi...