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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Clifton, Arizona

Year / drive thru

MarlenaS on Sep 17, 2018

Clifton N.J. Burger King. At 2:33 my ticket number is 36. I ordered 2 hamburgers plain, a medium fry, and 1 spicy chicken and one crispy chicken both no mayo. I paid and left. When I arrived home, I opened the bag. The hamburgers were not plain and 1 of the chicken sandwiches was not...

Sonic drive in / misleading advertising

Bhill3040 on Aug 21, 2018

Clifton Colorado. Ordered the 2.99 double cheeseburger and med. Tot says goid through labor day. They were rude and said they do not have that special even though it is on their website and on tv ads. Shake menu says coconut cream ansd banana cream shakes. Nope they don't have that...

Tracfone / tracfone wireless

chuckles cordes on Jan 4, 2017

I hav been dealing with straighttalk/tracfone 4 over 3 years now . I hav purchased 3 phones . I hav had 26 replacement phones . 25 of 1 model & 1 of a diff model . I've had my hand burned 3 times and upon returning 2 my bedroom I found my bed smoldering and a 3' diameter... / Their jewellery is bad and seller sent me defective one

amnlcrckr on Jun 12, 2015

I bought 5 bracelets from the website The delivery was fast and I got the order. But I was really upset that the jewellery was bad and not strong. One bracelet broke after 4 days; the second arrived in damaged condition. Other bracelet didn’t look the same as on... / They didn't send order, because it was out of stock

ricksa on Jun 5, 2015

I placed the order on the website couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get the gift for my mum ASAP, but these workers didn’t remove items from the website, which were out of stock already. So I simply wasted time and waited for something, but nothing happened... / They provide awful jewellery

obeattie on May 22, 2015

My husband ordered a ring and earnings from He paid rather high price, but the company provided fake earnings and it looked like cheap and horrible counterfeit. We returned them back and wrote angry email to these scammers. To our surprise, they simply ignored us. We... / They haven't posted on the website that the ring was sold out

circut on May 22, 2015

I found the website I really liked the diamond ring on the website, but it was too expensive. I thought and ordered it. I waited 2 days and seller informed me that it was sold out. I asked to transfer my money back, but the seller only promised. After that moment I... / Awful services and inappropriate attitude

socket on May 20, 2015

I saw the ad about the car on the website I called to the customer services, but the rep told me that he has no idea if the car was sold or not. He told me that he would contact the boss, who would call me back. After that I waited couple of hours and no one called...