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Food Complaints

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Sheetz / Sheetz employee

Jacob bronson on Jan 18, 2018
Last night around 11:00 11:30pm I noticed one of your fellow female employees eating cookies off your food preparation table in the food service area I find this very appalling, disgusting, and unprofessional and will think twice about eating there again! I hope this issue can be resolved...

Coles Supermarkets / salmon fish

Agma Carr on Jan 18, 2018
Coles SupermarketsI always happy shopping at Coles before! Until this time! This is not your fault but I'm a bit disappointed! First time I bought Fresh Salmon at Coles Deli, I found the scales still on it! The second one I bought again and I make sure no scale on it, I asked a young lady at the Deli, "i...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / bagels

EdwinDo on Jan 18, 2018
Costco Wholesale CorporationI recently purchased some bagels from Costco on (1/10). About 4 days after the purchase, I noticed that the bagels began to mold at a great rate despite being kept in a clean and sealed environment. This is simply unacceptable. I don't feel safe purchasing pastries from Costco anymore if...

Buffalo Wild Wings / server and manager

Bahadir Ozseymen on Jan 18, 2018
Just after I sat for dining, Michelle gave me the menu and told me if my meal comes in "10 min late It will be free" and quickly gave me the timer that I had to stop when the meal comes in. I was confused did not say anything but did not paid attention a lot because I was tired. Later...

Papa John's / wrong pizza order

MajorJ on Jan 17, 2018
Hi, My name is Major, #0472. I went to my history to reorder a large 2 topping and when I ordered I noticed It said gluten free as a new selection before I checked out. I selected it and when I got my pizza it was a small. I called about it and tried to get another one but I was told it only came in small and could not get another. I didn't know.

Taco Bell / my dining experience

Willie1025 on Jan 17, 2018
Today I went into Taco Bell like I usually do and as I sat down to eat my meal and employee had their child at the restaurant while they were working but the child with unruly running across tables and even across mine I asked the child to please get down the parent of the child never...

Dillons / kroger cream of mushroom soup

Shelly Rho on Jan 17, 2018
DillonsI was fixing our supper over my lunch hour in our crockpot!! I was making cube steaks which I purchased from our local Dillion's store and added two cans of the Kroger mushroom soup!! I added one can and started adding the 2nd can when I noticed something black and stringy in the soup that...

Waycap / promised refund was not provided: date today january 17, 2018

TT12 on Jan 17, 2018
WaycapDavide De Ruvo, Principal owner and Matteo and Matteo of WAYCAP: Your product does not work! Please confirm that a refund of $185.33 CAD has been processed on January 17, 2018 and returned to my credit card immediately! The date now is January 17, 2018. I will not be ignored by you or...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Daniel J. Curtis on Jan 17, 2018
Hello, I hope someone in upper management finds and reads this ! I ordered online in Avondale AZ, the order was incorrect and the pizza was uncooked, I called to get the correct order and have eatable food, I was hung up on, verbally disrespected and made to feel like as a customer I didn't...

Pizza Hut / pizza and customer service

Lorena austin on Jan 17, 2018
Hello my name is lorena austin I will like for someone to contact me regarding my experience with pizza hut here in lynchburg on memorial avenue!! on dec. 21 I called for a pizza to be delivered okay first the cashier took my number wrong then when I called the store the manager renea wa...

Sam's Club / mccafe k-cup pods (100 ct)

mikkiz on Jan 17, 2018
I gave the 100 ct. box of McCafe K-cup Pods as a gift. The family has a Keurig coffee maker and used a few k-cups but had coffee grounds in their cup. They ended up replacing their coffee maker with another Keurig and proceeded to another k-cup. The same thing happened so just on a whim...

Jack In The Box / service, bad management, poor food quality

Babyjen on Jan 17, 2018
I visited the Jack In the Box location located at San Gabriel. JIB #3566 I ordered 2 Sausage pocket and 2 Sausage Croissant. The wait for my food took 10min to received. The service was super slow and you have employees standing around doing nothing. When I finally received my food, 1 of...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / general manager

Breanna Rayburn on Jan 17, 2018
While sitting with my husband at the bar, the General manager of Brandon's Steak 'n Shake told my husband, AN EMPLOYEE, that if he wasn't clocking in yet that he had to remove his bow tie and apron because she didn't want anyone to know he worked there. This was the finally straw of that...

Hardee's Restaurants / customer service and food

Aliviamc2016 on Jan 17, 2018
Hi! I was at the Hardee's in Belton SC this morning and it was the worst experience ever. There is a male worker at the window and he is digging in his butt crack and a female employee starts fussing at him and asking what he is doing. He totally ignored me who is at the window waiting and...

7-Eleven / very disrespectful unappreciative owner's wife who works there at the 7-eleven

dannydogduster on Jan 17, 2018
7-Eleven I believe the address is 710 State Road 434 Winter Springs Florida 32708 the place has been there for at least 4 years now brand new I've been a customer since day one the owner's wife is very disrespectful so I stopped spending my money there for at least a month now and I will...

Kroger / mt. orab and eastgate ohio stores

rhonda opp on Jan 17, 2018
For the last few months I have been extremely disappointed with the Mt Orab Ohio marketplace of yours. I have been going to this store for 9 years and spend a lot of money here. Every time I go in the shelves are bare and if you ask someone to see if they have the item you get a real...

Shoprite Holdings / ref:c0017#0609 15:12:52 170118 s007515 r06 till assistant refused to pack grocery bought dispute cashier and supervisor asking them assist

Patso on Jan 17, 2018
Good day My day started very well but when I have chosen to shop at Eloff street Shoprite it felt like a wrong choice, 17/01/18 at approximately 13:30 I entered Shoprite, with parcels at parcel counter the lady complained about her medical operations and so forth, I brushed it aside as I...

Sheetz / fiesta wrap

joooooooh on Jan 17, 2018
Ive been buying your MTO feista wrap for years now and just recently i noticed its quality has dropped. The chicken is so dry and hard and it doesnt have enough sauce on it. I was willing to pay the higher price for it when the quality was better, but i will be discontinuing purchasing...

Nando's Chickenland / nandos hot pot

Crystal-H on Jan 17, 2018
Nando's ChickenlandGood afternoon I would just like to inform you about the bones I have been finding in my hot pot while eating it. I opened it and started eating it and enjoying it till I started getting bones in it. It is dangerous and can cause chocking hazzards please look into it. I have always bought...

Meijer / employee handling my purchases at self checkout

Rosanne Johnson on Jan 17, 2018
I always use the self check out when I buy anything at Meier's. The reason for this is I like to bag my purchases and I like to eliminate the amount of people who handle my food. However, the last few times I was checking out an employee who is monitoring the self check out area has come...
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